In the previous two articles, we tried to teach you how to be a good customer. Today we want to continue this discussion together.

Do not think only of yourself

Each person has unique tastes and thoughts. In fact, the opinion of one person can not necessarily be the opinion of all customers. It is therefore important to know that your personal opinions and tastes do not necessarily apply to your website; Because you are not targeting this website, but customers who may have completely opposite tastes to you.

Our job as a professional web design company is to review and look at a website from the perspective of the end user of the same site, neither from our own point of view nor from the point of view of our customers. In some cases, even the final web design may not be very much in line with your taste, but the ultimate goal of most websites is to improve revenue and increase sales, and once we reach this goal, personal taste will no longer matter much. Ask yourself this question:

Do you want your website design to suit your personal tastes but not be very efficient or do you prefer to have a website that achieves your goals in the online world even if the design is not to your liking?

Avoid surprise ideas

Our whole focus is on designing dedicated websites; This means that each design is specific to a client and we do not use ready-made modules and designers to design the site like ready-made template websites. This is why our designed websites are not cheap and we have to manage costs from the beginning.

Both the web design company and the customer want one thing: to determine the cost and fixed and finalized features of the website that meet the expectations of both parties.

To achieve this goal, both parties must be able to imagine the final project and make sure that they have thought of everything and categorized everything.

Therefore, it is very important that the client reads all the proposals and provisions provided by the design company and identifies their problems and questions before starting each step. This way, both parties know exactly what is going to be done and additional costs will be avoided in the future.

Simply put, if you do not suddenly surprise your website design company about adding or subtracting certain features from the website in the middle of the project, the design company will not surprise you when you pay the costs.

In these cases, we suggest that everything be discussed with the customer before the project is completed and before the start of each step to minimize possible mistakes. Also, talking and following up with customers in these cases will be useful for both parties, and we fully welcome customers to follow the process of designing the site and checking the items so that in the end everything goes according to the initial agreements.

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