In our last article, we talked about 7 common mistakes in website design. Now we are going to talk about next 7 mistakes.

Do not use long texts

Put yourself in the place of users; If an article from a website has long content, will you read it to the end? Definitely not, because it’s very tedious. Do not use long texts on your site; Because it is not attractive for users and they will leave the page when they see it, which will cause a negative score for your site, and it is better to use the read more link. By doing this, you have both shared your text and have not used long text, and it also causes curiosity of the user to seek more content and also increases the attractiveness of the web design.

Use the right content on your site

Use good content with good headlines and keywords on your site; Because it increases the number of visitors and also the success of the site.

Do not use music as a background on your site

Do not use music as a background on your site; Because the tastes of visitors are different and this reduces the number of visitors to the site.

Be sure to use SEO on your site

Most of the time, when users visit a site and are looking for content and fail to find it, they can easily find the content they are looking for if there is a search engine on the site; Otherwise users will leave the site.

Do not use long registration forms

The forms that are used on the site as access to some content, if it is as long as the content, will definitely be boring and the user will not only not register, but also to another site that has a shorter registration form or Will not refer to the entire registration form. So you should be careful enough to use the easy, short and convenient registration form for your website.

Provide a way to communicate with the user

Placing contact numbers and emails on the site causes a strong connection with users and gains the trust of users, and the user can easily and at any time contact the site.

Fix 404 pages error

The above will reduce the number of visitors, but this means that uploading pages with error 404 will not only reduce the number of visitors, but also reduce the credibility of the site and have a negative score. So to avoid this problem, never upload pages that were not fully designed on the site.

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