Today, we live in a world where almost everything has an app for itself or will soon have one, even the neighborhood laundry! Those days when you had to take the dirty clothes to the dry cleaner yourself or even call someone to come and pick them up are over. Today, an app does this.

It is natural that these applications are not written automatically and there is a programmer and application designer who writes them. In addition, an environment is also needed in which these applications are written. One of these very famous and popular environments is called Android Studio (Android Studio or AS).

If developers want to write an application for Android, almost 99% of them go to Android Studio. Of course, there are reasons for this popularity. One of the most important advantages of Android Studio is the high speed of coding in it. Another important advantage is the large number of plugins or its own plugins, which multiply its efficiency, and installing them is not difficult at all.

In this article, we are going to introduce you to some of the best and most essential plugins for Android Studio to make it easier for you to choose among their large number, which of course increases every day. But before introducing the plugins, we need to talk a little about why plugins are important and why they should be used.

Android Studio plugins

If you are a professional programmer and developer, you know very well that plugins are not useful for coders. If you are not and you are at the beginning, you will understand well why the use of plugins is necessary in the problems and challenges you face in different projects.

Plugin is a software element. Its job is to add certain properties to a computer program. The purpose of those features is to improve productivity, creativity, speed, and overall developer experience in that particular application or environment. In fact, the main goal is to improve the efficiency and make the programs more practical.

Android Studio plugins are no exception to this rule. Coding is hard, challenging and boring work. Anything that reduces its difficulty even a little and is a shortcut is useful for programmers and developers. Plugins can be shortcuts. The plugins introduced here are just shortcuts. You see for yourself.

1) Rainbow Brackets

We start with the most colorful plugin. Probably you who are reading this article are familiar with coding and you know that parentheses and other symbols are very very very very important. It may have happened to you that you lost a parenthesis or other symbol and wasted a lot of time trying to find it. The work of this plugin is to add color to your work so that you don’t lose anything with the help of colors.

This plugin is also compatible with different programming languages (Java, Scala, Clojure, Kotlin, Python, Haskell, Agda, Rust, and JavaScript). This plugin is a boon for newbie developers!

2) String Manipulation

This plugin also makes coding easy for you. How about It allows you to easily switch between different ways of writing words and compound phrases and functions and categories (including camelCase, snake_case, kebab-case, SCREAMING_SNAKE_CASE …) and choose whichever one suits you best. You must know that this means saving time and avoiding a lot of writing!

3) Codata

You can find the name of this plugin in all the content related to Android Studio plugins. Why? Because this plugin is smarter than the previous two, that is, it is an artificial intelligence based plugin that can give you suggestions to complete your codes. In fact, this plugin provides you with a collection of millions of code snippets (or Code Snippets) from different languages such as Java, Javascript, Python, etc. This means that not only will it speed up your coding, but your mistakes will also be greatly reduced.

4) Name That Color

It is clear from the name of this plugin that it is a color plugin. This plugin also comes and reduces your work. That means you don’t have to look for the color name in the middle of coding. As you know, all different color ranges have their own name and their own 6-digit code (HEX Code). For example, there is a color called watermelon red in this world that has its own code. If you want this color in your application and you only have that code, just install this plugin, enter that code in the colors file of Android Studio. After and at the time of coding, enter the color code and this plugin will write the color name for you.

5) CodeGlance

Think you have written a world of code and now you want to go back to the middle again, what do you do? If you have installed this plugin in Android Studio, you will have a small map of your work on the right side of the screen. It is definitely useful in very long codings.

6) Markdown Navigator

If you want to use the Markdown language in writing an Android application or website, this plugin is for you. You can customize this plugin according to your project and its needs.

7) TabNine

Like Codata, this Android Studio plugin is smart and based on AI. This plugin is compatible with 20 different coding languages. Imagine someone completing your code with smart guesses. It might guess a few wrongly and give suggestions, but anyway, it makes coding work faster.

8) Android Input

If you want to write text in your application, you can use this plugin. The good thing about this plugin is that it saves the texts and you don’t need to rewrite anything. Another good thing about this plugin is that it is compatible with other Android development environments.

9) ADB Idea

This Android Studio plugin also provides you with a number of very useful shortcuts. But what kind of shortcut? Shortcuts that increase the speed of development in Android Studio. If you want to delete the application information or uninstall or restart it or similar tasks, you can easily give these commands to Android Studio with one click.


This Android Studio plugin is for making the process of Installing, Running and Debugging applications easier. If you don’t have this extension, you must use USB all the time and make sure it is connected. But with this extension, it is enough to be sure of being connected to Wi-Fi.

11) Key Promoter X

This plugin literally creates shortcuts for you or shows you keyboard shortcuts that other coders use a lot. In addition, with this plugin, you can get rid of that mouse (the same computer mouse) or you need it less, and you can do your work completely with keys and keyboard shortcuts. When you install this Android Studio plugin; Shortcut keys for whatever you want to click on in that environment will be displayed for you.

12) Vector Drawable Thumbnails

Android programmers know well that they have to build the app to see the vector designs, and when it’s done, it’s clear what’s going on. But if the Android application developer has installed this plugin; He no longer needs to suffer all this trouble and with one click, he can see all the Android vector designs that he used in the application, while working and whenever he wants. (Very easy and convenient!)


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