Optimized content that targets your audience is very important to increase organic traffic and get top rankings in Google search engines. High rankings will lead to an increase in sales, and audiences and ultimately lead to an increase in your income; For this reason, it is not enough to just write content and publish it on the site, and you must have a plan for your content marketing. If you want to succeed in content marketing, you need to be familiar with content analysis tools. Today, there are free analytics tools to help you do just that. These tools collect data and analyze them, using this information, you can adjust your content strategy to make sure that the content will be effective in increasing organic traffic for your site. Content analysis tools specifically understand the performance of your site and content so that you can take appropriate measures to improve your site.

What are the best content analysis tools?

The best content analytics tools use data to scale your content creation process and ensure quality content. With some of these tools, you can target a keyword to get key information. For example, you can use these tools to determine what you should cover in your content to help create a valid topic.

Some content analysis tools have features that will help your content marketing process by collecting specific data. Next, we will learn about the best content analysis tools.

Content analysis tool Content Fusion

Content Fusion, which is used as a content analysis tool, is built on artificial intelligence and will help you create authentic content. The way this tool works is as follows: Content Fusion’s content analysis tool is implemented with the help of a natural language processing model or NLP, which examines your desired keywords according to your keyword search results and their rank. It provides you with key solutions for producing content in a short time.

Indeed, this tool does not write the content for you, but it is a powerful content analysis tool that speeds up the content development process. Using this tool, you can analyze a keyword to write new content or use a URL to optimize existing content. Content Fusion’s content analysis tool can intelligently cover topics related to your target content to help increase the credibility of your article. Each topic or topic that this tool suggests for content development includes the following:

  • Check keyword density
  • The main context of each keyword
  • The semantic connection of the desired word with your content
  • Internal linking recommendations to enhance content

Also, the content fusion tool, which is known as one of the best content analysis tools, provides you with key information, which includes the following:

  • CPC
  • Keyword target
  • Keyword difficulty
  • Current Google ranking for the desired keyword
  • The topic’s potential to attract organic traffic

Content Fusion’s content analysis tool allows you to discover possible questions from users; Also, with just one click, you can provide the reviews to the content authors so that they have the parameters you want to produce user-friendly content. Using this tool, you can translate your content into several living languages of the world so that your content is used globally.

Clear scope content analysis tool

Clearscope analytics tool helps you to produce your content in 5 living languages of the world. When you write your content in the UI, Clearscope’s analytics tool can identify your target keywords. If you use WordPress for website design, you can integrate directly with Clearscopr’s content analysis tool or integrate it with your Google Docs. This tool has three designs available, you can use any of them according to your purpose.

Cognitive SEO tool

Another one of the best content analysis tools is the Cognitive SEO tool, which can analyze any keyword in any language and country. This tool will show things like keywords related to the topic, content performance score, and the number of words currently on the page. Cognitive SEO content analysis tools can show solutions about competitors’ strategies; So you can understand why they can be successful the way they are. For new content creation, Cognitive SEO is a database-based keyword research tool that can show you keywords as suggestions.

The cognitive SEO content analysis tool offers two plans: Starter and Business. Both of these plans will enable you to perform keyword research, SERP analysis, and other research with their content optimization features.

Phrase.io analysis tool

Used to show visitors to your site, this tool will focus on your content, covering four main points: content summarization, content creation, content optimization, and content research. Phrase’s content analysis tool allows you to view information such as topics, questions, and more about your keywords. You can then turn it into a content summary and share it with your audience by creating a custom template.

MarketMuse content analysis tool

The content optimization offered in the MarketMuse tool will display comprehensive information about relevant topics and their relevance; Also, with this tool, you can inform your authors about the structure, sub-headings, audience, and other things. The content optimization section in MarketMuse software uses machine learning and you can compare what you want to write with what is provided by the data of this tool. This tool categorizes its functions into 5 groups, which include the following.

  • Content research
  • Content creation
  • Optimization
  • Content strategy

Ryte Content Analysis Tool

RYte is another content analysis tool that is a website quality platform and there is a suite of Content Success tools that allows you to create relevant keywords for your content; Also, to optimize the content, you can use the content editor that this tool suggests.

Searchmetrics content analysis tool

Searchmetrics Content Experiences content analysis tool is one of the best content analysis tools for online marketers, content strategists, and content writers. This tool allows you to write about different topics; You can also use the recommendations that this tool suggests for different keywords.

One of the advantages of using the Searchmetrics content analysis tool is that as you type, you can get the content score as a percentage; You can also analyze 5 topics at the same time.

Semrush content analysis tool

Semrush offers two content optimization tools: SEO Content Template and SEO Writing Assistant.

The first template shows you which semantic keywords you should include in your content based on Google’s top 10 rankings; Also, this tool will check recommended backlinks, content readability, length, and SEO ranking of your site. It will suggest things like originality, tone, and the best SEO methods.

Surfer SEO content analysis tool

The Surfer SEO content editor allows you to type a draft version of your content into the tool so you can see any issues with it and change the various criteria you need. The various criteria that this tool provides include the following:

  • Content rating
  • Keyword recommendations
  • Number of words, paragraphs, and images

In the topic section of this tool, you can see questions related to your desired keyword and write them in the note section of this tool so that other writers can use this information. Another advantage of the content analysis tool Surfer SEO is that you can work with more than one keyword at the same time for multi-word analysis; You can also connect with WordPress and Google Docs.

Yoast SEO content analysis tool

Yoast is a WordPress plugin that displays many features, including the number of content words, content optimization in terms of Google search engines, keyword density, text readability, etc. Another feature of Yoast’s content analysis tool is the content optimization reminder, which alerts you when your important pages haven’t been updated in six months. Yoast, which is one of the best content analysis tools, is available for free, although you need to pay to use its other advanced features.

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