It is no secret that SEO is one of the most important and effective marketing channels for websites. Products that choose articles and content as their website marketing path have no choice but to move based on SEO indicators, of course, this is the best and cheapest path. It is better to know that Google has been setting the SEO path for several years to increase the quality of websites in terms of functionality. In this article, we intend to review and provide solutions for optimizing videos on the website. In the following, we will introduce you to the trump card of SEO and content, that is, the strange phenomenon of video.

Video, SEO and quality articles are a very powerful triangle that no backlink or internal link building can beat. This issue was especially highlighted in websites since Google started updating its algorithms to check the contents carefully. Now, with all the ups and downs, every internet magazine can rely on the highest SERP (search engine or Google) rankings with these three marketing expertise and content.

Although these three factors are very important in getting the results of your pages, it should also be kept in mind that the technical infrastructure and checking the front and back-end codes of the website are also very important. Especially if the video is in the middle, the issue of servers and page loading speed become more important. Stay with us to check effective video SEO solutions in 2022.

Optimizing video content for user search

If you intend to communicate with the user and create video content, the concepts presented in the video must be useful for the user. It does not matter if the content is made in the field of education or professional expertise. The issue is the quality of the video and the feeling that the user has after watching your video. If he feels like a cheated person, you have lost the rhyme, if he feels satisfied, you can be sure that this user will remain with you for years.

In general, try to follow the rules and principles of making appropriate videos. The color scheme, video cut, light, etc. should be appropriate so that the user does not feel bad visually.

Make videos for trending topics

One of the most important ways to attract users or rank videos is to choose interesting or hot topics for making videos. You have to understand that in addition to niche or niche topics, you have to follow the market waves to be on the scene. This will make the video created by you along with the text attract the right rank and clicks from the popular topic. For example, if you have a website about children, it is very important to make a World Children’s Day video.

Simultaneous publication of text and video

It doesn’t matter whether the content approach of your website is news or educational, analytical or interpretive. As soon as the text is published along with the video (provided that the SEO parameters are met) it gets a good position very quickly. In the last two or three years, Google has greatly increased the priority of content with video and gives them a higher price.

Publishing text and video at the same time is important in the sense that Google sees the content of the page in its entirety in the first review. Completing these pages step by step, for example, adding text today and a week from now, the video will lose its impact or get a high ranking.

Checking frontend codes and site performance with video

Before you follow any content discussion, you should be sure of the status of the front site. If the volume of the pages is not high, the pages do not have problems for loading, and the core web vitals are without increasing errors, they are very effective in the ranking of video pages.

Be sure to try to keep the performance of the pages at an average level so that Google does not rank the videos and articles due to the bad conditions of the pages.

Use the correct schema

Schema codes or web schemas are one of the best ways to display media types to Google’s crawlers. Although Google’s crawlers have a lot of detection power, they still can’t figure out what content is on your pages. Schema codes are actually the site pages guide for crawlers.

Using schema video adds several advantages to your pages. The most important of them is the accurate detection of the presence of video on pages. The second issue is the display of video in search results and search pages, especially the results of video content. That is, if you don’t have a suitable schema, the probability of getting a rank in the Serp video section is very low.

Video Schema Markup helps you to have video details such as time, name, address, etc. separately in the results. This will increase the CTR of the page.

Upload videos to dedicated hosting or YouTube

The most important thing in video SEO is to show it to the user without any problems. Even if the best video cannot be shown to the user, Google will take the rank from you due to the low user connection and low attention to the content.

In the discussion of self-hosting or the use of dedicated servers for videos, the discussion of costs is also raised. Naturally, video is larger than images and text, and if the volume of your video content is high, your hosting costs will be very high.

Of course, with a dedicated host, be sure that Google’s attention and your rankings both in the video section and all search results will be amazing.

Using attractive and complete titles

The first content that the user connects with after the search is the SEO title of your page. Try to write an attractive and complete title tag. That is, if there is a video on the page, be sure to name it so that the user knows about the existence of such content on your page.

Completing the Meta tag by reminding of the existence of the video

Like the title tag, Meta description is very important in video SEO. Most of the users read the Meta description displayed in the header before clicking on the page link. Mentioning the existence of the video, even mentioning its details such as short or long, video topic and other features of the page are among the most important Meta tag parameters for the user and Google. Of course, it is better not to leave the text out of the normal state and include the content features in the majority of the text and sentences in this section.

Receive user comments for content

CTA or (Call in action) is very important in content ranking. By increasing the user’s connection with the pages as a result of his comments for the content, Google realizes the usefulness of your content for the user and ranks your page. It is simple and accurate to direct the user to leave a comment with a precise strategy.

Expressing challenging statements in the video or its description is effective in this matter. You can also directly invite the user to further communication and Q&A.

Making a useful cover for the video

The cover or the image that Google uses as a video display is one of the most important components of attracting high clicks in video SEO. It is not easy to make an attractive and useful Tom Neill. You need to create a video concept and at least a title of your video content concept that will encourage the user to click on the link.

Use short and full URL

One of the challenging topics of SEO is the discussion of English URLs and the effect of their length and length on page rank. Some experts believe that there is no difference in their rank if the page address is in English. A number of others confirm this, but recommend using English addresses, because in website review and analysis tools, English addresses are more orderly and regular, for which the explanation of the reason is a detailed matter.

Internal linking

Connecting articles to each other and building a network of related pages with internal links has always been a way to increase the ranking of articles. This also applies to videos, and the value of pages with videos can be increased with relevant anchor text.

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