JavaScript is a popular programming language. Few websites in the endless web world do not use this programming language. The use of JavaScript language is not limited to website programming, and due to its high simplicity and flexibility, it is also used in the design and implementation of attractive and entertaining games.

Computer and web games have a special place as one of entertainment for spending time in the digital world. In game programming and development, due to its complexities and requirements, it is essential to use appropriate languages and frameworks.

In this article, the best games and JavaScript frameworks for programming and game development are introduced. From simple and addictive games to complex and 3D games, they are all in this collection.

Is JavaScript suitable for game development?

Yes, JavaScript is a great language for game development. Of course, it also depends on the type of game you want to make. JavaScript games can be run on browsers or mobile phones. So, if your goal is to create such games, this language is one of the best options. Recently, game development is one of the most attractive ways to make money from JavaScript.

JavaScript is a suitable language for game development, but creating larger and more complex games such as Call of Duty or FIFA has its challenges. These types of games require heavy graphics processor calculations, and JavaScript may work a little slower in this case and occupy more memory. For this type of game, languages like C++ are more suitable.

Popular games in JavaScript

Many of the world’s most popular online games are made using JavaScript. In this section, some of the most popular games in the world written with JavaScript are introduced.

1. Tower Building

Tower Building is a very fun game. Tower Building is a game where you have to connect blocks and build a tall tower. The source code of this game is available on GitHub and you can copy and modify it if you want.

If you’re interested in game development with JavaScript, we suggest checking out Tower Building Game Codes.

2. Bejeweled

Bejeweled is a beautiful and charming game that was made for browsers in the early 2000s. This game is similar to Candy Crush, but in a simpler way. The main objective in Bejeweled is to match three identical jewels or stones in a row and remove them from the screen to earn points.

3. 2048

In this game, you move the tiles in a grid using the arrow keys. The goal of the game is to merge the tiles to reach the number 2048.

4. Polycraft

Polycraft is an attractive 3D game that can be run in the browser. This game is especially suitable for those who like adventure, exploration, construction of beautiful buildings and buildings, collecting resources and even fighting.

5. Words with Friends 2

Words With Friends 2 is an interesting game that is available for Android and iOS. With Words with Friends 2, you can compete with your friends in creating and recognizing words. This game includes different challenges and stages that will test your vocabulary.

The best frameworks and game engines for game development with JavaScript

Special tools are needed to make a game with JavaScript language. For this, game engines, frameworks, and rendering libraries are used to enhance the power of JavaScript in games. Note that game engine and framework are two completely different concepts.

Difference between the game engine and JavaScript framework

Game Engine is software that provides all the features and tools needed for the development of computer video games. This software supports things like graphics, physics, sound, animation, resource management, etc. The game engine allows the game developers to create the game without having to build all the tools and features from scratch and thereby add more advanced features to the game.

In contrast, the JavaScript Framework is a set of tools, codes, and patterns that allow developers to easily and more efficiently write and organize their JavaScript code. These frameworks include modules, libraries, and components that help developers use them in programming. Frameworks are usually used for specific applications such as web development, user interface creation, etc.

As a result, to make interesting and complex games, you must use the game engine and appropriate frameworks at the same time. The game engine is used to provide game features and features, and the framework is used to structure and simplify the development process, and the programmer uses both tools to create interesting and fun games.

1. PixiJS

PixiJS has great features and a beautiful and fast API. Using this engine, you can create beautiful 2D games and also use its cross-platform functionality.

Cross-platform means that you can publish games on several different platforms, including computers, tablets, and smartphones.

One of the big advantages of PixiJS is that it is open source (that is, its code is available to everyone and anyone can make improvements and changes to it). This has led to a large community of developers working to improve it and is well supported.

2. BabylonJS

BabylonJS is a powerful open-source library for creating 3D animations and games. With this library, the programmer can create from simple animations to complex and beautiful 3D games. This library provides advanced tools for the game designer and programmer to maximize their creativity and create an attractive game for users.

3. Phaser

Phaser is used to create beautiful 2D games. This framework provides game developers with powerful tools to easily design, build, and publish games across all platforms. That is, the game runs simultaneously on different devices and platforms using a basic code, without the need for any code changes.

Another advantage of Phaser is that it provides various extensions and plugins to the programmer. These plugins allow the developer to add additional functionality and features to the games as needed. and also remove unnecessary tools and components from the game so that the game runs better and more optimally.

4. melonJS

melonJS is a lightweight framework for game development. Using this framework, the game developer can add features such as collisions, physical capabilities, visual effects, and other features to the game. In addition, melonJS is a good choice for beginner programmers due to its ease of use.

Using melonJS, the programmer can create games with beautiful 2D graphics. This framework offers practical and useful tools and plugins that allow the development of creative and attractive games in the simplest possible way.

5. Tree.js

Three.js is one of the popular libraries for creating 3D graphics in the web browser. This library is very easy to learn, and due to its popularity, a large number of examples and projects have been built with it.

Three.js uses the default WebGL renderer, which allows the developer to create high-quality, realistic 3D graphics in a web browser. Also, this library supports other renderings such as SVG, Canvas 2D, and CSS3D.


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