In the digital space, there is only one truth about Google’s algorithms, and that is that these algorithms are constantly being updated.

Last year alone (2019), Google’s algorithms were updated more than 500 times.

Although some of them are important updates and create a lot of buzz on the Internet, such as Brett, Panda, Penguin, etc. algorithms, many of these updates never make a fuss.

We don’t notice more than half of these Google algorithm updates unless our site’s organic traffic suddenly increases or decreases. The algorithm has updated itself!

We cannot control all of these things, but we can survive the storms of Google algorithm updates by creating a proper SEO site infrastructure.

In this article, we will answer these two questions:

1. How to act smarter than Google’s algorithms.

2 . How to maintain site traffic despite Google algorithm updates.

1) Do the basic principles of SEO come first?

Before we dive into the details of what can protect our site from Google’s changes, it’s important to understand this basic concept:

Many of the basic principles of SEO have remained almost unchanged in recent years and are largely unaffected by Google’s updates.

What I mean is that if you have followed the basic principles of SEO both internal and external SEO, Google updates will not hurt your site’s rank, your organic traffic, etc.

So, in the following, we will examine the basic and important principles of SEO that you must follow:

2) Black hat SEO? No!

The effects of this technique are clear as day for all webmasters

Some SEO experts try to game Google’s algorithms with black SEO techniques and use the benefits of this method for a while.

Even if the webmaster and SEO expert manage to manipulate Google’s ranking, this issue will not last long and may even result in your site being penalized.

We all know that it will be very difficult to recover the site in this situation.

Among the black hat SEO techniques that are usually used by SEOs, the following can be mentioned:

1) Using a lot of keywords in the text

2) Use of content and machine translations

3) Secret redirects

4) Cloaking technique

5) Using similar pages or doorway pages

6) Using affiliate marketing systems

7) Introduction of spam sites

9) Hide text

10) Hide the link

11) Using pbn

12) Use of purchased links

3) Producing quality content; still on top

There is no substitute for quality content. Most of the Google updates are related to the poor user experience of the sites. Now, if you produce valuable and useful content on your website, you will most likely be able to update Google’s algorithms without any problems. One of the most important characteristics of good content is that it is written for the audience and to satisfy your target audience. Irregular or low-quality content has a great negative impact on the interaction rate of your audience with the site, the bounce rate, the time the user stays on the site, etc.

After the presentation of Bert’s algorithm by Google and its constant updates, the importance of this issue has doubled.

The famous John Mueller from Google employees says:

Sometimes you upgrade your site, sometimes you upgrade what the audience wants, and for that reason, sometimes we upgrade our algorithms to appreciate you more!

4) Technical issues (seo technical)

Many times, the growth or decline of a website is influenced by the technical issues of the site and technical SEO tips.

Google’s algorithms may be updated to improve and identify these points as well as possible, and as a result, your ranking and traffic will change under the influence of this issue.

Among the most important things that must be observed in technical SEO, the following can be mentioned:

1) Error pages

2) Redirects

3) Robot.txt

4) Crawlability problems

5) Site speed

Although this list is much more detailed, these items are among the most important principles of technical SEO, and among these items, it is the most important factor in site speed, which will have a significant impact on all dimensions of your site. Ideally, the page loading speed should not take more than 1-2 seconds to check the speed of your site first, you can use Google Webmaster and also sites like GTMetrix. The Seoreviewtools site is very efficient and suitable for checking the rest of the technical points of your site.

In general, try to improve the technical SEO of your site so that you don’t have problems with Google algorithm updates.

5) Keep your website information up to date

It is recommended to keep your site information up-to-date by using the latest news and articles in your field of activity.

Be sure to use a content calendar and use a specific program to produce and publish your articles.

Being unplanned in content production will do you the greatest harm.

Using updated content will be considered very valuable not only from the user’s point of view, but also from Google’s point of view, and it will certainly bring you good results.

6) Focus on a unique user experience

Finally, we do all these activities so that the user likes it.

If your site offers a good user experience in all dimensions, I can say that you will not have any problems with Google algorithm updates.

Because these algorithms are updated day by day to get closer to the user’s sense and experience of a site, user experience is a very important issue in the field of SEO, and as websites focus on providing perfect and complete content, creating A user-friendly environment, avoiding the use of pop-ups and disturbing elements, etc., will grow more in this direction.

In general, a good user experience or UX depends on the following factors:

  • The quality of published materials
  • Easy user interface
  • High speed of the site
  • Having a relevant and appropriate internal link-building network
  • User-friendly design
  • Strategic use of colors and other visual elements

7) Pay attention to mobile phone users

According to the reports, more than 70% of searches are done by smartphones, and Google has been checking the status of the site first on mobile phones and then on desktops. Some of the most important Google algorithms have been presented and updated specifically in this direction.

Through your search console, you can find out whether your site is compatible with mobile phones or not, and if there is a problem, what is it?

8) How to reduce the site’s dependence on organic traffic?

Organic traffic from the Google search engine is the biggest source of traffic for all websites. However, we should not focus only on this issue.

Although following the points you have read so far; you will be completely safe from Google’s algorithms, but still, you should not neglect to reduce your dependence on organic traffic.

Useful solutions to solve this issue include the following:

  • Use social networks and highlight your presence in them so that you can use their potential.
  • If the organic traffic of the site decreases for any reason, email marketing can work wonders for you.
  • Work on increasing your conversion rate, doubling your conversion rate will double your income.

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