If you are looking to increase your online traffic with the help of banner ads, creating and designing website banner ads can be a good option for you because people can click on them, leading to increased web traffic. become your site. Advertising banners are one of the most popular types of advertising that can remain in the minds of the audience. Considering that in the world of digital marketing, we see new methods daily that lead to good results, click ads or banner ads are one of the most used methods in the world of digital marketing, due to the affordable cost, fans have a lot In this article, we want to review 15 tips for advertising banner design to get more clicks.

What is a banner design?

Web banner design is one of the most widely used forms of marketing used in today’s online world and it comes in many different sizes and shapes. Banner ads are embedded images on web pages that showcase a product or brand and link to the advertiser’s website. Different companies use banner ads in different forms because it is a cost-effective, measurable, and effective medium to increase brand awareness.

How to design great banner ads?

How you can design and create web banner ads is one of the concerns of many businesses, but we will explore these points further.

Using standard banner sizes

According to the Google Adsense report, the best and most effective standard banner sizes are:

  • 90 * 728 pixels – Scoreboard
  • 300 * 600 pixels – half page
  • 250 * 300 – medium rectangle
  • 336 * 280 – large rectangle

Choosing the right place to place ads

To place your banner ads on the destination website, it is better to pay attention to choosing the right place to place the banner ads. The best place to place banner ads is at the top of the page and somewhere close to the main content of the desired website page.

Hierarchy compliance in advertising banner design

Advertising banner design relies on the balance of advertising, so it is better to follow this hierarchy in banner design. Effective banner ads are designed to increase brand awareness and drive traffic to your website; For this reason, they have three basic components:

Your organization’s logo

Your logo should be included in the banner ad to create brand awareness. When designing an advertising banner, you should be aware of how your logo is placed, which can be effective in designing an advertising banner; For this reason, you should design it more prominently in the design of the banner, but not so prominent that the value of the other components inside the banner decreases.

Value proposition

The value proposition is the products or services that your company provides and tries to attract the attention of the audience by presenting exceptional offers and conditions. Mentioning things such as high quality, 50% discount, considering a limited time to use the service, and other methods, can be effective in attracting the audience to use your services or products. The value proposition that you consider in the design of the advertising banner should occupy more space because it is the first thing that will be noticed by the audience.

Call to action

A CTA is a button or text that invites users to click. The use of phrases such as “learn more”, “get started”, “watch now” and … are good examples of calls to action, which should be present in the banner design.

Adhering to simplicity in advertising banner design

Keep content and images simple. Viewers will probably only look at your banner ad for a second, so keeping the banner ad design simple can help attract more audiences.

Use the buttons appropriately

According to the type of banner you are designing, it is better to use the buttons optimally, because this will increase your click rate or CTR. If you want to use them, it is better to place these buttons on the right side, and at the bottom of the advertising banner with a contrasting color. Another thing to consider when designing banner ad buttons is to always keep them consistent throughout your collection.

Have a clear frame

People’s eyes are naturally drawn to a subject in the frame. Effective banner ads have a clear frame that extends to the edges of your banner’s desired frame. For example, if the banner you’re designing is white, it’s best to place a 1px border around the ad.

Readability of the advertisement text

In advertising banner design, type the title and body of the banner in different sizes and try to have all versions in four lines or less. Using cursive fonts, very thin fonts, or writing all English words in capital letters are among the things that should not be done in advertising banner design unless these requests have been mentioned to you by the employer.

Use animation

Animated website banners usually perform better than banner ads and can be very effective in website banner design, but you must make sure that they do not distract your audience from your intended advertising message. Try to use simple animations that won’t last more than 15 seconds and make sure they won’t repeat more than 3 times; Also keep in mind that you will create the last frame of your animation with a clear call to action (CTA).

The compatibility of the banner design with the destination site

If the design of your advertising banner is visually compatible with the sites where they are going to be displayed, it can lead to more trust from the audience; However, it is best not to mix them too much with the destination site, as banner ads should always be visible and prominent.

Link to landing page

Banner ads that are designed for companies should be linked to a landing page that includes your offers; For this reason, you should pay attention to the fact that the banner ad of your brand matches the landing page so as not to confuse the potential audience.

Create a sense of urgency in the audience

According to studies, users respond well to messages that create a sense of need or urgency. You can create a sense of urgency in your audience by using contrasting colors or special text.

Effective use of images

Among the banner design tips to get more clicks is the use of related graphics and photos that strengthen your message and are directly related to your product or service. For placing photos on banners, it is better to choose original images or graphics created by designers. Note that you don’t always have to use images in your banner ads, and using attractive fonts and typography can be just as effective.

Use the right colors

Colors are the first element that the user will notice in your banner ads, and every color you use in the banner design evokes a different concept and feeling; That is why it is important what colors you use to design your advertising banner. Colors are subjective and have different associations in different cultures. When choosing a color, be sure to consider your target audience. Below is a list of colors and emotions that will be created in the audience.

Red: passion, anger, excitement, and love. Red is a color that should be used with caution. This color’s ability to capture the attention of an audience makes it an invaluable tool for designers, but overusing it inhibits relaxation. If you are looking for a classic or serious look in your banner design, it is better not to use red.

Orange: Using orange color is a good choice to add excitement without intensity to your design. Orange is a great color to use in buttons and will create a sense of playfulness and invigorating feelings in the audience.

Yellow: The color yellow is often associated with creating happiness, but it can activate the anxiety center of the brain. Using lighter shades of yellow can create a happier feeling in the audience, and on the other hand, darker shades such as gold add more weight to your design and give it an ancient feel. Yellow color is eye-catching and will convey affordable energy to the audience.

Green: The green color mainly represents the environment and open space, and for this reason, they use it to show the nature and organic quality of the products. This color can be a good choice for CTA because it is more prominent, but it is softer than warm colors. Green represents health, freshness, wealth, growth, and new beginnings.

Blue: Security, clarity, calmness, freshness, coldness, and inviting are among the characteristics of blue color. This color is very popular, so many websites have used this color because it can be effective in creating a sense of trust in the audience.

Light blue, which reminds the audience of the color of water and sky, can create a sense of freedom and freshness in the audience, and if it is bright enough, it can be energizing and at the same time it can maintain calmness and reliability. slow On the other hand, dark blue color is usually an excellent choice to increase confidence, and for this reason, it is used in many sites.

Purple: luxury, royalty, wisdom, and creativity are among the features of purple color that can create a sense of peace in the audience. Purple, which has long been associated with royalty, will create an atmosphere of luxury and even decadence in the audience. Using the color purple is a quick way to create a sense of elegance or high glamor.

Pink: love, youth and childhood, sweetness, femininity. Considering that the general public interprets the color pink as feminine, this color is mostly used to target female users. Pay attention to the fact that it is better not to exaggerate the relationship between pink color and femininity because this is a stereotype that has been established among the general public.

Brown: nature, wood, seriousness, strength, and humility. Brown balances other colors and is suitable for background colors and textures. While this color cannot be the right color for website design, it can be effective in certain situations; For example, using brown color for wood textures.

Black: exclusivity, mystery, modernity, power, luxury and formality. Commonly used for text, this color has also been used on many sites and, like purple, adds sophistication, elegance, and mystery.

White: purity, simplicity, honesty, innocence, modernity. White color makes you feel young and you can use this color along with different colors. This color can pull out moving color elements, which will attract the attention of users.

Gray: This color acts as an intermediary between black and white, which exudes neutrality or lack of any feeling, but if you use this color with the help of an expert, it can become a powerful tool. If this color is used dominantly, it can create an unpleasant feeling in users.

The size of the advertising file is small

When users visit a site, their browsing speed is usually high; Therefore, if the size of the file is heavy, its loading speed will increase, and this will cause your advertisement banner not to be seen. The file size of advertising banners should be less than 150 kilobytes.

Use the appropriate format for the file

GIF, PNG, JPG, or HTML5 files are the formats that can be delivered. For the first three formats, designers use Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop, and for HTML5 files, usually, Google Web Designer or Adobe Animated are used.

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