Effective hashtagging techniques on Instagram are of great help to make posts more visible and attract more audience. That’s why it’s not bad to take a look at Instagram’s new policies from time to time and see how it looks at Instagram hashtags. First of all, we should know that Instagram always emphasizes the healthy and natural relationship between the page and its followers, so whenever you feel that you are rubbing juice on Instagram, know that something is going wrong and Instagram will want you soon. and will impose strict rules on you.

With this important point in mind, we will take a look at the most important Instagram hashtag strategies this year (2023).

Why is hashtagging strategy important on Instagram?

Before we want to look at the importance of hashtagging strategy, we must know the importance of hashtags. Instagram hashtags are somewhat like keywords in Google content. They are the most important part of the content you share with your audience. These hashtags make it easier for your audience and fans to find you on Instagram. So the more hashtags you choose for your content related to the focus and topic of your account, the more loyal followers you can have to your page.

With hashtagging, you put yourself in the priority of the search results and you make, when someone is looking for the content or product that you offer, find you in the search results.

But it’s not all about posting a few relevant hashtags. A hashtag strategy on Instagram can significantly increase the impression of your posts and put you ahead of your competitors.

Effective hashtagging steps on Instagram

Monitor your audience.

The first step is always research. At this stage, take a pen and paper and surf on Instagram. See what hashtags pages similar to your business are using. What hashtags are your target audience most excited about and visiting posts? Find out what these people are most interested in and what kind of content they enjoy following. At this stage, you can write down the hashtags that catch your attention.

Monitor your competitors.

One of the best ways to find effective hashtags is to use the experience of other competitors to attract an audience. See what kind of hashtags your competitors use the most, But get rid of the thought of hijacking hashtags. Hijacking means that you confiscate the exclusive hashtags of other people for your benefit, and if the audience of a particular account follows the exclusive hashtag of an account you should not use it.

Before hashtagging on Instagram, do some research.

Before using any of the hashtags, search for it in the hashtag search section. We promise you will get impressive results. With this, you can see how popular the hashtag you have used is, how many people have used this hashtag, and more for how they have used the hashtag in question. For example, if someone has a French language training page and wants to use the French hashtag, he may find that this word is used by most makeup pages for nail design by searching for this hashtag. As a result, this hashtag is not relevant for teaching French and it is better to look for more search terms.

So by checking hashtags through the Instagram search option, you can find the most relevant hashtags with your post and get better results.

Don’t focus on popular hashtags.

One of the best methods of hashtagging is to use frequently used and rarely used hashtags under your posts; but why? The most used hashtags are also used by most of your competitors and this lowers your chances of being seen. But if you use a combination of frequently used and less frequently used hashtags, you can increase your visibility.

Do not underestimate the power of seasonal and occasion hashtags.

Using seasonal and occasion hashtags can show the freshness of your content. You can have several hashtags related to the relevant season and use them on time. Seasonal and occasion hashtags can be used intermittently. For example, if you sell seasonal clothes, you can use seasonal hashtags to separate spring and summer collections, etc., and in this way, users can search for the product they want more easily.

Attention to the number in Instagram hashtagging

By emphasizing the importance of hashtags, you will be tempted to use their magic as much as possible to be seen more; But be careful that a large number of hashtags can have negative results for you and end up being detrimental to you. Maybe you can use up to 30 hashtags in your posts, but by doing this, you increase the probability of being happy on Instagram. Currently, according to Instagram’s policies, between 5 and 8 completely relevant posts are recommended. With this specific number of hashtags, Instagram wants you to use more relevant terms to find your specific audience instead of bothering users with a mountain of hashtags and not exposing yourself to bothering others and suspending your user account.

Analyze your hashtags.

Even if you think you have designed the best hashtag strategy for yourself, you still need to look behind you from time to time and see if your strategy is going well or not.

Analyze your hashtags, which category of hashtags brought fewer users to your page, and which hashtags turned people other than your followers into your loyal audience?! With this analysis and review, you will know which hashtags to cross off your list and which hashtags to use more.

Increase the number of hashtags in your list.

It may not be necessary to remind you that using a limited number of repeated hashtags under each post will not do you any good, but we emphasize it because of its importance. So try to have a list of 50 to 60 hashtags and use them in a variety of related posts.

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