Today, content marketing is one of the most important parts of digital marketing. Many businesses, regardless of their field of activity, are looking to use content marketing. Content marketing is one of the digital marketing strategies to increase visibility and conversion rate. But does everyone get results from this method? Can it be said that content marketing has been done only by producing content and displaying it on social networks and websites?

The truth is that only a limited number of content marketers produce content that gets them the results they want. Content marketing may seem simple from the outside, but in reality it is not. While content marketing is attractive, it requires precision, finesse and attention to detail. This article mentions 9 skills that a content marketing specialist should be familiar with.

1. Content creation skills

Content production is not just producing articles and textual content. But with the passage of time, the production of visual, video and audio content is also expanding. Content marketers can use several content marketing methods depending on their field of work.

In order to produce content, especially textual content, it is necessary and essential to be familiar with grammar, spelling of words and writing tips. As a result, this is the first and most basic skill that a content marketing and content production specialist should have. In addition, content marketers must be familiar with image and video content production skills to communicate with their audience.

2. Content editing

Unedited content is like an unpolished stone whose beauty is unknown. The greatest writers in the world also edit it to improve their writings. Content editing helps to identify grammatical, spelling, and grammar problems in the content. Also, by rereading the content, you can understand whether the content has been successful in conveying its message to the reader or not.

Organizations and large companies that have a high budget usually have a professional editor in their content production team. But in general, content editing is one of the essential skills for a marketing and content production specialist.

3. Getting to know the sales funnel

Just like any other marketing channel, the ultimate goal of content marketing is to convert your audience into customers. To achieve this goal, content marketers use the sales funnel, which includes the different stages of the buyer’s journey. This trip includes the following steps:

  • Consciousness
  • Create interest
  • Decision making
  • Action

Audience needs are different at each stage of the sales funnel. For this reason, content marketers must be familiar with the needs of the audience at each stage of the sales funnel, so that they can accompany the audience to the last stage of the sales funnel by setting up a suitable content strategy.

4. Content planning

Success in any path requires planning. Content marketing, with all its positive effects, is a time-consuming process. For this reason, content planning is very important. A content marketing specialist must be able to prepare the best content by identifying the needs of the audience, and for this he needs to plan and prepare a content calendar. In this way, you can create a suitable content strategy.

Using scheduling tools like Trello helps marketers share content plans with team members.

5. Getting to know the persona of the audience

Knowing the persona of the audience begins before setting up the content strategy. A content marketer should know what kind of content he is going to create for which group. Persona-based content marketing targets the content strategy and helps you target your content right to the target audience.

6. SEO

Search engines are one of the biggest sources of traffic for websites. Marketers should also optimize their content for the keywords that users are searching for in order to attract more organic traffic. For this reason, there is a deep connection between SEO and content creation. So it can be said that SEO is a knowledge that content marketers should be familiar with.

Although site SEO is more than the following, adequate familiarity with content SEO and the following areas in site SEO is essential for any content creation specialist:

  • Keyword research
  • Creating SEO content
  • Internal SEO of the site
  • Competitor analysis

7. Publishing content

You might think that content marketing is only limited to content creation. What many people don’t realize is that the choice of platform or platforms to publish content is even more important. Because even if you have the best content in the world, but you don’t publish it in the right place, no one will see your content. For this reason, publishing content on social media platforms such as forums, blogs, social networks, etc. is a way to make your content more visible, and a content marketing specialist must know which platform is best for publishing content at any given time.

8. Data analysis skills

There are many tools that can help you evaluate your content marketing strategy. These tools give you the information you need by providing accurate data. But understanding numerical data and analyzing it is your task.

Content marketers set key performance indicators, or KPIs, for different campaigns to track. The tool that is usually used for this is Google Analytics. Through this tool, marketers can have a good view of how the audience behaves on their pages.

9. Technical skills

Content marketing professionals must have the technical knowledge to work with the tools they need. For example, a content marketer may need to upload their content using a content management system such as WordPress.

Some businesses may also use special tools to personalize their content. A content marketing professional must learn how to use those tools.

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