Google started updating its central algorithm on May 25, 2022, and according to the latest news of this update, it has been in the process of completion and release for 1-2 weeks. As you know, Google makes updates several times a year to improve search results. Major updates are intended to improve search results and provide valuable and useful content for users. Google’s core update (Core Update) are changes that are made to improve search results and keep up with the web’s changing trends. This issue may not change the rank of your website or may cause visible changes to your website.

Danny Sullivan, Public Relations for Google Search, noted in his post that:

With the completion of this update, we should expect changes in the performance of websites in search results.

In 2019, after updating its core, Google published a guide as the nature of the changes of this update, and since that day, in all its extensive changes, experts have referred to this guide.

I advise you to read the rest of this article before taking any action in this regard: (Reference: SEMrush)

  1. Wait for significant changes in your results (decline or growth).
  2. Google’s core updates are not targeted at a specific target or item, but are broadly designed to improve Google’s systems overall.
  3. The pages that will face a drop in rank after this update will not be penalized, but will be evaluated after competing with other web content that will be published after this update.
  4. Focusing on content and providing quality content is the best approach to deal with the wide impact of this update.
  5. Google core update may be repeated from time to time and some sites may not be restored until the next version of this update.
  6. The improvements that are made in the Google core update do not guarantee the recovery of your website, however, not paying attention to these changes and trying to improve, will definitely guarantee your failure!


It has been 8 months since the last Google core update (November 2021). Those who have worked well on their website during this time may see significant improvements in their ranking results. On the other hand, people who have left their website alone may experience a drop in their results. In any case, for now, you should not evaluate your pages; Because this update is finished. Your ranking may notice negative effects during this period, so don’t worry at all and choose the best SEO strategy by focusing on the guidelines you read in this article.

Additional source for reading: Google Search Central

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