Digital marketing is the use of digital and electronic channels and tools to market and promote products and services. The purpose of digital marketing is to increase awareness, attract the attention of potential customers, and ultimately increase sales. Digital marketing branches are a great help to sell.

Today, with the spread of new technologies and the emergence of social networks and new communication tools, digital marketing plays a significant role in the success of brands and businesses. The use of digital marketing provides the possibility of reaching more audiences in a shorter period and at a lower cost.

There are various branches and subcategories in digital marketing, each of which has an effective role in advancing digital marketing goals with a different approach. Content marketing, site optimization for search engines, marketing in social networks, using email and SMS for advertising, and direct marketing and mobile advertising are among the most important and widely used branches of digital marketing.

In this article, we will review the most popular and widely used branches of digital marketing and their application in different industries and businesses. First, we will review the basic definitions and concepts in digital marketing, and then we will go into a detailed review of each of the most popular branches. At the end, we will summarize the contents and provide a forecast of future trends.

The most popular branches of digital marketing

Content marketing

Content marketing is one of the most popular and efficient digital marketing methods that has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. Content marketing means producing and publishing valuable, attractive content related to a brand’s field of activity to attract the audience’s attention and encourage them to buy or take the desired action.

Different types of content such as articles, blogging, infographics, podcasts, videos, etc. can be used for content marketing. The main advantage of content marketing is that indirectly and by providing useful information, it causes the trust of the audience and their willingness to buy the product or use the service.

Search engine marketing

Another very popular and widely used branch of digital marketing is search engine marketing (SEO). SEO includes a set of measures to improve the ranking and position of the site in the natural search results of Google and other engines; So that the site is placed on the first pages of search results for words and phrases related to its field of activity.

SEO includes two technical and content parts. The technical part of SEO is related to compliance with technical standards in designing, coding, and structuring the site to be optimized for search engines; the content part of SEO also includes the production of relevant, attractive, and original content for users and search engines. To learn more about this digital branch of digital marketing, it is recommended to register for the SEO course as soon as possible.

Social media marketing

Today, social networks have become one of the most popular and widely used digital marketing platforms. Billions of people around the world, from ordinary people to celebrities, brands, and businesses, are active on social networks.

Marketing in social networks includes setting up brand pages on various networks such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linked, and Pinterest and performing activities such as: regularly posting content, communicating with audiences, interacting and discussing with them, running contests and advertising campaigns, and taking advantage of Paid advertising tools are available in these networks.

e-mail marketing

Another widely used method in digital marketing is the use of email for direct marketing and communication with customers. Email marketing includes sending promotional messages, newsletters, invitations to events and new products, and providing discounts and special offers via email to audiences and customers.

The main advantage of email marketing is that it is easy to send personalized messages based on the tastes and interests of customers. Also, the cost of this method is very low and its efficiency is high; For this reason, it is considered one of the most cost-effective methods of digital marketing.

The most used branches of digital marketing

Search engine optimization

Site optimization for search engines or SEO is one of the most important and practical branches of digital marketing, which aims to improve the site’s ranking in the natural search results of Google and other search engines such as Bing, Yahoo, etc.

SEO has two main parts including technical optimization and content optimization. In the technical part, which is called on-page SEO, compliance with standards such as site loading speed, use of HTML tags and proper structure, responsive and mobile-friendly site design, site optimization for higher speed and efficiency, and other technical matters are done. In the content section or Off-page SEO, the production of relevant, attractive, and original content for the user and the search engine is done and by using techniques such as optimizing the title, metatag and in-text, content marketing, and link building, we try to get a top rank in the search results. will be

Display advertising

Another one of the most widely used digital marketing tools is display advertising. Display advertising includes a wide variety of image or text ads that are placed on websites, mobile pages, and apps, to draw visitors’ attention to a brand, product, or service.

Different types of display ads include banner ads, video ads, banner ads, text ads, intertextual ads, and many others. Display ads are usually served through advertising networks such as Google AdWords, Bing, in-app ads, etc. By setting accurate targeting, it is possible to show the ad to qualified potential audiences, which makes display advertising an efficient tool in digital marketing.

Video Marketing

Today, video has become one of the most popular and popular types of content. Video marketing is considered one of the emerging and at the same time very efficient techniques in digital marketing through which video content is used to introduce products, services, and brands.

Different types of video content, such as promotional videos, educational videos, video interviews, product and service introduction videos, video blogs, and video podcasts, can be used in video marketing to show a real and attractive image of a brand.

Broadcasting videos through the site, social network pages, YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok channels, as well as sending videos virally among users, are among the most important channels for broadcasting marketing videos. Attractive videos that are relevant to the audience’s needs significantly enable them to be engaged and motivated.

Mobile Marketing

With the significant increase in the number of smartphone users in recent years, mobile marketing has become one of the most important and widely used branches of digital marketing. Mobile marketing includes a set of marketing activities and programs that use mobile phones and other mobile devices based on iOS and Android.

Mobile marketing has various tools and channels and includes the following:

  • Designing mobile applications to introduce the brand and provide services
  • Sending SMS, email, push notifications, and WhatsApp for direct marketing
  • In-app mobile ads and mobile ads
  • Optimizing the site for mobile (mobile-friendly)
  • Marketing in mobile-oriented social networks such as Instagram and TikTok

The use of QR code, Bluetooth, NFC, and other new mobile technologies due to people’s constant access to smartphones, there is a very high possibility of interaction and audience recognition in mobile marketing, and brands can be in constant contact with their customers.

Future trends and technologies in the world of digital marketing

As discussed in detail in this article, digital marketing is rapidly changing and we are witnessing the emergence of new technologies, techniques, and trends in this field. In this section, we review some of the most important and possibly most influential future trends in digital marketing:

  • More dramatic growth in video content marketing and live streaming
  • The boom of interactive and online marketing (online streaming)
  • Increasing use of artificial intelligence and machine learning to personalize user experience
  • Expansion of experiential marketing using augmented reality and virtual reality technologies
  • The ever-increasing peak of celebrity and influencer marketing on social networks
  • Increasing focus on user data analytics and experience personalization algorithms
  • The emergence of voice marketing with the rise and rise of tools such as Google Assistant and Alexa
  • Convergence of different technologies (Internet of Things, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, etc.)

Considering these trends, we can expect that digital marketing will witness tremendous changes in the coming years and play a far more prominent and decisive role in the success and survival of brands and businesses.

Frequently asked questions of users

Which branches of digital marketing are the most used?

In digital marketing, branches such as advertising on social networks, search engine optimization (SEO), paid advertising (PPC), and email marketing are among the most used branches.

Are data analysis skills important in digital marketing?

Yes. The skills of data analysis and interpretation of statistics are very important in digital marketing and help you see the improvement of your campaigns and marketing strategies.

What is the role of content marketing in digital marketing?

Content marketing is one of the most basic branches of digital marketing, which helps to attract and retain customers by providing valuable and attractive content to the audience.

What is the role of public relations in digital marketing?

Public relations in digital marketing is important for communicating with the media, increasing brand recognition, crisis management, and enhancing brand credibility.

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