In this article, you will read how to facilitate your Instagram marketing using Instagram automation.

Currently, more than one billion Instagram users are active throughout the month. This has made Instagram one of the most popular social networks in the world. Marketing on Instagram and social media is a part of digital marketing. Instagram provides a suitable platform for modern businesses to connect with their users in a very new way. The importance of stories for brands is increasing day by day as customers respond better to visual content in marketing campaigns. Most people remember 10% of what they hear, while the rate of recording visual items in memory is as much as 65%.

Instagram has the most visual content among all social networks, so this social network needs businesses that use photos and videos to communicate with their customers because people often use the content of stories. And the posts they see interact with businesses.

Almost half of the users who are active on Instagram throughout the month use stories. This means that more than 500 million Instagram users post an average of 1 billion stories daily, and nearly 62% of these people have stated that their interest in a brand increases after seeing that brand’s story.

Social networks never sleep, but this does not mean that you are active in them 24 hours a day, although your activity in these networks should be continuous and during certain hours of the day, spending all The time of day is also impossible in them. This is where automation comes in to help businesses. Fortunately, tools have been designed for this purpose, each of which has tasks aimed at business development. They allow marketers to publish content with just a few clicks.

What is Instagram automation?

Instagram automation uses software to manage Instagram accounts. This automation can be used to perform a series of tasks, schedule the publication of posts, or interact with users. Instagram automation tools can fall into two general categories:

Services that manage your interactions with users such as likes and comments.

Tools that automate Instagram behind the scenes, for example taking care of tasks such as publishing posts, reporting, and analytics.

The first category can be used for legal and appropriate content. We have all encountered unnatural comments from bots. They cause less user interaction with brands. This tarnishes the image of Instagram automation, but not all tools are like this.

So this brings us to the second category. The tools of this category can publish posts when your followers are most active and can also increase their views by placing the most and most relevant hashtags. Using such tools will make your Instagram marketing more effective.

Search and find new user accounts

Most automation services offer the ability to find and follow new accounts, so all you have to do is specify the hashtags and accounts you want to follow. The software will automatically follow those user accounts using that information. This software not only follows user accounts but also hashtags randomly.

Following new user accounts regularly can make a fundamental change in your Instagram interaction rate, this work can be easily automated, and you no longer need to spend your time doing it daily. You should also ensure automation to unfollow user accounts that are useless for your business.

Liking posts

Using automation to like posts can be very useful, even if it is not used for comments. The automation system can find posts with the theme of your brand and like them on your behalf. These likes are not spammed by Instagram. So likes are uninvited guests that increase your Instagram engagement rate.

Timing of posts

Using software to schedule posts will keep your online presence active even if you are not active. Planning and publishing social network content is an issue that you should pay special attention to.

Scheduling also allows you to spread the content of the posts to different profiles to save time. You can use timing to publish posts at the time of the highest user engagement rate. You can also use analytics to know how to schedule.

Collect and interpret analytics data

You should use your statistics and figures in the best possible way, for this purpose there are also suitable tools that you can use to optimize your social network strategy. You will need to collect and evaluate qualitative data, and this is a very simple way to see the performance of each post.

Use Instagram stories to understand the interests of your audience. Many criteria can help you build an effective strategy. You can automate analytics to better understand stories and know the best time to share.

In general, you can use analytical data to know the most suitable method of managing your brand, but before that, make sure of the appropriateness of the brand image, identity, and value. When choosing the image of your brand in social networks, you should find the most appropriate one because that way you can find people with the same line of thought as you who can be among your brand’s subscribers. You can then contact them and expand your business.

Review and increase interactions

You can use automation to review and increase interactions with your audience. For this purpose, you can discuss and exchange opinions about your brand. Analytics can also show you all the posts you’ve been tagged in so you can respond to tags and comments at the best possible time.

All you need is to know the interests of your audience and for this, analytics is a useful tool for you to use, just don’t forget to always be up-to-date.

Instagram has recently tried to enter the world of video conferencing technology. Instagram users can discuss various posts and issues in a video chat. If Instagram has considered the necessity of such a thing for itself and its active businesses, then why don’t you take advantage of it? Just don’t forget to get help from analytics before using it.

You should reflect your Instagram traffic in all areas of your business. For this purpose, you should take your customers seriously and expand your vision towards them.

Now that you’ve made your Instagram marketing more effective and generated lots of engagement, it’s time to bring your followers to your website. For this purpose, you should make sure that your audience is fully aware of your business type before taking any action, but don’t rush.

Don’t forget that all these things should be done with extreme caution because most of the defects and loss of audience happen at this stage. Instagram is very concise but effective in every way, and your website should be the same so that the switch between Instagram and your website becomes natural and imperceptible for your audience.

Make sure your website is simple and scannable. 79% of readers only scan a website without reading it completely. Your content should be bold and some parts of the site should be prioritized to ensure full interaction with customers. Keep in mind that it should be easy for followers to find information and interact with your business.

Don’t leave all the responsibility to automation

With all these descriptions, you still need to spend a certain amount of time on Instagram and dedicate that time to creating content. Automation gives you time that you can spend on improving the quality of content. The main goal of automation is to make the Instagram marketing process more effective and achieve better results. This tool will become one of the most essential tools in your business arsenal.

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