4) Write a unique content

To have a unique affiliate marketing, you must write perfect content and embed the login link very cleverly and correctly on the site.

For example, one of the prominent American bloggers wrote one of the contents of his blog with the following title:

What was the most valuable thing you bought for less than $100 in the last 6 months?

He asked this question to 100 other bloggers and published their answers in the form of a post on his blog, and among the contents, he placed shopping links very easily!

This is exactly the attractive and correct strategy that you should follow when creating content, don’t blindly follow the best western marketers and try to use topics and products that are trending in your community and at the time of your presence. Creating questions and answers, personal experiences, and others are very useful in this direction.

5) Generate traffic

You have produced your content and now you need to take the next step quickly, attracting the audience will undoubtedly be your most important step during this process.

In the following, I will introduce you to three reliable methods to attract users

Use of Google Ads and Kalilaki advertisements

This will cost a lot and the only advantage is that the traffic of your site will increase in the first moment. If you are not in a hurry to progress, this method is not recommended.

Site optimization for search engines

SEO, which is my specialty and my main interest, is the best way to attract reasonable, standard, and optimal traffic for the site. In our specialized SEO articles, you can read the relevant explanations and SEO methods of the site and use them in your work.

e-mail marketing

This method will help you to invite a suitable target community to your site in the best and shortest time to read an article and use the purchase link.

Of course, writing an email in such a way that the audience is curious about your content; is one of the most delicate techniques of this method.

There are many ways to attract an audience, you can attract a lot of audience to your site by publishing an e-book, a podcast, or a special discount and amazing offer.

What you need is a lot of creativity.

6) Persuading the audience to click on your link

Just having attractive content is not enough to encourage the audience to click and use your link

There are a few other things to consider:

Link placement

If all your links are at the end of the text, your audience will rarely get to it and click on it!

On the other hand, using too much anchor text may make your text look unattractive, you should balance the location of the link and its shape with the following items.


We take this case forward with an example

Suppose you are going to advertise a kitchen knife, which of these two titles would you choose:

The best kitchen knife with a price of 200 thousand tomans or the best kitchen knife?

Among these two, I prefer the first one as a user. But if I want to advertise it myself, I will write: Today I want to compare 3 of the best kitchen knives that you can get for less than 200 thousand tomans, and after introducing the products, I will put the link to buy my product in the post.

Call to action button

Using calls such as call-to-action options can turn the audience into your customer and attract the viewer’s attention, don’t neglect it in any way, and pay special attention to its text and color. In this regard, reading the article on the golden formula of writing CTA content is recommended to you dear ones.

7) Convert clicks to sales

To make a sale, two things must be done

The first step is for the audience to click through to your page, you are 100% in control of this action, use the content mentioned to take the initiative.

The second step is for the user to buy the product, the amount of the customer’s purchase is not displayed to you and only the reference site has its statistics and figures, but be sure that you will receive your commission according to the contract.

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