It is no secret that SEO is one of the most important and effective marketing channels for websites. It is the cheapest and best way of SEO for businesses that intend to attract a lot of users with content, and nothing else. Every day, the quality of online magazines and the variety of content become more important for Google. In this article, we intend to review and provide solutions for optimizing videos on the website. In the following, we will introduce you to the winning card of SEO in 2023 and the strange phenomenon of video SEO.

Video SEO and high-quality content are two very powerful factors in website SEO. This issue was especially highlighted in websites since Google started updating its algorithms to check the contents. Now, after all the ups and downs, every internet magazine can rely on the highest rankings on the Google results page with SEO and content marketing.

Although this SEO and content marketing are very important in the ranking of your pages, it should also be taken into account that the technical infrastructure and the review of the front-end and back-end codes of the website are also very important. Especially if you intend to produce video content, the issue of servers and page loading speed becomes more important. Stay with us to check the effective solutions in 2023 for video SEO.

1. Optimizing video content for user search

If you want to produce video content for the user, it is obvious that the concepts presented in the video should be useful for the user. It doesn’t matter if your video content is educational or specialized. The important thing is for the user to feel that he got what he wanted after watching your video. If after watching the video he feels like his time was wasted or he feels like a cheater, you’ve lost the rhyme. And on the contrary, if he feels satisfied, you can be sure that this user will remain with you for years.

2. Making videos for trending topics

One of the most important ways to attract users and get a video rank on the Google results page is to choose interesting and trending topics. You must understand that in addition to specialized topics that users may search for less, you must also follow market trends. This makes the produced videos attract high traffic. For example, if you have a website that is active in the field of children and children’s education, making a video for World Children’s Day is very useful and important for your website.

3. Simultaneous publication of articles with video

It doesn’t matter whether the content approach of your website is news or educational and analytical. Publish the text along with the video by following the content SEO tips, it helps to improve the ranking of the site a lot. In the last two or three years, Google has given more value to video content.

It is better to upload the text content along with the video at the same time as the video is published on the site. In other words, it is better not to create a break between the time of publishing the video and the textual content. As a result, if the completion of the content of these pages is irregular and, for example, the text is added today and a video is added a week later, all the power of user attraction is taken from the topic and the page.

4. Check the performance of video pages

Before taking any action to produce and publish video content, make sure of the technical condition of the site. Optimizing video volume, loading them quickly and without problems, and fixing Core web vital problems of site pages have a great impact on the ranking of video pages. Be sure to try to keep the performance of the pages at an average to a high level so that the ranking of the site’s pages does not drop.

5. Use the correct schema

Schema codes are one of the best ways to display all types of content to Google’s crawlers. Google’s crawlers have high detection power, but they still can’t figure out exactly what the content is on the pages. Schema codes are a guide to the content of the site pages for Google crawlers.

Using schema video has several main advantages:

  • The most important thing is to accurately detect the presence of video on pages.
  • The second advantage of displaying video on the search results page is especially the video content results. That is, if the content does not have a proper schema, the video’s rank on the Google Video results page is probably very poor.

Video Schema Markup helps you to have video details separately in the results. By doing this, the CTR of the page will also increase.

6. Upload videos to dedicated hosting or YouTube

Displaying videos without problems is one of the most important topics in video SEO. No matter how high the video is, if it is difficult to display it to the user; Due to the high bounce rate, it will face a drop in rank.

So the best choice is to use a dedicated server. Naturally, you have to pay for using dedicated servers for videos. Video is larger than image and text, and if the volume of your video content is high, hosting costs will also increase.

7. Use a catchy title

The first thing that attracts the user’s attention after searching for a video is its title. Try to make the title you choose attractive and complete. Also, don’t forget to use keywords in the title and description of the video.

8. Use the appropriate Meta description tag

Meta description or description tag is very important in video SEO. Most users read the displayed Meta description before clicking on the video link on the results page. Mentioning the existence of the video and even mentioning its details, such as the short or long duration of the video and other features of the page, are among the most important parameters of the Meta tag for the user and Google.

9. Trying to get comments for content

CTA or call to action is very important in content ranking. By increasing the user’s connection with the pages and as a result of commenting, Google realizes the usefulness of your content for the user and ranks your page. You must direct the user to leave a comment with a precise strategy.

Expressing challenging propositions in the video and its content is effective in this matter. You can also invite the user directly to further communication and questions and answers.

10. Creating an attractive and practical thumbnail

The cover or the image that Google uses to show the video is one of the most important factors for attracting high clicks in video SEO. Making an attractive and useful thumbnail is not easy. You have to create an attractive image that fits the concept of the video, which will encourage the user to click on the link.

11. Internal linking

Connecting articles and building a network of related pages has always been an effective way to increase the ranking of articles. This also applies to videos. Internal linking with related anchor texts increases the value of pages with video and ultimately helps to improve page rank.

The most important issue

Regarding any topic that you publish content, you should know that it is necessary to be serious and persistent in producing content. Otherwise, Google will not pay attention to your content. You can’t rank the best and achieve all of your recovery goals by making just one video or one article. It is the production of regular content that increases the site’s impression and click statistics.

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