Control panels are our interface with the hosts we provide. In this article, we introduce the most famous control panels for hosting management.

Managing web servers is not a difficult task for most Linux users. However, there are a significant number of hosting control panels that make managing web servers very easy even for beginners. Of course, there are also panels that cover what professionals and experienced people want. Therefore, in this article, I intend to introduce to you the best and most useful panels for hosting control. Also, it should be mentioned that the website is one of several branches of digital marketing, to know other branches of this field, don’t miss the digital marketing article!!

We have selected the best proprietary and open source control panels for introduction, and I will provide you with a brief but practical explanation about each of them so that you can make a satisfactory choice. Because each management panel has its own advantages and disadvantages, you should choose the panel that suits your needs.

Introducing the best management control panels

1- Introducing the cPanel tool

cPanel can be called the best hosting management panel. This panel became very prominent during the boom of WordPress and now supports most servers in the world.

cPanel is supported on iOS and Android operating systems along with Linux. If you are looking for a full-fledged professional management panel, don’t miss this panel. You can sign up for a free trial to learn more about cPanel.

2- Introducing the ISPConfig tool

ISPConfig is a popular Linux-based hosting management panel and is widely used worldwide. This panel is written in PHP and released under the BSD license. So you can easily manage the hosting in the way you want. ISPConfig is downloaded more than 40,000 times per month due to its excellent features and variety of management tools, and it also allows site owners to manage their servers directly from their browser.

Features of ISPConfig

ISPConfig allows servers to manage multiple web servers using a simple and dedicated control panel. The site admin can easily manage multiple email credentials using ISPConfig’s standalone features. ISPConfig takes good care of Linux Cron, DNS, Shells, and MySQL databases.

3- Introducing the Plesk tool

Plesk is a hosting management panel that allows users to manage multiple web servers with ease. This panel offers many of the same features as cPanel but with a greater emphasis on security. Overall, Plesk is an ideal choice for enterprise servers and professional project management.

Features of Plesk

Plesk is designed with over a hundred pre-built extensions to make large-scale web administration easier. It is a great choice for WordPress site owners because of the powerful integration of this content management system with various tools. Plesk is compatible with any standard host operating system such as AWS, DigitalOcean, Microsoft Azure, and many others. Plesk web management panel provides various tools to increase security in operating systems, applications, and networks.

4- Introducing the Ajenti tool

Ajenti is undoubtedly one of the best management panels you can get for free. That’s why this panel is popular among many Linux-based web developers and site owners. Ajenti’s web interface makes setting up and managing servers effortless. In addition, it has a set of pre-built extensions that help you customize the admin panel according to your needs.

Features of Ajenti

Ajenti is available on Linux and BSD including Ubuntu, CentOS, Red Hat Enterprise, Debian, and Gentoo. This panel is very compact and requires about 30 MB of memory, adding 5 MB each time. Ajenti has a fast remote control, text editor, file manager, and other tools needed for hosting management. This panel is completely free and can be easily adjusted using Python and JavaScript programming languages.

5- Introducing the OpenPanel tool

OpenPanel is also one of the best open-source panels available for free. OpenPanel offers a complete set of features that make hosting management very easy. The panel has a powerful CLI along with an intuitive AJAX web interface that allows you to manage users, domains, email, and other related items. This panel is worth trying.

Features of OpenPanel

It allows to management built-in support for Apache hosts, PureFTPd chrooted accounts, Courier-IMAP hosted mails, and MySQL. OpenPanel provides OpenSSH access to servers and provides tables with acceptable yet Linux-friendly configurations.

OpenPanel’s modular architecture encourages administrators to enhance their system performance using custom modules. OpenPanel has a simple but attractive user interface with JavaScript support.

6- Introducing the EHCP tool

Easy Control Panel or EHCP is one of the best free hosting control panels that you can use. This program is full of useful features that allow you to manage remote servers with ease. It also provides support for PHP-FPM and Nginx web servers. EHCP does not support Apache and therefore may not be a good choice for sites with dynamic content.

Features of EHCP

EHCP is great for managing web servers that serve a lot of static content. It allows admins to easily create and manage their MySQL database, email accounts, domains, and FTP accounts. EHCPs are an excellent choice for low-cost servers due to their compact size. The admin can confidently create a large number of users and sellers and manage the required permissions in the panel.

7- Introducing the Kloxo tool

If your host is running on RHEL or CentOS, Kloxo might be the best control panel for you. It is a great hosting management panel that has several advanced features. Although this software is not currently under development, you can quickly obtain the source code. Kloxo requires more than 2GB of free storage to install.

Features of Kloxo

It comes with built-in support for many common hosting server programs such as Apache, Lighttpd, Djbdns, Bind, and FTP. Kloxo allows you to easily back up your entire host using its backup tools. This panel comes with built-in support for MySQL, allowing users to effortlessly manage their databases using PhpMyAdmin. Kloxo has powerful tools for invoicing, ticketing, and integrated messaging.

8- Introducing the ZPanel tool

ZPanel is another easy-to-use management panel. This panel is available for Windows and Unix. In addition, the GNU GPL license allows you to extend the program as you wish. Since ZPanel is written using PHP, it is very easy to modify or customize this panel.

Features of ZPanel

This suite comes with a large number of open-source programs to support web servers, including PHP, Apache, MySQL, and Filezilla. ZPanel provides API integration. Admins can easily create and manage multiple domain names, DNS, email, FTP accounts, and databases from the panel.

  9- Introducing the ispCP tool

It is a powerful panel for IT professionals that offers many of today’s modern user interface features. The installation and operation of this control panel is very easy. In addition, it provides all the features needed to start a business for free. In general, ISP can be an alternative to expensive control panels for small and medium businesses.

Features of ispCP

ispCP helps you easily set up multiple user accounts, stores, etc. that you need. Email management with ispCP’s powerful anti-virus and anti-spam tools with built-in support for Apache, ProFTPd, Postfix, PHP, Perl, and MySQL databases.

10- Introducing the VHCS tool

VHCS is another hosting control panel that will surprise you. This panel offers exceptional features that are more than enough for new hosting providers and other related businesses. Linux VPS management is very easy using its powerful and intuitive web interface. In addition, it has default PHP support, Linux file management, an online support system, and many other features required for hosting management.

Features of VHCS

VHCS has built-in support for countless applications that allow users to create and manage Apache servers. Sales representatives can add an unlimited number of domains, subdomains, aliases, email accounts, and MySQL database instances. The device is pre-equipped with SSL/TLS and can be used to efficiently manage a large number of SSL certificates. The VHCS license allows IT professionals to extend the software based on their needs.

11- Introducing the Webmin tool

Webmin is written in Perl and comes with a BSD Clause 3 license. So you can change it for personal items without any problem. Webmin’s web-based user interface allows administrators to manage their Linux virtual machines completely from their terminals. Another great thing about Webmin is that it is under active development. So you can always get free bug fixes and new features.

Features of Webmin

Webmin offers a set of standard modules that allow servers to extend the functionality of their control panels as they wish. Comes with Fail2Ban’s powerful intrusion detector, which protects your server and blocks malicious IPs. Webmin provides a simple, fast, and lightweight Perl file manager along with a backup tool. Admin can easily create and manage DHCP configuration software, Clusters, Linux Cron, and Email.

12- Introducing the RavenCore tool

RavenCore is a simple hosting management panel for Linux. This panel is made as an alternative to premium panels like cPanel. Although not suitable for large-scale IT infrastructure management, RavenCore is still very useful for small and medium-sized IT businesses. The panel is developed using Perl and Bash in the backend and PHP for the web interface. So if you are looking for a simple panel that can handle basic infrastructure, RavenCore is a good option.

Features of RavenCore

RavenCore ships with Apache, MySQL, PhpMyAdmin, Postfix, and other essential web server programs. Developers can extend its features without requiring further licensing. RavenCore is not an ideal choice for modern, large-scale cases due to its legacy features.

13- Introducing the Virtualmin tool

Virtualmin is one of the light but effective control panels for hosting management in Linux. This panel is designed to manage Apache servers. So if you want to provide a lot of dynamic content on your server, Virtualmin can be the right solution for you. Additionally, it comes pre-installed with MySQL, Sendmail, Postfix, BIND, and other essential tools needed to configure servers. Overall, Virtualmin is a good solution for hosting and domain resellers.

Features of Virtualmin

Virtualmin is written using the Perl programming language. It allows you to easily create and manage a large number of domains, virtual servers, email, databases, etc. through a web interface. Virtualmin comes with box support for several third-party services to manage domains and resellers. The monitoring features of this control panel allow servers to visualize their server usage using graphs and alerts.

14- Introducing the DTC tool

DTC or Domain Technology control is another simple and superior control panel. This panel is made to meet the needs and demands of hosting providers. It also has built-in support for CGI-bin chroot. It also has an easy-to-use web interface and provides all the basic features needed to create and manage large-scale domains, subdomains, user accounts, email, databases, and more.

Features of DTC

It offers strong store integration with pre-installed registration forms and payment gateways. DTC supports multiple invoicing mechanisms for invoices, renewals, and other tasks with built-in support. This hosting control panel allows administrators to monitor server bandwidth in real-time. DTC allows servers to set up automatic backups and provides powerful anti-virus and anti-spam tools.

15- Introducing the DirectAdmin tool

DirectAdmin is a dedicated web hosting control panel for hosting retailers and resellers. This software runs on Linux and FreeBSD but is not very portable.

DirectAdmin has separate panels for admin, users, and sellers. It is also very easy to create different parts and specify their role. Admins can quickly view all user accounts and carefully check for any potential issues. So if you are looking for a professional hosting management panel, don’t forget to check out DirectAdmin.

Features of DirectAdmin

IP management program This control panel allows the site administrator to view and change existing IPs very quickly. DirectAdmin uses a useful Mail Queue tool that provides better access to electronic communications. It has a powerful DNS management feature and can be used to create, modify, or delete DNS records very quickly. DirectAdmin has a wide range of powerful antivirus and anti-spam protection along with efficient monitoring tools.

16- Introducing the InterWorx tool

InterWorx is another host control panel. It is a modern web hosting control panel that is divided into two different interfaces. The NodeWorx interface is used by the server to manage the infrastructure and the SiteWorx interface is used by the owner to manage the specific website. Overall, InterWorx offers a powerful solution for site owners and hosting providers.

Features of InterWorx

  • Has dynamic charts
  • The SiteWorx interface allows site owners to easily create and configure domains, users, email, databases, and more.
  • Admin can easily back up their websites using the point-and-click backup feature in the SiteWorx interface.
  • NodeWorx enables hosting providers to easily configure their hosting plans based on available resources.

17- Introduction of the BlueOnyx tool

BlueOnyx is a server distribution based on CentOS and Science Linux. This panel provides you with a turnkey web server with all the features required by modern web applications. It is a graphical user interface that allows you to easily create and manage site resources using clicks.

Features of BlueOnyx

Admin can simply download the desired ISO files and install BlueOnyx on their host. BlueOnyx comes with SSH or SFTP access alongside the Nginx SSL proxy. It provides built-in support for Apache, MySQL, Sendmail, ProFTPd, Dovecot, and many other server services. Strong Net2FTP integration allows servers to manage their users easily. BlueOnyx implements multiple layers of security, including IP detectors and firewalls.

18- Froxlor

If you want a unique Linux server, Froxlor is a great option. Although it is not as powerful as cPanel or Plesk, it offers many powerful features that can easily exceed your expectations.

Features of Froxlor

Froxlor has advanced SSL support that allows servers to specify their secure ports. Admin can efficiently work with different PHP environments and save and define which domains to use. Managing and limiting hosting resources for resellers and customers is very simple in this dedicated panel. Froxlor’s powerful web APIs make it very easy to integrate with third-party applications and modules.

19- Introducing the ISPmanager tool

ISPmanager is one of the best-dedicated control panels for large-scale servers. This platform is great because it provides you with several useful features, including Apache and Nginx support, easy backups, secure databases, and more. Many startups use ISPmanager for its diverse set of features and competitive price tag. So if you are a new hosting provider looking for the best hosting panel for your business, don’t miss ISPmanager.

Features of ISPmanager

ISPmanager offers seamless integration to Letry Encrypt certificates, Imunify AntiVirus, and more external modules. This hosting control panel allows sites to be hosted on Apache and Nginx web servers. Admin can easily create and manage DNS records of his site using ISPmanager’s flexible graphical user interface. New customers can use the trial version of ISPmanager and see how well it meets these requirements.

20- Introducing the VestaCP tool

VestaCP or Vesta Control Panel is another hosting management software that can be useful for you. This panel has great features including a fast web interface, easy site management, excellent scalability, etc. VestaCP runs a free business model where you can use all the main features for free. Get. I highly recommend VestaCP for new hosting providers.

Features of VestaCP

The robust web interface is built with PHP and JavaScript and offers many flexible APIs. VestaCP comes pre-configured with Fail2Ban, PHP-FPM, SpamAssassin, Exim, and other essential server tools. Admin can easily create and manage Linux Cron alongside MySQL and PostgreSQL databases. VestaCP provides a fast terminal emulator for managing a network server from remote command shells.

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