3D design is art. Don’t think I just mean creating animations that young and old will love all over the world. When a 3D designer creates a different and creative icon that is not like anything else in this world, he has actually created a work of art. The question may arise, what is the use of this work of art? The works of art that are offered at big and famous auctions and people pay money for them are Picasso and Banksy paintings, not 3D designs!

But I must say that this notion is completely wrong. Digital artworks also have buyers in the digital world. Markets for digital artwork and 3D designs have emerged on the web. Digital art and digital artwork, including 3D artwork, are becoming more and more popular every day.

The growth and expansion of 3D digital arts for 3D designers means more opportunities to show their capabilities and abilities as an artist, as well as more and better opportunities to earn money.

In this article, I want to talk about the pure opportunity in the digital world, which is like a treasure for 3D designers. Maybe you are just interested in 3D design and haven’t started yet. Maybe you are a novice 3D designer. No matter. You should know that if you try and follow this art very seriously, a very good future awaits you.

This is a great opportunity for 3D designers and 3D NFT Art Design market. What is NFT and what does it have to do with 3D design? How can a designer use this opportunity and present his art in the right place? I will answer these two important and interesting questions in this article. But first, NFT must be defined.

What is the connection between 3D design and NFT?

You are probably very familiar with cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin. To explain NFT, the idea of ​​cryptocurrencies should be used. What is the difference between a dollar and a dollar? What is the difference between one bitcoin and another? Nothing! A dollar is a dollar everywhere and has a definite value. And a bitcoin everywhere and in anyone’s wallet is the same bitcoin. But NFT is not like that. Each NFT is different from the other.

NFT stands for Non Fungible Token. A token is something that has monetary value. In this phrase, Token is an instance of something that has monetary value.

“NFT is a unique type of digital asset. An NFT may be an example of a real object (such as a painting of nature), a real character (artists or movie characters), or a song, GIF, or anything that can be created in the digital space. These digital objects are bought and sold online, in online markets, and with digital currencies.”

Each NFT can be identified by a unique set of codes. You or I can buy it for ourselves.

What is 3D NFT Art Design?

From the definition given, it is clear that anything in the digital space (gifs, graphics and even tweets) has the potential to become an NFT and be sold. Digital artworks definitely have the most potential and chance to become NFT. Among the digital artworks, 2D graphic designs also have a chance, but not as much as 3D designs. This is the important point.

Any 3D design may be converted to 3D NFT. Why? Because 3D designs are more attractive and more detailed. It’s amazing what a 3D designer can do with 3D design software. In addition, 3D designs are great for animation, which is exactly what is needed in the Metaverse. Remember that Metaverse is a fully 3D world. This gives 3D designers the opportunity to create all kinds of characters for the Metaverse world. No one has stopped them from selling those characters in the 3D NFT Marketplace!

Therefore, a very interesting subset of NFT works is 3D artwork. I don’t think I need to say anymore, considering Facebook’s plans to expand Metaverse in the future, how much 3D designers will find job opportunities as well as opportunities for ideas and creativity.

How to convert 3D designs to 3D NFT?

3D NFTs are goods, digital goods. This 3D digital product is available in its own market. But being offered in the market does not mean that any product, including NFT, has customers and is sold. So there are several issues here: the 3D designer and his designs (it is natural that the 3D designer cannot convert all his designs to 3D NFT), converting those designs to NFT and offering them in the appropriate market. I will explain about the first topic in this topic and about the second and third topics in the next topic.

Who is a 3D designer and what 3D designs does he create with Blender or other 3D design software? It is natural to have artworks by famous 3D designers or famous digital artists. Note that 3D NFT should be creative, artistic and original. The first step for a 3D designer who wants to become a 3D NFT Designer is to create a work of art, in the strict sense of the word. The designer’s designs should be attractive and beautiful and technically at the best level.

Of course, it should not be concluded that the 3D NFT market is very famous at the disposal of 3D designers and that’s it. In the 3D art market, there is an opportunity for novice designers to compete with others. The success of 3D designers (especially beginners) depends on two factors: skill and creativity. So the 3D designer must master his work and create works that digital art enthusiasts are willing to pay for.

Where and how should 3D NFT be offered for sale?

After skill and creativity and mastering the Blender software and the combination of light and color, the 3D designer must convert his 3D designs to NFT and offer them in the online market (NFT Marketplace). For this job:

  • The 3D designer needs a crypto wallet. Once you get the wallet and some digital currency (preferably Ethereum ETH) the buyer should choose one of the markets or platforms offering NFT (including 3D artwork). The most famous and reliable platforms are: Opensea.io, rarible.com & superrare.com. Among these 3 markets, the first one (opensea) is the largest NFT supply market. The second is a market that asks customers to discuss and exchange opinions about the offered NFT works. And the third is the most special market that sells the most special digital artworks
  • When the designer creates an account on one of these platforms, he must connect his wallet to this account. Fees must be paid to convert each work into NFT and sell it. Therefore, there must be some currency in the wallet to get started. The fees to be paid are different for each platform. Next, the designer uploads the file to be converted to NFT in his application account on the platform. At this point, the designer has two choices: convert his design into one NFT or more. Therefore, there may be several copies of some NFTs at the choice of the owner and sold to several people.
  • At this stage, the 3D designer must confirm that he is the owner of this work and not someone else. That is, he must confirm that the intellectual rights and copyright of everything he wants to become an NFT belongs to him. Now the 3D designer can set a price for his work or put it up for auction and wait for someone to buy it. Once a purchase is made, there are other steps to go through that may be different for each platform.


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