Content planning, development, and management is called content strategy. Content strategy is described as planning to create, publish, and manage useful and usable content. A content strategy helps you to have a basic content calendar without the confusion of choosing a content topic. Elders who work in this field, such as Joe Polizzi, Margot Blumstein, and others, have many definitions for content strategy, which generally refers to high-level planning, implementation, promotion, and continuous management of content produced for business growth. is work; Developing a content strategy helps drive website traffic, generate leads, generate engagement, sales, and other business results. In this article, we want to teach content strategy from the basis and reason of its importance and teach you all the concepts you need to develop a powerful strategy.

What is content strategy?

In the content marketing article, we realized that we need the right strategy to produce attractive and catchy content so that we can turn our audience into regular customers. Content strategy is a program that is used to achieve business goals by producing various types of content. A successful and principled strategy can attract and engage your target audience at every stage of the marketing funnel. To have a standard strategy, you should consider the following:

  • Goals: What do you want to achieve?
  • Strategy: Planning to achieve a goal
  • Tactic: how to achieve the desired goal

If you don’t have a specific goal, how can you develop a strategy if you don’t have a strategy, how can you find ways to achieve your goals; Therefore, all these stages are complementary to each other and without each one, you cannot enter the next stage.

What is the difference between content strategy and content marketing?

Content strategy is a business activity at a higher level than content marketing; A content strategy can also give you a roadmap for content marketing. If we want to tell you the content strategy in a general way, I should say that deciding on what people the content will affect or how the produced content can answer the questions of many users is called content strategy. The content strategy determines the following:

  • What do you want to publish?
  • What kind of content do you want to publish?
  • How to promote content to attract more users
  • Who will use your content?
  • How will your content support the brand?
  • What criteria will lead to content success?
  • What methods make your content stand out?

On the other hand, there is content marketing, which represents the process of organizing, scheduling, creating, and publishing content; Also, content marketing is a tactic that follows content strategy.

Why is content strategy important?

As a content producer, you should take enough time to formulate a content strategy review it regularly, and change some things if needed. The content strategy helps you not to get confused in the path of content production and to reach your goals without deviating from the main path. A good content strategy will help you:

  • Analyzing competitors’ activities to understand what they are doing to succeed.
  • Create a content calendar based on the opportunities you’ve identified.
  • Use the right formats and platforms to publish content
  • Accurate knowledge of the audience and the content that is supposed to be at his disposal.
  • Focus on consistently creating content that aligns with your goals.

Content marketing can’t help your business succeed without a basic strategy, that’s why a basic strategy can help you in the following cases:

  • Converting audiences into regular customers
  • Introducing you as an expert in your industry
  • Getting higher rankings in Google search engines and increasing site traffic
  • Increasing interaction with users on social media by developing a social network strategy

If you want to be successful in online business, you should not neglect the power of content and pay attention to the fact that not only creating content effective for increasing your site traffic but also developing a suitable strategy along with content marketing can help your business succeed. slow down

What is the relationship between content strategy and SEO?

Content strategy and SEO can be complementary to your business growth. Most businesses that operate online seek to increase organic traffic through content creation and reduce customer acquisition costs; For this reason, SEO and content strategy go hand in hand to create content about your business by identifying the needs of the audience and researching keywords. Due to the update of Google’s algorithms, this powerful engine tries to look at your content like its audience, and this can be effective in producing quality content.

What are the benefits of developing a content strategy?

A good content strategy will improve all aspects of your content marketing efforts and lead to your growth. Planning and implementing content strategy is the best way to gain customers’ trust; However, many businesses are not familiar with the benefits of content strategy; For this reason, we want to learn more about the benefits of content strategy and its role in business.

Support goals using a content creation strategy

In the business world, any action can be effective to achieve bigger goals, a good strategy will give you focus and clarity to have better ideas for your business. Formulating a content strategy has made you modify your brand content and produce coherent content.

Improving the rate of return on investment (ROI)

Good content requires an investment of time, energy, and money. Formulating a good strategy will improve your ROI and give you an added advantage. With a standard strategy, you can use solutions that lead to the improvement of your business.

Quality content production

Content marketing is like a business investment that requires continuous effort to achieve the best results. Content production does not emphasize only the volume of the desired content, but the most important principle is to convey a coherent message, and the key to doing this is formulating a content strategy, so instead of fragmented efforts, it is better to have a comprehensive approach to content production with a content strategy. In the discussion of creating content according to Google’s algorithms, we recommend not to neglect the impact of social networks on the site’s SEO.

How to determine content strategy?

Well, in this section, we want to answer one of the questions that may be bothering you. Determining the content strategy may seem difficult at first glance, but by knowing the necessary principles and standards, you can implement a good strategy for your business.

The steps you must follow to develop a content strategy are:

Determine the goal

One of the most important parts of both content marketing and strategy development is determining the goal. If you define your goal well, it will be easier for you to continue. Targeting helps you to know your audience well and determine the type of content to be produced.

Business analysis

After you determine your goal, you should analyze your business to create content and choose ways to advertise it according to your budget. To check your business, it is better to check the following items.

  • What is your company’s income?
  • Examining the structure and important parameters of the sales team
  • What are the characteristics of your best-selling products or services?
  • Which services or products will generate the most income for you?

Specifying content distribution channels

At this stage, you should decide which platforms will help you to be seen better for publishing the content you want because in many cases you need to get help from experts like Instagram admin to publish content on different social networks.

Use the right keywords

To find the right keywords for your business, it is better to get help from an SEO expert. In general, there are various tools for this task, and you should use each of them according to your desired goals. Analyzing competitors and their activities can help you find keywords.

Build a content marketing funnel

Creating a content marketing funnel will help you to understand what stage the customer is in and what you need to do to attract them after getting the necessary information and evaluating them.


Now that you have everything figured out, you need to budget for content marketing based on your goal, the customers you have, and the amount of revenue your business is making. The amount of budget you are considering can be different depending on the type of content.

Create a content calendar

After your business strategies are defined, you should have a content calendar for yourself. In this calendar, you must specify which keywords, how many images, words, etc. should be produced for each title, and in general, the content calendar gives an overview of the content to be published.

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