Want to learn more about search engine optimization? So you should learn from the best experts. Reading top SEO blogs and publications is a good start. Also, participated in SEO conferences, but that’s not all. We share strategies, tactics, tips, tools, data, and much more on social media as well as conferences as well as articles, research, and blog posts. You will learn something new every day from this list of 202 SEO experts. So if you are looking to learn more about SEO, you better follow them.

Why does this list of SEO experts exist?

The term “SEO expert” is used a lot today. Just do a Google search on “following SEO experts” and you will come across numerous lists. The problem with most of these lists is that they are mostly exaggerated. Why?

  • They are a deceptive way for an anonymous author to put his name next to several SEO experts and be counted as one of them.
  • They are published by unknown SEO agencies to attract links and shares.
  • They include people who are great in other areas of marketing (social networks, content marketing, etc.) but are not SEO experts.
  • They include people who are no longer active in the field of SEO (or even never reached a suitable level). For example, while Matt Cutts, a former engineer who was the head of the Webspam team at Google, would have been great for a list coming out in 2013, it’s not 2013 anymore and he won’t be on the current list.
  • Include popular experts who share bad information and bring the industry into disrepute.

That’s why almost a year ago, we created the first version of this list of the top writers and industry experts to follow or listen to if you want to stay up-to-date on SEO today.

How to collect top SEO experts:

The list you see now in this article has been updated and according to search engine journals, it is the most up-to-date list of the highest quality SEO experts to follow, we did not create this list by one person.

This list was created with the help of the wonderful judges who helped us compile it, whose names you can see below.

  • Loren Baker, founder of Search Engine Journal and Foundation Digital
  • Jenny Halasz; Head of JLH Marketing
  • Alexandra Tachalova, founder of Digital Olympus
  • Purna Virji, Chief Global Engagement Officer at Microsoft

(Note: none of the referees had the right to vote for themselves and their presence in this list did not affect their right to referee.)

This post is not meant to reward anyone who has ever been an SEO expert or held the title of SEO. This post is also not intended to create a popularity contest that favors the number of social media followers over expertise.

People on this list are actively present in the SEO scene or are sharing SEO knowledge, information, and analysis. (either on social networks, or in blog posts or speaking at conferences) Here you will also find our main judging criteria (although, like Google, our scoring algorithm included more than 200 rating signals!):

  • Do they currently do SEO? (not mandatory)
  • Do they talk about SEO at conferences? (or webinars, podcasts, etc.)
  • Are they sharing good SEO content on social media?
  • Do they write good content about SEO for blogs and publications?

The main idea of this article is to help you find good people who know a lot about SEO and want to share their knowledge. This is just one way for us to direct you to SEO experts who can help you improve your work and progress. While we’re very happy that there are hundreds of SEO experts in the world who are doing great work but are little known, if they’re not getting exposure and sharing information, they don’t matter in the context of the list you’re about to read.

Although we don’t mean to offend any of the hardworking SEOs, if you don’t expose yourself to the larger SEO community, it’s the equivalent of ranking on the second page of Google results. Our goal with this list is to showcase the people who are driving the industry forward and share unique analyses, knowledge, tips, ideas, and more. Finally, there is no ranking order in this list from best to least best (!). Each person on this list has their values. Instead of trying to start alphabetically, we decided to randomize the introductions.

Who is not on the list of top SEO experts in the world?

To be honest, these kinds of articles are always controversial. After a post like this goes live, there are always a few reactions you can expect:

  • Those on the list: In general, they are proud and even surprised. It always feels good to make someone’s day.
  • Those who are not on the list: After they quickly check and realize they are not on the list, they set Twitter on fire. Usually, it’s “This person doesn’t do SEO at all”, “you put this person and that person so this list is useless”, or “Lists like this devalue our industry”.

Again, no list is perfect, but we have tried to create the least imperfect list possible. If no one is on the list, there’s always next year.

Honorable mentions

For this year’s list, the search engine journal did not include any employees or spokespersons from the major search engines as part of the 202-strong list of SEO experts. We believe that every SEO professional should always keep an eye on these people to keep up with the latest updates and get suggestions directly from search engines because these people are usually constantly tweeting, writing, and talking. they do. (during seminars, conferences, and webinars)


  • Gary Illys, webmaster trends analyst
  • Nathan Johns, Search Quality Analyst
  • John Mueller, Senior Webmaster Trends Analyst
  • Danny Sullivan, Search Public Relations


  • Frederic Dubut, Chief Planning Officer
  • DuckDuckGo
  • Gabriel Weinberg, Founder and CEO

List of 202 top SEO experts

Now we come to the main part of this article and what you are looking for, the list of top SEO experts to follow. The people you see on this list have something to say about SEO and if you want to increase your skills and knowledge in this area, the best thing to do is to follow them all.

Areej AbuAli

Founder of Tech Seo

Follow Areej AbuAli on Twitter

Follow Areej AbuAli on LinkedIn

Dave Davies

Founder of Beanstalk Internet Marketing

Follow Dave Davies on Twitter

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Read Dave Davies’s articles in Search Engine Journal

Dan Taylor

Head of Research and Development at SALT Agency

Follow Dan Taylor on Twitter

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Read articles by Dan Taylor in Search Engine Journal

Jes Scholz

International Digital Director at Ringier Agency

Follow Jes Scholz on Twitter

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Read Jes’s articles in Search Engine Journal

Fili Wiese

Seo Specialist at SearchBrothers.com

Follow Fili Wiese on Twitter

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Ruth Everett

SEO technical analyst at DeepCrawl

Follow Ruth Everett on Twitter

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Read Ruth’s articles in Search Engine Journal

Tyler Reardon

SEO Manager at Chewy

Follow Tyler Reardon on Twitter

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Carolyn Shelby

Technical SEO and news on ESPN

Follow Carolyn Shelby on Twitter

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Christoph C. Cemper

Founder and CEO of LinkResearchTools

Follow Cristoph on Twitter

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Craig Campbell

SEO consultant and teacher at Craig Campbell SEO

Follow Craig Campbell on Twitter

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Jackie Chu

Global SEO Manager at Uber

Follow Jackie on Twitter

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Jeff Ferguson

Partner of Amplitude Digital

Follow Jeff on Twitter

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Read Jeff’s articles on Search Engine Journal

Ross Hudgens

Founder and CEO of Siege Media

Follow Ross on Twitter

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Cindy Krum

Founder and CEO of MobileMoxie

Follow Cindy on Twitter

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Jan-Willem Bobbink

Freelance SEO consultant

Follow Jan-Willem on Twitter

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Valentin Pletzer

Head of SEO at BurdaForward GmbH

Follow Valentin on Twitter

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Lily Ray

SEO Manager at Path Interactive

Follow Lily on Twitter

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Read Lily’s articles in Search Engine Journal

Suganthan Mohanadasan

Founder and Head of Technical SEO at Snippet Digital

Follow Suganthan on Twitter

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Andrea Volpini

Founder and CEO of WordLift

Follow Andrea on Twitter

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Anna Crowe

Assistant Editor at Search Engine Journal and Content Manager at LeadFeeder

Follow Anna on Twitter

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Read Anna’s articles in Search Engine Journal

Christopher Jones

Founder of LSEO

Follow Kristopher on Twitter

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Read Kristopher’s articles on Search Engine Journal

Taylor Berg

Senior SEO Manager at Talkspace

Follow Taylor on Twitter

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Brodie Clark

SEO consultant at Brodie Clark Consulting

Follow Brodie on Twitter

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Motoko Hunt

President and International Search Marketing Consultant at AJPR

Follow Motoko on Twitter

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Read Motoko’s articles in Search Engine Journal

Barry Schwartz

President and owner of RustyBrick

Follow Barry on Twitter

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Adam Riemer

President Adam Riemer Marketing

Follow Adam on Twitter

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Read Adam’s articles on Search Engine Journal

Carrie Hill

Local SEO Specialist and SEO Analyst at Sterling Sky Inc

Follow Carrie on Twitter

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Mordy Oberstein

Interface in the SEO community at Wix

Follow Mordy on Twitter

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JP Sherman

Search and Find Manager at Red Hat

Follow JP on Twitter

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Carolyn Lyden

SEO leader and owner of Search Hermit

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Read Carolyn’s articles in Search Engine Journal

Steven Kang

Founder of SEOSignalsLab

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John Shehata

Audience Director at Conde Nast

Follow John on Twitter

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Abby Hamilton

Affiliate SEO Manager at Merkle

Follow Abby on Twitter

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Read Abby’s articles in Search Engine Journal

Michael King

Founder of iPullRank

Follow Michael on Twitter

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Read Micael’s articles on Search Engine Journal

Kevin Indig

SEO Manager at Shopify

Follow Kevin on Twitter

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Read Kevin’s articles on Search Engine Journal

Jamie Indigo

SEO technical consultant at Not a Robot

Follow Jamie on Twitter

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Read Jamie’s articles on Search Engine Journal

Max Prin

Head of Technical SEO at Merkle

Follow Max on Twitter

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Andy Betts

Senior SEO consultant

Follow Andy on Twitter

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Read Andy’s articles on Search Engine Journal

Claire Carlyle

Digital Marketing Consultant at Claire Carlile Marketing

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Andy Simpson

Local and technical SEO expert

Follow Andy on Twitter

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Damon Gochneauer

Founder of Aspiro Agency

Follow Damon on Twitter

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Alexis Sanders

Senior SEO Manager at Merkle

Follow Alexis on Twitter

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Read Alexis’ articles in Search Engine Journal

Cyrus Shepard

Founder of Zippy

Follow Cyrus on Twitter

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David Mihm

Founder of Tidings

Follow David on Twitter

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Mindy Weinstein

Founder and CEO of Market MindShift

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Read Mindy’s articles on Search Engine Journal

Jason Barnard

Owner of Kalicube

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Lukasz Zelezny

SEO consultant and expert

Follow Lukasz on Twitter

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Krystal Taing

Solution Engineer and Strategic Partnerships at Uberall

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Tim Capper

SEO consultant in Online Ownership

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Marcus Tober

Founder and Chief Innovation Officer at Searchmetrics

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Christina Brodzky

Founder and SEO consultant at MediaSesh

Follow Christina on Twitter

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Kelvin Newman

Founder of BrightonSEO

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Arnout Hellemans

Consultant at OnlineMarketThink

Follow Arnout on Twitter

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Aysun Akarsu

Data Scientist at DatAlzer

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Paddy Moogan

Founder of Aira

Follow Paddy on Twitter

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Shaun Anderson

SEO Consultant at Hobo-web.co.uk

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Bibi Lauri Raven

Link builder on BibiBuzz

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Loren Baker

Founder of Search Engine Journal

Follow Loren on Twitter

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Rob Woods

Owner of Rob Woods Consulting

Follow Rob on Twitter

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Izzy Smith

SEO technical analyst at Ryte

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Trond Lyngbo

Founder of Search Planet AS

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Gerry White

SEO Manager at RiseAtSeven

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Cassie Gillette

Chief Digital Officer at KoMarketing

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Darren Shaw

Founder and President of Whitespark

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Alan Bleiweiss

Legal SEO consultant at Alan Bleiweiss Consulting

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Jori Ford

Head of Marketing at FoodBoss

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Bill Hartzer

CEO of Hartzer Consulting

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Andrew Optimised

Founder of Optimise

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Amanda Jordan

Local Search Analyst at LOCOMOTIVE

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Casey Markee

Founder of Media Wyse

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Saijo George

Head of SEO Strategy at Supple

Follow Sajio on Twitter

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Marie Haynes

Owner of Marie Haynes Consulting

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Andy Drinkwater

Freelance SEO consultant at IQSEO LTD

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Wil Reynolds

Founder and Vice President of Innovation at Seer Interactive

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Faye Watt

SEO Manager at Superdry

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Oliver H. G. Mason

Freelance technical SEO

Follow Oliver on Twitter

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Joe Hall

SEO consultant and management analyst at Hall Analysis LLC

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Kate Toon

Founder of Stay Tooned Inc

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Brian Harnish

SEO leader at iLoveSEO

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Martin MacDonald

Founder of MOG Media Inc.

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Maret Reutelingsperger

SEO and inbound marketing consultant at Mobe Digital

Follow Maret on Twitter

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Dr. Pete Meyers

Marketing Researcher at Moz

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Ryan Jones

Group Head of SEO at Razorfish

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