According to Milton Glaser: There are three reactions to a work of art or an artist’s design: good, bad, wonderful!

“Superb” is exactly the word a designer likes to hear. For this reason, in this article, by introducing 10 graphic design trends, I will introduce you to the latest design trends so that you hear the word “super” more!

Considering the advantages of visual effects over texts, especially in the field of advertising, graphic designs always increase attention, improve brand awareness and strengthen communication between business and society. However, in a rapidly changing world, people expect change, innovation and creativity in what they see.

People in the digital age don’t like to see ordinary, random or no headline graphic designers anymore. They like to see designs, logos and images that connect with them.

Now that you are familiar with the importance of riding on new waves and graphic design trends, I invite you to read the article on 10 graphic design trends:

1) Defamiliarization

I don’t know about you, but I always avoid reading the right hand corner of news websites. The reason is clear: limitless advertising!

A topic that we all faced many times.

What we have to prepare ourselves to face in the coming years will be unusual, asymmetric and scattered and grid layouts. Where the information we want will not be present in the usual place that we always look for.

This is the year when designers put old patterns aside and open the doors of innovation and creativity.

2) Simplicity, the key to popularity

Just as walking with an extra load is a tiring task, complex graphic designs may unnecessarily tire our user and confuse him.

A subject that is being maneuvered a lot not only in the field of graphic design but also in modern art is the advancement of works towards simplicity.

Simplicity does not mean being devoid of art and elegance. Rather, it means implementing elements without additional complications. Apart from increasing the user’s sense of satisfaction, this issue can increase his curiosity about the product and brand.

3) Changing colors

Thanks to the dramatic improvement in the quality of displays in the last few years, we will see a wide range of colors in designs in 2021. Now creating different designs and backgrounds using color and spectrum changes makes them significantly more attractive.

A little creativity in color, accuracy in spectrum, organizational color, purpose and type of product can easily make your users say “it’s wonderful”.

4) Blue effects and galaxy themes

One of the most important graphic trends is the use of blue, purple and black shades. Designs that generally give us the feeling of the galaxy.

These colors and shades are not only well known to the audience, but also in smart devices and screens that display colors and spectrums with high resolution and quality. It looks brighter and more beautiful.

5) Metallic colors dominating the situation

Another graphic trend in the coming year is focusing on metallic colors. Although in the past, the output quality of designs that used metallic colors such as gold, silver or copper was not good, but today, thanks to recent technologies, metallic colors can be seen everywhere, because the sense of luxury to the designs and Typography gives depth and strength.

6) Retrospect designs (back to old trends)

Duotone graphics were very popular in the 70s. Now, after half a century has passed since that day, these designs have returned to graphic design trends. Graphic designers have found that Duotone graphics are a great way to make busy content stand out and also create impact.

7) Return to the tradition of design; Get down to writing

If you think that hand-drawn designs and texts are on the decline in the digital space, you are very wrong.

In fact, with the development of technology and the development of design tools such as digital pens, returning to manual designs can be a very original idea. These designs can be considered as one of the most important graphic design trends in the coming years, since they can convey the originality, originality, and closeness of the design to what is in the designer’s mind.

8) Colorful and diverse fonts

Digital color fonts are everywhere these days. In the past, these designs were not only limited, but their colors were also more uniform.

We will see an increase in visual effects and color elements. Therefore, in terms of art and aesthetics in presenting your ideas through texts and in the form of different fonts, you can probably ride on new waves and present your work.

9) GIFs

The ever-increasing growth of gifs in design, especially in website design, will be one of the design trends due to the increase of smart programs that make it easy to make these silent videos inside the loop.

10) Nostalgia

People say nostalgia is a beautiful liar, but as we move forward, we long for the memories of the past.

The tenth graphic design trend will be nostalgia graphic designs. Medieval, Roman, and Egyptian designs are one of the most important nostalgias that all the people of the world know, and seeing them will create a story in their minds.


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