In your opinion, what is the unique feature of Google compared to other big companies like Amazon, Facebook, Netflix, etc.? Good income? Super benefits? Participate in large projects? Job flexibility?

None! In fact, concepts such as dismissal, retrenchment, etc. have no meaning in Google, and if you do not have moral problems, you will always stay in Google.

Even the resignation rate of Google employees in recent years has been reported at around 10%, which is a very small number among large companies that have an exit rate of around 20%.

Although this low exit rate in companies such as Google indicates various issues such as; Professional management, standard human resource structure, safe work environment, etc., but the most important factor of Google that distinguishes it from all similar companies is its difficult recruitment process, which of course also has an ideal shortcut called “internship period”. !

Not only in Google but also in most foreign companies, the internship period is considered as one of the most important job positions, because these companies eventually choose the best people from their internships as full-time employees for their projects.

An internship is a win-win opportunity, both for the company and the intern. For this reason, the graduates of the internship courses have acquired so much practical knowledge in this period of time that they can easily be attracted to any company and start their professional activity in a new position.

Internship is always considered as a very important transition for a person to enter his favorite job. Internship is a golden opportunity to familiarize yourself with the hidden parts and challenges of work, meeting different people and teams, networking, trial and error without high risk and… And in simple words; a preview of all that you will encounter in the coming years.

Due to the importance of the subject of internship and the lack of attention of companies to this important issue, in this article, which is a comprehensive guide on internship, I will discuss important topics such as; I will fully explain the reasons for providing the internship opportunity, the internship interview, how to apply for internship, the duration of the course, the contract, and the dos and don’ts of internship. I hope reading this article will be useful for you dear ones.

The reason for offering the internship opportunity

  • Helping newly graduated students and young professionals to be among qualified people
  • Developing the skills and experience of job seekers so that they can be easily hired.
  • Providing an excellent opportunity to enrich the resume of job seekers
  • Allowing students to apply what they have learned at university.
  • Development and training of soft skills
  • Networking for job seekers
  • Providing the right opportunity to obtain references and endorsements

The difference between internship and internship

In the internship period, job seekers gain experience by attending and participating in internal organizational activities (in a specific field), and they may also learn theoretical or academic principles. On the other hand, by providing this opportunity, employers will achieve their organizational goals for training and hiring experienced personnel with less cost and risk.


In the internship period, unlike the internship period, the applicants who do not have any theoretical knowledge about a subject, are under the supervision of a master worker and are taught a skill in a practical way. Internship courses are usually longer and are offered in technical and professional jobs. In the internship courses, the intern usually does not do anything and learns the job just by looking at the teacher’s performance.

Benefits of internship for job seekers

  • Earn money during practical work experience
  • Valuable experience in the workplace
  • Using the experiences of managers and experts in the field of work
  • Improving soft and communication skills in the workplace
  • Increasing the chances of employment in different companies

How to apply for an internship

In order for you to be able to choose the company, institution, etc. you want to complete the internship, I recommend you to go through the following steps:

Create a resume

Your first step before looking for an internship opportunity should be to prepare a good resume of your background, education and experience. Because talking about the resume and its dos and don’ts is very detailed and out of our discussion.

Submit resume

The fastest way to find an internship position is to use employment sites. These websites allow you to easily find companies that offer internships in your field of work and according to your personal criteria. Yourself like; Company location, duration of the course, facilities, and salary (optional) and… Find the best internship opportunity for yourself and wait for the companies to call you by sending your resume.

Very important point: Before choosing a company, be sure to find out about the management and organizational structure of the company you are looking for through websites that are a suitable platform for publishing work experiences, as well as searching on social networks, etc.

Very important point 2: Another best way to find an internship opportunity is to submit your resume on LinkedIn and ask active professionals in your desired field.

Internship interview

Usually, companies invite you to an in-person interview after confirming your email to get to know more, write an internship contract, etc. The principles of an internship interview are not much different from what is done in job interviews, but as a result, talking about your achievements and work history will not be done in these meetings.

Out of the Pit: Intern Interviews for Managers

In order to be able to achieve the highest quality level in the recruitment of skilled workers, businesses should look for people with high intellectual and executive abilities and focus on measuring their motivation and enthusiasm. Examining the goals of the company or institution to determine the qualified person is one of the most important bases that managers should pay attention to when reading resumes and also in employment interviews.

Based on the above, what criteria should we use to evaluate job seekers?

  • Individual trainee’s abilities and skills in terms of work experience as well as theoretical knowledge
  • Measuring the trainee’s soft skills and desirable personality traits that all managers are looking for, such as hard work, flexibility, accuracy, etc.
  • Matching the intern’s skills and personality to what you need

Note: The principles of interviewing interns are not much different from interviewing for hiring purposes

Length of internship

The length of the internship period can be different according to the needs of the company, the needs of the apprentice, the type of work, etc. From the point of view of many employers, interns are no different from other employees, except in financial matters, and they must be present in the workplace like the rest of the employees in accordance with the rules of the company or the Ministry of Labor.

However, some companies, according to their professional policies, adjust the internship period as remote work or part-time, and by using experienced supervisors as well as standard planning, they guarantee the highest efficiency for the parties.

Employment after internship

According to the statistics provided by Parenta in 2019, more than 90% of the trainees after completing their internship work in the same company or in different projects of the same organization, and 25% of them are promoted in the following year.

Internship contract

One of the important questions that both managers and people applying for internships face is whether the internship requires a contract or not.

This issue, like the length of the internship period, is completely dependent on organizational policies, but having an internship contract will be the foundation of a professional experience for the parties and will lead to more seriousness of the parties in performing the assigned tasks.


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