I have a friend who is an economic journalist and he likes the profession of journalist very much. But, as you can probably guess, being a general journalist is troublesome and difficult. He can’t make very good money either. For some time now, he has found a new job that helps him with his expenses and is more or less related to journalism and writing. He has found a way for himself to have indirect or passive income. He has become an affiliate marketer.

Affiliate marketing is the most attractive and low-risk way to earn money online. This way of earning money is becoming more popular among cyberspace users all over the world. Of course, this method of advertising and sales is also very attractive, useful and affordable for businesses. Finally, it can be said with confidence that the future of affiliate marketing is very, very bright. So, if you are also looking to have a source of income online; Consider affiliate marketing or affiliate marketing very seriously.

Affiliate marketing has different methods and types. In this content, I am going to write for you about the types of affiliate marketing or cooperation in sales, what is known as Types of Affiliate Marketing in English and English web content.

Before I talk about the types of cooperation in sales, it is better to define affiliate marketing very briefly. In the simplest form, affiliate marketing is when you introduce a business product or service on your website or blog or social media, if a user goes to your page and clicks on the link that the business owner has provided and buys that product. ; You will be paid a percentage of the sale or a certain commission.

Types of cooperation in sales

The sales cooperation system is actually the relationship that is established between the affiliate marketer, the business that owns the product, and the user that is a potential customer. Sometimes these are sales intermediaries and online stores that use the sales cooperation system to sell different products on their site.

When we talk about the cooperation system in the sale of Amazon, it means that these stores themselves specified and announced the terms of cooperation of affiliate marketers on their site, and not the original owners of the goods offered in the store.

But what are the techniques or methods of cooperation in sales? Just as the conditions of cooperation systems in sales may differ based on the type of business and the person who owns the product and system; the methods of cooperation in sales also depend on the creativity of the affiliate marketer and the type of product to be introduced.

For example, email marketing or writing for sites that publish expert reviews about certain products are among the sales promotion techniques.

Now that everything is clear, we come to the types of cooperation in sales. In a general classification, sales cooperation can be based on the type of activity that the marketer performs to introduce and promote the product on the web, as well as the amount and type of communication and interaction with the user (potential customer) and the product; divided into 3 types:

  • Unattached Affiliate Marketing
  • Related Affiliate Marketing
  • Involved Affiliate Marketing

In the following, each type is defined separately.

1. Unattached Affiliate Marketing

In this type, the affiliate marketer has no communication and interaction with the user. That is, there is no need to produce content or do special work to attract the user’s opinion and trust. What he does in this type is not dependent on the user’s needs or tastes or preferences. What the user wants is not important to him and has nothing to do with the product. Accordingly, this type of sales collaboration can be translated into sales collaboration independent of the user/prospect and the product.

In this type of sales cooperation, the affiliate marketer may become a member of the affiliate network or have a site for which he buys general or banner ads on the web. In fact, the affiliate marketer only distributes the link of the affiliate product as far as it can in the net space; Hoping someone clicks on it.

It may be difficult to say that this kind of cooperation is really in sales and not just pure advertising. The principle in affiliate marketing is for the marketer to win the user’s trust or produce creative content to introduce the product. Collaboration in sales is not a direct promotion of the product. But because there are affiliate sites and marketers who only buy ads for affiliate product links, it is considered a form of cooperation in sales.

2. Related Affiliate Marketing

In this type of sales cooperation, the marketer has minimal communication and interaction with the user. But the important thing is that the affiliate marketer shows the user a product or a product that is not very related to his field of work or is a little related. Also, he probably did not use that product himself.

Let me give an example. What kind of products do you expect from a famous beauty blogger to introduce on his blog? Naturally, cosmetic products. But now imagine that he comes and at the end of one of his blog posts he puts a link to buy life insurance from a company. For example, he writes: If you want to buy life insurance, this company is good. He doesn’t say whether he bought insurance from this company or not, and he doesn’t even mention the conditions and features of the company’s life insurance.

Other examples can be given for this type of cooperation in sales, in which the product being introduced is not too far from the marketer’s specialized area and is related to it. For example, that beauty blogger should introduce clothes or accessories. Basically, in this type of sales cooperation, the marketer introduces a product to the users and their followers that has little or very little connection with their expertise and credibility.

Therefore, related affiliate marketing can be translated to cooperation in related sales. Because, on the one hand, there is minimal communication between the affiliate marketer and the user, and on the other hand, there is minimal communication between the affiliate product and the marketer.

3. Involved Affiliate Marketing

It can be argued that this type of collaboration is actually genuine sales. Because in this type of sales cooperation, the marketer introduces a product that is completely related to his field of expertise and he himself has used that product. Therefore, the introduction of the product or the advice given to the users is completely real and based on the personal experience and expert opinion of the affiliate marketer.

A clear example of this type of cooperation in sales is a translator or an author who introduces a book he has read and finds it very interesting and useful to his users and fans and provides them with a link to buy that book.

In affiliate marketing, there should be a real and deep interaction between the user and the marketer. When the user trusts the word of the marketer, he goes and buys the product. So, if the product has a problem or is not what the marketer introduced, the user will lose his trust in him.

Affiliate marketing must be responsible. That is, if you want to cooperate in sales professionally, you must introduce the product to the user as it is. It is possible to translate this type of sales cooperation to affiliate and related sales cooperation (completely involved with the user and the product).

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