What sites to get links from?

In this article, we are not going to provide you with an inefficient list of English websites where you can insert links, because this is fundamentally wrong and can completely derail your SEO strategy.

In this article, I will address a more important issue and teach you how to find a website that is suitable for link building and with what metrics and tools to analyze that site.

This step is one of the parts that most SEO experts ignore and imitate their reputable sites and competitors. (A very big mistake) so you should build links from the main path and act according to the strategy and tricks that I will try to examine in this article.

Useful parameters for link building

In the topic of link building, there are many criteria for checking sites, the most important of which will be introduced in the continuation of your service. You may ask yourself, what will these criteria clarify for us? These criteria can be an answer to the following questions:

  • Is this website suitable for link building?
  • Is this website worth getting some links from?
  • What is the value of each link?
  • How much budget and time is needed to get this link?

By answering these questions, you will be 70% of the way to link-building, and the rest of your work will depend on content production and link-building techniques that we will discuss in the next articles.

1) Validity of the domain

Domain authority is one of the most important criteria that determine the overall value of a site for us. The term “domain authority” is one of the criteria that Google has announced that it does not care about! But you should ignore this issue because domain validity is considered by all webmasters and SEO experts to be one of the most important criteria for site value and ranking.

The validity of the domain is shown to you by reliable sites in the field of SEO such as Moz and ahrefs.

Both of these sites consider domain validity as a number between 0-100, and the closer this number is to 100, the more valid your domain is.

Note: On the Moz site, domain validity is displayed with DA, and on the ahrefs site with DR.

In the topic of link building, domain credibility is very important, because we in foreign SEO plan to have a relationship with reputable sites to increase our credibility.

Assuming that these two sites have a very high domain authority from Google’s point of view and produce valid content, if you can get links from such sites, your domain authority will increase.

Note: In the next article, a comprehensive list of reliable websites from which you can receive links “according to your field of work” will be provided to you.

The best domain validation tools

  • Moz site
  • ahrefs site
  • PageRank extension

2) Validity of the page

Another criterion that is usually considered in the second priority is the credibility of the page. This criterion is very similar to domain validity, with the difference that it determines the validity and value of each page of the website separately for you.

For example, our site has a specific da, but the pa of some of its pages is higher for various reasons, such as content production, link building, user referrals, and organic Google search.

The validity of the page or page authority can also be monitored by the Moz site and its extension.

3) Thematic relevance of the site

One of the most important criteria that you must pay attention to is the topic and content affinity of the source site with your site. For example, our website, which operates in the field of digital skills training and business, should not receive a link from a sports website. Because these two sites have nothing in common with each other.

Very important point: The purpose of checking the relevance factor is that you should not focus on building links from unrelated sites, but getting a few links from unrelated sites if they have high credibility and visitors is not only not a problem but also causes SEO will also be your site.

So be careful not to put the main part of your strategy on this issue and only get links from reliable and unrelated sites if needed.

Note: The use of appropriate anchor text is very important in the topic of link building, but note that the anchor text issue is doubly important when receiving links from unrelated sites.

From this point, it should not be understood that the linked word should be optimal and the main keyword should be used, but it means that your anchor text should not be optimal and should be related to the topic or concept of your site.

4) Link insertion section

Another important point that you should pay attention to is which part of the site you have the option of inserting links.

Assuming that the link you receive from the source site is in the footer or header of the site, it is most likely not of high value and it is better not to lean your strategy in this direction. The results will not be of high value if your link is in the footer or sidebar of the site.

On the other hand, if you get a significant amount of your links from the sidebar or footer, Google will suspect you because it may assume that you have bought the links (which you may have!)

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