In 2022, what kind of content will users/audiences/customers welcome more? Which platforms and social networks are the most popular for publishing and distributing content? What do content marketing trends in 2022 tell us about the future of content marketing? Is it possible to reach trends in content marketing that are so important and decisive that they will continue to be trends in the future?

A large part of a digital marketer’s and content marketer’s success depends on knowing what type of content to produce and distribute on which platforms at any given time. Some content is seasonal. For example, if you visit a site like Amazon a month before the end of the year, you will see content about Christmas shopping and gifts.

On the other hand, for various reasons, some types of content or some platforms become popular or trendy at once. All businesses try to keep up with trends and produce popular content and distribute it through hot channels. For this reason, the business content manager and digital marketer must be fully aware of the trends and formulate their strategies based on them.

In this content, the most important and main current content marketing trends, which will not decrease in importance in the future and will continue to be trends, and every content manager and content marketer should be familiar with them, are introduced.

The most important content marketing trends

The world changes every day. People, their interests and needs also change. This is why product designers and companies are constantly making changes to their products and services. The contents produced for the site and social media are not exempted from that rule. It is not possible to produce and distribute content without paying attention to the changes that have occurred in the taste of the market and the audience. Trends reflect those changes.

A successful business closely monitors trends in all areas of its activity and adapts its micro and macro strategies to them as much as possible. This is why the digital marketing strategy of digital and internet businesses must be in harmony with both social media trends and content marketing and SEO site trends.

In content with the same title as this content (i.e. content marketing trends), up to 20 trends for content marketing may be mentioned. If one looks closely at the trends, one will find many commonalities between them. That is, if the most important and main trends are considered in content marketing, it is as if all trends have been observed.

1. Creating a content experience is the key

This is the most important trend. Everything in content marketing serves to create a content experience. What is content experience? Something similar to the user experience on the site. Reading, seeing and hearing each and every content that is produced and published for a brand should be enjoyable, attractive, practical, interactive and value-creating for the audience on the one hand, and on the other hand, it should reflect the brand identity and brand message.

Just as the goal of user experience design is to ensure a satisfactory interaction of the user with the site or digital product, the content marketer creates a satisfactory and continuous interaction between the customers/audiences and the business by creating the content experience. It is the content experience that guarantees that the target audience (potential customer) is attracted to the brand and buys from it more than once and becomes a loyal customer of the brand. Be sure that content experience is not the only content marketing trend in 2022.

Creating a content experience will forever be a content marketing trend.

How should a content marketer create a satisfying and useful content experience for brand audiences?

Content must be human-centered. It is necessary for content producers and content marketers to empathize with the audience. First of all, they need to find the answers to these questions: what are the real problems and needs of the audience? What do they want to read, see and hear?, what motivates them?. Content production and marketing is not just a dry and soulless process. The content should be produced humanely and empathetically to be enjoyable, attractive and engaging for the audience.

Content should be personalized and produced as much as possible. It is no longer possible to produce the same content for all audiences and business customers. Marketers should also remember that personalized content means email marketing with each customer’s name. One should know each and every user and their interests and produce and distribute all kinds of content based on their individual interests and needs. In this case, artificial intelligence has made it easy for content marketers.

2. Production of audio, video and infographic content is essential

This trend also helps to create content experience. The more visually appealing the content, the more likely it is to engage the user and make them react. On the other hand, some information and messages can be expressed and delivered to the audience in the best way with video content. Some other topics (for example, statistics) should be shown with infographics.

In addition, some users communicate more with audio content than with text. That’s why podcasts and audiobooks are trending. A content marketer should produce content for a variety of tastes and use any platform (even podcast hosts and sites) where users are present for content marketing and distribution.

To create a content experience, the content marketer needs content diversity and visual appeal, as well as finding the best format for expressing information and messages.

3. Artificial intelligence and augmented reality should be used for content production

As mentioned earlier, AI helps build the content experience. You must be asking how? Artificial intelligence helps businesses to collect and analyze data (user behavior and interaction with the site and contents). In fact, artificial intelligence helps businesses and marketers to better understand users and their preferences. For example, did users engage more with short videos or longer videos? Or which words related to the brand and its products do social media users use more?

In addition to the applications of artificial intelligence in website design, which leads to the improvement of user experience and the quality of site contents, there are various artificial intelligence-based tools in the market for content generation. Tools that make content creation more targeted and user-friendly. Suggesting and writing product descriptions for various store sites, summarizing content, rewriting content, ready-made templates for social media content and advertising are among the services provided by tools such as

Augmented reality applications create a completely different and unique experience for users. Imagine you want to buy a wardrobe for your room. Augmented reality application helps you to choose the best and most suitable option among different models in the shortest time.


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