One of the concerns of many SEO experts is how we can increase the domain authority (DA) or the domain authority of our site. Before continuing this article and answering such questions, let’s give a brief definition of the site’s DA.

After Google removed PageRank (which was a reference for SEO experts to check the position of the site), the MOZ site, with a strong strategy and the use of algorithms and specific criteria, tried to provide three criteria: DA, PA, and Spam score.

At present, the site’s domain authority, or domain authority, is one of the most important criteria for checking the site’s SEO status among webmasters.

An important point that I want to tell you at the beginning is that you should not bother just to determine the validity of your domain. The domain authority of the site only becomes important when comparing the overall authority (especially the overall value of links) to other competing sites and also, determining your competitive ability. You need to get real and efficient links for your site, which will attract traffic as well as improve your domain authority and ranking.

Now, let’s examine some questions asked by SEO professionals:

1) Why should we increase domain validity?

I answer this question like this: What is your goal?

The validity of the site’s domain is designed in such a way that it can be an indicator of the success of your site, but not directly. However true this index may be, we must admit that this criterion was designed and presented by a company and was never verified by Google.

Increasing domain authority just to increase domain authority and show it as progress is a futile task.

So what can we do now?

If I were to explain the concept of domain validity easily, I would say: DA is the index of the overall value of your external links or your backlinks.

Note: If we consider all the conditions of the sites in the same way, high DA is better than low DA, and if you try to have a high DA, it is the right thing to do.

But because the conditions of no two sites are the same in terms of design, SEO, user interface, etc.

Therefore, achieving a high DA in itself should not be your goal.

2) Well, then domain validity is not useful?

Domain authority or DA can help you understand your competitive ability and have a clearer view of your competitors and your position among them.

Knowing that your DA is say 30 alone is useless.

But if you know that your DA is 30 and the sites you compete with have DA from 20 to 25, this can be very promising and useful for you.

On the other hand, knowing that your competitors have a DA higher than 70 can save you a lot of money and change your competitive strategies.

3) Google does not pay attention to DA?

Before addressing this question, we must first learn a few facts about Google:

  • Google officials and managers never speak clearly.
  • Google never clearly introduces its algorithms and important updates.

In the field of site domain authority, Google has said that they do not use domain authority for ranking.

Well, we assume that this is true at first glance. Do you believe that a page with a low domain authority has the same chance as a page with a high domain authority? Not.

Note: Each domain benefits from the value of its internal and external links in general, whether you measure this overall impact as an independent metric or not, this metric still exists.

4) Important points to increase the authority or credibility of the site

Assuming that you have carefully read all of the above, I invite you to continue reading this article.

Tip: There is no magic secret to improving the factors that cause DA formation, but following a few basic tips can help you alone:

  A) Get links from relevant and highly reputable sites

That’s the whole point.

The links that he gets from high-reputation and relevant sites will increase the credibility of your page and domain. Even if you want to ignore DA, you know that links with high credibility can be a good springboard to increase your site’s credibility.

b) Get fewer spam links

DA index, on the other hand, means reducing inappropriate links or spam. Keep in mind that the word inappropriate in this section does not mean links with low credibility.

It is quite normal that you have links from domains and pages of low authority.

Tip: In many cases, these links are very suitable for search engines and increase the traffic of your site.

  c) Get traffic-attracting links

The DA index also takes into account whether the links are from legitimate sites with real traffic! Whether you use the domain authority index regularly or not may not matter much. Because you should know that attracting links that increase your site traffic is very important in the first place.

This shows relevance to searches and improves your ranking.

Also, you should not look for links at any cost. If you get a link that does not generate any traffic for your site, this link is completely useless and probably will not be considered by Maze and Google’s validity criteria.

5) Fake credit or real credit?

Just like any other indicator and metric, which is based on signals outside of our control, it is theoretically possible to manipulate the validity of a website’s domain.

Build real credibility that meets Moz and Google criteria. In the short term, this is difficult, but this effort will be very effective in the long term.

Use the website domain validation to find out in what conditions and context you can compete at a reasonable cost today and get the most return on your investments. Do not let this criterion become a useless criterion for you.

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