Did you read our last article? It was about choosing the best web design company and website development cost.

Check the website design contract

Once you have found the right website design company and agreed on the final price, it is time to request a pre-contract from the company. Check the pre-sent contract to list the main features you are looking for. If you have any ambiguities in the provisions of the pre-contract, be sure to contact the company and raise your ambiguities. If you feel that any part of the web design contract needs to be modified or changed, discuss the matter with the design company’s experts.

Another important point is that if you are sure that the previous steps have been completed correctly and you have a high probability that you have chosen a suitable site design company, do not spend too much obsession and do not spend a lot of time on signing the contract and reviewing the insignificant details. Because high sensitivities in the clause of the contract provisions only cause the process to be too long and in practice will not affect the quality of the final project.

Choose the right design for the website

Choosing the main design is one of the things that you can think about from the beginning and determine the design of the website, as well as at the end of the steps and after signing the contract. Our suggestion is not to rush the website design. The best solution is to find the right design with the cooperation and like-mindedness of the web design company you have chosen. Web design companies can be a great guide for you because of their experience in this field.

Purchase domains and collect basic information and data

The last point can be considered as both the initial stages of the site design order and the final stages. When you are planning to design a website for your company and collection, you need to prepare some items before ordering or before the completion of the project.

Buy a domain

It is very important to know that buying a domain is one of the things that should be done by you and with your personal or company information. Buying a domain by a design company is by no means the right thing to do; Because every person who buys a domain is practically the original owner. For example, if a member of a website design company registers and buys your domain, he can claim ownership of this domain at any time, and he can even upload another website on this domain at any time.

Of course, we will give you the necessary instructions to register and purchase a domain, but the important thing is that this domain is purchased and registered with your name and personal information.

Gather basic information and data

Each website is full of different information and data depending on the type of use and the purpose for which it is intended. It is best to have some of this information ready and collected before ordering a website design. This is one of the reasons why the operation of the website is so much delayed after the design process. In many cases, it has happened that we have designed and completed the website technically and visually, but due to the lack of initial information, the loading and operation of the project has been delayed for months.

You certainly have a lot of this information right now, but collecting and categorizing it can take a long time; Therefore, it is better to take action as soon as possible.

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