The role of product design in the field of the user interface is one of the important topics that is constantly evolving. Product design is a set of processes that help the product to be seen in the best possible way from the customer’s point of view. These detailed and continuous processes try to provide the value that the customer is looking for.

Therefore, paying attention to product design is very important for all people who are involved in product design. The importance of this becomes clear when we see that the number of failed products is hundreds of times less than the few successful products. Therefore, if we want the product we offer to be among the few successful products in the market, we must use the utmost care in product design.

What is product design?

To understand the concept of product design, we must look at the different forms and fields of design that make a suitable product designer. How are these shapes combined, what is according to Borg, are they capable of doing, and what uses can they have if they work together?

Graphic or visual designers

They do what all non-designers think a designer does. They create beautiful works by playing with filled and empty spaces, colors, and sizes.

Interactive or UX designers

They examine patterns of behavior and examine the myriad ways in which a particular application can satisfy a predetermined user need. These people can design solutions faster than others.

Animation designers

If you’ve been amazed by the flawless transition of the list or the loading of wonderful animations and beautiful effects while working with an application or website, credit this group of designers.

User researchers are the true champions of meeting user needs. They penetrate the minds of your customers. Ask difficult questions and receive difficult answers. User researchers understand everything. The user is always right.

Data analysts are product design scientists. They manage experiments and products and collect and interpret enormous amounts of data. They are masters of symmetry and causality. These are the ones that determine the winning content.

Prototypes create interactive experiences quickly and easily. These prototypes are an integral part of the product development phase. Prototypes enable us to test our ideas quickly and cheaply. And within days or even hours, we arrive at five or three out of fifteen potential solutions. To study the field of radiography, it is enough to read the relevant article on the website.

Product design is an important part of your project.

If you look at your product designer as someone who makes your solutions deliverable, you need to change your mind. He is here to help identity, investigate and validate the problem and ultimately improve, design, test, and deliver the solution.

Give a product designer a solution and he will tell you the problems.

Give him a problem and he’ll go to Analytics and collect the available user data. He gathers a work team from every corner of the business space and prepares as many solutions as possible. Then, he will talk to the user research department and create a test plan. He has been working late, creating various wireframes and exploring the vast realm of possibilities.

By collecting the most interesting ideas, he creates prototypes and puts them in front of users for quick validation. Then it will give you several detailed and complete concepts to solve the problem. He will also specify a clear strategy for how and when to do them and A/B test cases, and finally, he will also provide you with plans for manufacturing and releasing the product.

He also supports the developers during implementation. Collaborated with the marketing department and cared about the product long after the first version was delivered, continuing to review data and metrics to validate the design.

The product designer will design so many solutions until the problem changes.

Product design is your brand

The marketing team brings you all the users in the world by carefully considering your message, advertising, and communication. If your product does not deliver what your brand promises, these users will not come to you again.

Product designers are the guardians of your business foundation. Conflicts between what your brand promises and what your product delivers will ultimately set you back. This means that it is extremely important that your product design team works closely with your marketing team and understands how they work.

Product design will not solve your problems

Rather, this process has solved the problems of users, which is somehow very useful for you and your business.

A key aspect of product design is understanding the business value behind every decision. Data informs our work, user research validates our hypotheses, and we measure our success through business and employment metrics.

Product design is flexible

Our world is a growing world. We all feel it. What was wonderful until yesterday is ordinary today and old tomorrow. Product design is still trying to figure out its place in this responsive world. Half of the operating systems we design today did not exist a few years ago. You can be sure that their number will increase in the future.

We must be flexible. We must understand that design is timeless. The design is invisible. We must be able to think beyond the platform. First, solve the problem and then apply the solution. Don’t design a solution for every platform.

Product design expands knowledge

Unfortunately, the classical design is purely aesthetic. Everyone tells the designer to “make this product beautiful”. This is the thinking that we need to change. We are the custodians of user experience (UX) and therefore we must educate others about what we have done or can do.


When you hire a Product Owner, you probably did it because this person is an expert in a wide range of disciplines; He understands the background and background of programming, scheduling, budget management, business value, analytics and statistics, management, and more.

In many ways, you should do the same when it comes to hiring product designers. Sure, they may have beautiful portfolios, but can they have a key role in the entire product development process? A good product designer knows a little about animation, prototyping, programming, and research, visual and interactive design. They know when to provide wireframes and when to render perfect mockups. They know when to use animation and when to use prototypes. They know how to present their solutions convincingly.

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