In this article, we have introduced 5 competitor analysis tools on the website and social networks, which provide you with interesting information about the competitors’ websites and social networks. By knowing these tools, you can see what a wide range there is for competitor analysis. You can also see with what various tools you have to monitor all aspects of their activities. It should be noted that each of the tools we introduce in the following works better and more specialized in the competitor analysis section. For example, one of the tools provides you with more SEO information, and the other deals with competitor social networks. Stay with us to learn more about each competitor analysis tool.

Similar Web Competitors Site Analysis Tool

This smart marketing tool allows its users to access information from competing websites and use their data to their advantage. Similar Web is considered one of the best tools for analyzing competitors’ websites. With the help of this tool, you will have an overview of your competitors in the industry as well as information about your potential customers. It is enough to enter the competitor’s name in the search field of this tool and you have an overview of the traffic of the website in question. With the help of similar web data, you will be able to compare your growth process and that of your competitors, and you can better formulate your future path and content calendar.

Similar Web’s competitor analysis tool provides the performance and movement trends of any website based on bounce rate, total visits, and many more. Data such as traffic from a specific country or source is also provided to its users through this tool. Top referring sites and competitors’ social network data are other useful information that Similar Web shares with its users.

To use Similar Web, you can first use its free version and then buy one of your suitable subscriptions.

the social blade analysis tool of competitors’ social networks

Social Blade is an integrated social media analysis tool that focuses on competitors’ social networks. Social Blade is integrated with many social media, including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Competitors can be checked and analyzed with the Social Blade tool.

To use this tool to analyze competitors’ social networks, you must enter their IDs in each social network in the search field, and quickly, information according to the competitor’s account will appear. With the help of this analysis, you have access to the accounts of followers and subscribers of competitors. Interestingly, you can see the growth trend of competitors’ followers and have them available every second. The Social Blade tool also allows you to compare your Twitch, Twitter, and YouTube accounts with your competitors.

The good news is that some of Social Blade’s features will be available to you for free, and if you want to get more complete and faster information, you can purchase one of the bronze, silver, gold, or premium subscriptions of this tool.

A tool for SEO analysis, Samrash

Whatever the turn, it is the turn of Samrash’s competitor analysis tool. Semrush can be considered as a versatile tool and many SEO professionals deal with this tool. With the help of Samrash, you can analyze the SEO of your site or your competitors. With the help of this information, you can help optimize the website’s search engine and get a complete view of your online face. With access to SEO ads and content creation tools of Samrash, you will have the chance to be seen better and rise in the search results.

Some of Samrash’s services are available to users for free. Paid versions should be purchased to access better and more complete tools.


Spyfo’s keyword research and competitor analysis tool help you analyze competitor websites easily. The information provided by Spyfo about keywords is comprehensive and complete and is well used to analyze competitors’ websites.

Spyfo provides you with information about the keywords that your competitors have bought or sponsored, backlinks, and other information that your competitors have and outranks you, this is useful information that Spyfo provides to its users.


Bildwit is called a technology search tool. What this tool does for you is to check the technology and access of competitors. According to the tool’s website, there is information on more than 32,634 web technologies and 673 million websites in the Bildwit database. With this tool, you can check which sites use the shopping cart, analysis, hosting, etc. Also, this tool provides filter information based on location, traffic, etc. to its users.

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