Are you interested in motion design and want to become a motion designer? Have you just finished training in motion graphics and want to get a project and show your art and creativity to everyone? Have you been working as a motion designer for a while but you ran into a problem with your last project and no creative ideas come to your mind?

If any of the questions that were asked are your questions as well; You have chosen the right educational article to read. What do you think are the answers to those questions? You might say: using artificial intelligence. Yes, one way is to ask ChatGPT where to start learning motion graphics.

There is another answer: any profession and specialty can be learned from its experts. To learn motion design to create a motion design portfolio or even to get an idea to create a motion design, one should look at the world’s famous and professional motion designers. It is those motion designers who create trends and currents in the world of motion graphics, and motion design studios and employers wish to cooperate with them.

Don’t you know the inspiring and flow-making motion designers? Do not worry. Later, you will get to know them.

The most famous and inspiring motion designers in the world

Before introducing the famous motion designers, it is necessary to mention some points. First, in the following, in addition to talking about famous and trend-setting motion graphic artists, we also introduce famous motion design studios in the world. Second, knowing and following motion designers is not just about being aware of trends and being inspired by them. Many of them produce useful and good educational content and publish it on their Twitter and Instagram accounts or their websites.

For example, learning the different types of keyframes in motion design is a bit difficult. There is good educational content about different types of keyframes on the internet. But nothing can be as helpful as an educational video to learn that topic. A motion designer named Ian Sansavera has fully taught how to work with different types of keyframes in several videos on his YouTube channel. Therefore, from the following motion designers, you can learn motion graphics in action.

1. Henrique Barone

Henrik Baron is a freelance animator and motion graphic artist living in Vancouver, Canada. In his portfolio, there is a diverse set of motion designs and various animations, from creating very fast movements to creating delicate and calm moments for advertisements, music videos, TV shows, and social media campaigns. First and foremost, he captures and displays every frame and emotion he can; He understands and understands and then builds it. He describes his work as giving life to the world of illustrations.

Be sure to check out Henrique Barone’s website. You will be surprised. Be sure that he is one of the most different and creative motion designers you will meet.

2. Ben Marriott

Ben Marriott is a motion designer from Australia. He is a master of creating fun and interesting motion graphics. If you’re new to motion design and you’re just starting, you’ll learn a lot from his tutorial videos on YouTube. Also, she shares many of her designs along with short tutorials on her Instagram account. Follow him, you won’t regret it.

3. Saimen Lee

Simon Lee is a Malaysian illustrator and motion designer. He is a master of giving life to inanimate characters or motion design characters. He can turn anything into a character and move it, a heart an avocado, or even a human brain. If you are interested in character motion design, follow his Instagram (madebysaimen).

4. Eva Cremers

He is a motion designer for big names and has collaborated with famous brands such as Apple and Nike. He is a motion designer and 3D designer. His designs and motion graphics are innovative, modern, colorful, bright, and impressive. Eva Cremers’s website is a must-see. By seeing his work, you will fall in love with the world of 3D design and 3D motion graphics. There is a section on his website called the lab where his samples and experimental designs are placed. It is very informative to see the designs in this section.

5. Tony Babel

He is a designer, animator, and motion graphic artist. His designs and motion graphics are inspired and reminiscent of the cartoons of the 80s and 90s. For this reason, he can be called a nostalgic motion designer. Follow Tony. babel on Instagram if you are interested in conveying the mood of the past in your motion designs.

6. Paul Cuenc

He is an artist. The atmosphere of his motion designs is completely different from other motion graphic artists who have been introduced so far. He is a master of 3D design, a motion graphic artist, and an animator. His expertise is in making hyperrealistic or surreal motion designs. If you see examples of his video motions on his Instagram account (pol.  crank), you will be amazed by his creativity and the way he looks at the phenomena and the world around him. The following image belongs to one of his most famous works. Graphic motion in which viruses are oranges and the vaccine is nothing but orange juice!

7. Rosie Philpott

Rosie Philpott is a freelance animator and illustrator based in the UK. Rosie specializes in creating 2D animations, motion graphics, and digital illustrations. To date, he has worked with a wide range of clients from global brands (such as Microsoft and IBM) to local agencies and startups. His illustrations and motion designs are very happy, colorful, and creative.

8. Ordinary Folk Motion Design studio

Ordinary Folk is a Canadian animation and motion graphics design and production studio. This studio has a unique talent for designing and making different types of animation and motion graphics. Be sure to follow this studio on Instagram, because they post their recruitment ads on their account.

9. Detroit Motion Design Studio

Detroit Visual Content Design Studio is located in Milan, Italy. This studio is famous for designing and making very technical and creative motion designs. That studio considers itself the narrator and illustrator of brands, products, and ideas. For Studio Detroit, the most important part of the process of creating any motion design is the research phase. Each motion graphic has its background and texture, which the motion design team must reflect in the work and create the motion design according to it. In the works created by this studio, simplicity, genius, and innovation are the first words. Be sure to visit Detroit’s website and check out their projects. A summary is written for each project, which is very informative.


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