It is no surprise to say that artificial intelligence and machine learning have come to be used in every industry. According to the latest statistics, the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning technology can increase business productivity by 40%. The use of artificial intelligence has received so much attention from managers that they use it as the most powerful weapon in the world of competition. As a result, whether we like it or not, we are all on the path of artificial intelligence and machine learning technology. The application of artificial intelligence in marketing is the topic that we want to address in this article.

What is artificial intelligence marketing?

Before we define artificial intelligence marketing, we must first have a clear definition of artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence can be introduced as an interdisciplinary science. For this reason, there are different definitions of artificial intelligence.

In short, artificial intelligence is a set of technologies that are designed to work like human intelligence and perform human tasks as accurately as possible.

Marketing using artificial intelligence effectively automates data collection operations and helps businesses achieve their goals with precise targeting. In fact, the use of artificial intelligence in collecting and analyzing a large amount of data reduces the percentage of human error to a great extent. The data that is collected and classified by artificial intelligence is objective and real and therefore more reliable.

Collecting this valuable information and processing it by artificial intelligence is done with the help of pre-defined algorithms. According to the same algorithms, artificial intelligence monitors the user’s behavior towards content, various marketing campaigns and social network posts. Then, among all this information collected from a large volume of users, it identifies those who have a certain behavior and introduces them as customers or potential customers.

In addition, artificial intelligence is very fast. In the online space where all your competitors are present 24/7, time is a very valuable factor that cannot be ignored.

Artificial intelligence trends in marketing

Increased focus on personalization

As competition increases, businesses are trying to find new ways to stand out from the crowd. One way to do this is to personalize the user experience.

For this purpose, artificial intelligence uses data and identifies the user’s behavior and preferences to display targeted content and advertisements that are needed by the same user. With this method, users trust content and advertising campaigns that match their lifestyle and taste more. Also, with this method, marketing and advertising costs are saved.

The Nike brand uses the same method. That is, with the help of artificial intelligence, it displays the user experience in a unique and personalized way.

Content production

Content production is one of the most important parts of digital marketing. Although creating content is an attractive job, we must admit that it requires time and energy. Many times, we don’t have enough time to produce quality and attractive content. Maybe we don’t even want to spend a lot of money on content production. This is where you can count on artificial intelligence to create content.

Data prediction

It can be said that data analysis and its prediction is one of the most important applications of artificial intelligence in digital marketing. When marketers can make a correct prediction of the future, they can achieve their business marketing goals by formulating appropriate strategies. In addition, artificial intelligence will provide more accurate predictions with the passage of time and more learning.

Better advertising

As mentioned, by identifying the needs of users, artificial intelligence knows what they like, what kind of tone they like and what points they pay more attention to in advertising content. As a result, artificial intelligence can personalize the tone of ads, titles, images and video used in the ad according to the taste of each user. In general, it can be said that advertisements that will be produced by artificial intelligence in the future will be much more effective than advertisements that are made by humans.

Provide better customer service

Online business must be available 24 hours a day and answer the questions of users and customers. For those businesses that employ a person as a support or are only responsive to customers at certain hours of the day, the use of artificial intelligence is highly recommended. One of the cases of using artificial intelligence to provide customer service is the use of chatbot. These robots are used to respond instantly or in real time to customers at any hour of the day or night. In addition to helping artificial intelligence to gather more information about users, using a chatbot increases customer satisfaction and builds loyalty.

Use of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR)

Artificial intelligence in marketing is moving in a direction where customers can be given the opportunity to have a better shopping experience using VR and AR. The use of these technologies causes:

  • The shopping experience for customers becomes a fun experience.
  • Improve customer interaction.
  • Increase online sales.

The L’Oreal brand, one of the most famous cosmetic brands in the world, in an application called Makeup Genius, using virtual reality technology, allows users to see their faces with different makeups at no cost. In fact, using this application, users can test products on their face without having to go to cosmetics stores in person. This method of using artificial intelligence in marketing was very popular, especially during the quarantine period when most people were shopping online.


Why is it important to use artificial intelligence in marketing?

Today, all businesses are trying to meet the needs and expectations of their audience better and more than other competitors. Artificial intelligence allows marketers to get ahead of the competition by using massive amounts of data and analyzing it.

Will artificial intelligence replace marketers?

There are always those who resist artificial intelligence and believe that in the future all jobs, including digital marketing jobs, will disappear. In response to these people, it should be said that artificial intelligence is created by humans with the aim of helping humans. In other words, artificial intelligence is a tool. The purpose of using tools is to improve the quality and accuracy of work, just like thousands of other tools that exist in every field and have come to make things easier for humans.

But in the end, it is the human who makes the final decision. In fact, artificial intelligence in marketing helps us make more correct decisions, devise smarter strategies, and collect more accurate information with a much lower error rate in a short time.

All this means that artificial intelligence is a friend and companion of marketers and helps to improve the marketing process of companies and organizations a lot.



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