The user interface, which we know as UI, is the interface between users and system products. In general, the appearance of your site that users interact with, such as images, using colors, different dimensions, and sizes of texts, templates, and charts, are all related to the user interface (UI). UI tools show the nuts and bolts of a design and describe its functionality. User interface design tools help designers to be able to work as a team, design their desired designs, and finally have beautiful sites with good performance. I’m going to introduce you to ten of the most used UI design tools, so be sure to stay with me:

1) Sketch

The sketch is a digital design program that every person in the ui profession needs. This design tool is based on vectors. Using this tool, you can easily change the size of whatever you have drawn without losing the image resolution. This tool has replaced Photoshop for designers. In the sketch, the size and volume of files and images are small due to their vector nature, and this is considered an advantage for us designers. Using sketches for wireless frames and prototyping is great.

2) Zeplin

Zeplin is a software that converts Photoshop and Sketch files into an app. using this tool, we can communicate our designs to the web development team. All you need to do is upload your designs, and Zeppelin will automatically generate the relevant specifications and solutions. This process is difficult without using this tool. This software helps UI designers to create their designs in minimum time. Zeppelin can also be installed on both Windows and Mac.

3) Figma

Figma is the first in-browser or web design tool, it is a very useful tool in the field of design, prototyping, and gathering feedback. Also, in Figma, designers can interact and communicate with each other and can collaborate on a project and design.

4) Adobe Xd

Adobe XD software is another useful and available tool for designers. This software is one of Adobe’s software series, and it is easy to work with this software as well as other Hatti Adobe software. Adobe xd provides vector tools for creating the user interface and UI prototypes and mockups. These types of designs are easily used by developers and programmers.

5) Marvel

Marvel is another easy and practical design tool, which also has a web version. Even if you are not a professional designer, you can use this software. In Marvel, there are ready-made elements, and this is an advantage for amateur designers. In this software, you can even enter your pre-designed designs into the program. Marvel can give developers all the HTML and CSS code they need to start building.

6) Invision Studio

Invision Studio is another web-based prototyping software that is used by ui and UX designers. In this software, you can easily upload initial and fixed designs and create a new prototype with high interactivity.

With this Vision Studio software, interactive and responsive design can be done easily.

7) Framer X

Another web application is Framer X, which can be used to design UI without installing it. This web application with a user panel allows you to do three projects for free, but to do other projects you have to pay a fee of about 14 euros, for this reason it is not very popular among designers because free or low-cost apps for There is a design.

8) Axure RP

Axure is a kind of tool that can be used in various design applications, including in designing and building prototypes such as wireframes, making charts and diagrams, and among other things. The files and designs output from Axure can be used in other design software such as Sketch and Adobe XD, and even changes can be applied to them.


Proto app, like other design software, helps UI designers in making mockups, and prototypes, and organize and integrate these designs. Also, in Perto software, you can communicate with other members of the design team and other designers and use their opinions.

10) web flow

web flow gives you the power to design without knowing anything about HTML or CSS. With drag-and-drop functionality and an intuitive interface. web flow gives you the freedom to be creative in your designs to build whatever you imagine. Using web flow to prototype a real website. Instead of taking what is provided in the prototypes and making a design from it, and also what you have to give to a developer, you can have and design yourself.

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