Suppose you have a difficult work day ahead of you and you are busy working and you are checking different sites and pages, suddenly a pop-up (push notification) appears in the right corner of the page with the title of best travel destinations in summer or loan registration. Shopping is open for you. Naturally, if your head is very busy and you don’t have time to check such advertisements, you will quickly close the advertisement window or continue your work without paying attention to it.

But if you see this ad on a suitable occasion and its text and image attract you, the probability that you will click on it and be directed to the destination page is higher.

Currently, marketing methods have changed a lot compared to the past, so to be seen in this space and among the multitude of businesses that exist in every field, you should try new marketing methods. In this article, we are going to discuss what push notification is, its benefits, and how to implement this type of advertising.

What is a push notification?

Push notifications are clickable pop-up messages that appear in users’ browsers regardless of the device or browser they are using. It can be said that it is a fast communication channel with customers and audiences. Push Notifications have been launched since 2009 and are newer than the existing marketing channels.

If you pay attention, push notifications consist of an image, title, message, and a URL. As a brand owner, you need to choose images that convey your message in as few words as possible and choose your message based on what your business is and who your target audience is.

Push notifications can have both an advertising aspect and a valuable aspect and giving information to the audience. For example, sending urgent news that increases brand awareness, or sending offers for last-minute tours offered by travel agencies. What kind of campaign to run for your ads should be left to the company’s digital marketer.

Advantages of click advertising

  1. Promote products and increase sales
  2. Reaching the target audience
  3. Improve customer experience
  4. Convert unknown users to known customers
  5. Driving users to other marketing channels such as social networks
  6. The cost of sending is lower than email and SMS
  7. The power of retargeting and returning customers who have forgotten you

When you set up push notifications on your website, your website visitors will see a small box in their browser asking them if they want to receive notifications from your website or not. If users give this permission, they will be added to your customer base.

Different types of push notifications

Ideally, there are 4 types of advertising notifications, which we will examine one by one below:

Web Push Notification

Web push notifications are messages that are sent to users via desktop web or mobile web. Depending on the operating system the user is using, these messages appear at the top or bottom right of the desktop screen. These notifications appear whenever the user is active on their browser. Well, these announcements are usually made by the marketers of a company to increase interaction with the website and encourage the audience to enter the website, which ultimately increases the conversion rate of potential customers into actual customers.

Creating a push notification for a website is relatively easy and people with little technical knowledge can do it for you.

Desktop Push Notifications

This type of push notification only appears on the desktop of users and is mainly displayed by the programs that you have installed on your desktop. Making such notifications is somewhat difficult and requires a developer.

Mobile App Push Notifications

It is similar to desktop push notifications and is sent by an app you download on your mobile. This type of push notification is displayed to users in three areas of the mobile phone, i.e. on the screen lock, banner, and notifications section. Depending on the operating system you are using, you can turn off app notifications manually.

Push notifications of gadgets Push notifications on wearables

These types of push notifications are sent on wearable gadgets such as Samsung Watch or Apple Watch. As you know, people who use a smartwatch can receive alerts and messages through their watch. These devices intelligently synchronize with the phone to display notifications directly from the mobile phone. You can keep receiving push notifications active from some applications and disable them for others.

  1. Types of push notification campaigns
  2. Push notification of image, emoji, and call to action
  3. New post
  4. new news
  5. Welcome
  6. Abandoned cart

Many customers visit your website, choose the product they want, and put it in the shopping cart, but for some reason, they do not reach the payment stage and give up buying. Therefore, you can prepare a list of these users and send notifications accordingly.

But you should pay attention to not sending the notification out of balance. Because 26% of users like this type of advertising and the rest find it annoying. As you know, you and I pay attention to advertisements that we need for that product or service, otherwise, those advertisements will not be pleasant for us.

So if you own a brand and plan to use notification ads, you should target your audience and customers in the right way.

Different platforms and sites operate in this field to implement notification ads, such as banner ads and Google Ads. You can purchase a service or subscription suitable for your business purposes by creating an account and receiving a user panel. The notification tariff will also be different based on the subscription you choose.

On what basis are notifications sent to users?

The sites that provide push notification services provide different facilities to users and divide users into different categories to send advertising notifications:

  1. They categorize users based on the topic and keyword they visited your website
  2. Users are categorized based on the time of visit
  3. Based on the time of the last click or interaction with the push notification

In this way, you can take control of zero to one hundred of your ads and determine the geographical location of the users to whom push notifications are to be sent. You can also select display websites.

In addition, you can design a UTM link for your push notification URL so that you can monitor the amount of your entries and see which websites you had more entries from.

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