According to Statsia statistics, three billion programs are available in Google Play. With the increase in the use of Android devices, the need for high-quality Android applications is still increasing. These days, Android developers have to maintain their efficiency to produce better quality programs with a record speed. For this purpose, they have a lot of tools and applications available. In this article, we will take a look at what is in the developer and development kit. Here’s a list of the best Android development tools.

1) Android Studio

Android Studio is undoubtedly the first among the development tools I have Android. This is a formal and integrated environment for the development of an Android app that allows you to edit code, debug, and test. The program was created in 2013. This app is free and supported by the Android developer’s community.


Android IDE allows you to create an Android development program on your Android device. Aide is a way to write a code on your cellphone. This program provides testing and debugging. This environment is a good option for novice developers compared to Android Studio or IntelliJ Idea.

3) Stetho

STATHO is an open-source library developed by Facebook and designed to fix the program’s quick bug. Sto is a website experience by allowing access to the Chrome Developer Tools feature, the desktop browser.

Using Chrome Devtools, you can view a hierarchy of a program, monitor network activity, manage an SQLite database, share SharedPreferences, and control others.

4) Gradle

Gradle is an open-source automation system that appeared in 2013. By combining the best Apache Maven and Apache AT, this system is ideal for large projects and even a few projects. Gradle also makes it easy to add a third-party library with a code line. Gradle is mainly used to develop Android software using Java, but there are also Groovy and Scala plugins.

5) Android Asset Studio

This is a great set of easy tools for the use and production of different types of icons that you will need when designing and developing programs.

This powerful tool after installation automatically launches and informs you of any memory leak in your application. To correct the problems, internal stack tracking is available for use.

6) Intellij Idea

JetBrains created a Java IDE with Android support. This is a good alternative to Android Studio which is mainly used for easier applications. Intellijidea is fast and offered a variety of development tools out of the box this tool will complete smart code, instant code analysis, reconstruction, and JetBrains plugins.

7) Source Tree

A simple, free tool that provides an easy way to manage GIT tanks using GU Gui. You can visualize all your changes, obligations, and branches without having to write a command in the command line. Available for MAC and Windows users.

8) Unity 3D

It can be used for VR / AR GPU. It is good to use Android Studio or Intellij Idea to develop games, but Unity offers more appropriate game tools such as storytelling, 3D level indexing, and more.

9) Gamemaker: Studio

This is one of the most popular game engines of Yoyo games that lets you develop 2D games for Android and other operating systems. Gamemaker: Studio is a powerful yet simple tool with easy -to -use interface. And it is also a good tool to start your gaming career.

10) Blockanary

This program, a performance monitoring library, which is recommended by many, helps you determine when your app’s interface subject is blocked for a while and slows down the program. Installing Blockcanary is very simple and almost works like a leak canary.

11) Firebase

Mobile applications need servers to do things like users’ validity and sync with multiple devices on multiple devices. However, making such a server requires a set of skills that most ISVs lack. Fortunately, several backup operating systems are often called BAAS and you can use them today. Google’s Firebase is one of these platforms.

Firebase offers basic services such as analysis, failure, user authentication, and cloud messaging for free. Its Freemium services include the Nosql database instantly, file hosting, and static web hosting.

12) Rad Studio

An integrated environment where you can create apps for Android devices. Rad Studio has a visual designer and code editor that allows you to write, compile and deploy a hybrid program code using a database. In general, SDLC comes with support. You can use it using the trial version.

13) Vysor

Vysor is a tool that brings Android to the desktop so that you can display and interact with the device through your computer. It allows you to type from the keyboard, show your screen during the sessions, and work more. Vysor is compatible with all operating systems.

14) NimbleDroid

A bed where you can test your Android app before entering it into Google Play. This tool is of great value for the quality assurance process because it helps to accelerate the test stage. Nimbledroids have been welcomed by Pinterest, Tinder, Yahoo, PayPal, and many more.

15) Android Debug Bridge

This program is a versatile command line tool that lets you communicate with a device. ADB allows you to exchange data with a running Android simulator or an Android device (via USB, Wi-Fi Network) real (tablet, telephone). This tool belongs to the Android SDK tools and is available in the Android SDK Platform Tools package.

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