You must have heard about content creation with artificial intelligence. Creating the right content for business and brand is always a big challenge. It doesn’t matter if it is a personal business or a large business that has a marketing team. From creating social media content to advertising content and even SEO content and blog text content, digital marketing always needs content. The more, the better.

Maybe the possibility or arrival of content creation tools with artificial intelligence is not very happy for authors whose content creation is their source of income. But the truth is that using AI-based content creation tools is a way to improve the process of creating quality content, not a replacement for content creators.

Content creation tools based on artificial intelligence do not replace real writers. But they help content creators save time and use their skills in more important places.

Christina Newberry – Writer and Content Producer

The benefits of using content creation tools with artificial intelligence

The most important contribution that AI content creation tools make to the content creation process is the automation of many content creation tasks. So, it makes it easier to produce quality content, especially if there is no professional content producer on the marketing team or the business cannot afford to hire a professional content producer.

How does the content creation tool work with artificial intelligence?

In general, the content creation tool based on artificial intelligence works like this:

1. Training in artificial intelligence

No artificial intelligence tool is familiar with business and brand from scratch. In general, humans should train AI-based tools to get the best results. As a result, to start working with these tools, it is necessary to give a series of basic information about these tools. Information such as existing content samples, keywords, and important phrases. Using this information, artificial intelligence determines what style of content the audience is most interested in.

2. Determining the goals and content requirements

After giving the basic and required information that you want to be observed in the content, artificial intelligence starts to generate content based on this information. Artificial intelligence uses two concepts called natural language processing (NLP) and natural language generation (NLG) to produce high-quality content.

NLP is a branch of computer science and artificial intelligence that allows machines to understand sentences and phrases exactly as humans understand them.

NLG is also a software process that makes the content look like it was written by a human, not a machine.

3. Creating SEO content

Content is useful for business and brand when it is of high quality. So that it is displayed in the top results of search engines, including Google. The content that artificial intelligence produces is usually produced based on the principles of keyword optimization and SEO.

4. Editing and content editing

The content creation expert should review the artificial intelligence-generated content at the end. Although AI-based content creation tools produce content that is good in many ways, it also has some weaknesses. For this reason, checking the content by a person who is familiar with the tone of the brand is the last step in the production of artificial intelligence content.

The good news is, the edits made to the content are not hidden from the machine learning. The artificial intelligence and machine learning of the content production system take these edits into account in the next content production, and in this way, over time, the produced content becomes more perfect than before.

For whom are artificial intelligence-based content creation tools suitable?

Social media marketers

Content creation tools provide very good possibilities for social network content creation. As you know, the content of social networks, while being brief and short, should have a high impact on the audience. Content creation tools help you gather interesting quotes and highlights from long texts to use in your social media content.

Content marketers

In addition to simplifying the content creation process, content creation tools help you understand what type of content is right for your audience and also improve your site’s SEO.

In addition, content creation tools show data and statistics that show the effectiveness of content as well as golden opportunities for new content creation.

Support and customer service

The service and customer support departments of businesses also need high-quality content. The necessary content for this section should be written in such a way that it answers the user’s question or need in the best possible way.

Recently, the use of chatbots has become common in service agencies. Using the content creation tool, as well as the NLG mentioned above, the tone of chatbots can be made closer to human language so that the user feels closer to the support.

Introducing the best content creation tools in 2023

Content creation tools based on artificial intelligence can be divided into different categories based on their efficiency and goals:

The best SEO content generation tools:

  • Surfer
  • GrowthBar
  • WriteSonic
  • Scalenut
  • Outranking

The best copywriting content generation tools:

  • CopyAI
  • Closers Copy
  • Neural Text
  • Peppertype
  • Phrase

The best tools for producing article content:

  • Article Forge
  • Ink for All
  • Copysmith
  • AI Writer

In addition to the above, other popular tools are suitable for producing any type of content:

  • Jasper
  • Sudowrite
  • Rytr
  • Chibi

ChatGPT is the latest artificial intelligence tool

In addition to the above, ChatGPT should not be neglected. ChatGPT is the newest chatbot and content creation tool in 2023. ChatGPT is fully familiar with human language. It means that it can understand human language and can produce content that is completely understandable and clear for humans.

Dos and don’ts of content production with artificial intelligence tools

All content should not be produced by artificial intelligence

Although AI content creation tools are very powerful and make the content creation process easier for us, they should not be used all the time. Some content must be written by a human using a pen and expressing his feelings, which artificial intelligence cannot do. The content in which there are human footprints establishes a deeper connection with the audience. Usually, content that is about storytelling or personal opinion is better not to be produced with tools.

Learn from AI as AI learns from you

Using content creation tools is a two-way street. As AI learns from you how to produce content suitable for your brand, you learn from AI. It is a fact that artificial intelligence collects and analyzes data collected from audience behavior better than humans. And the result of this analysis affects the produced content. By reviewing the generated content, you can get interesting information about audience behavior, keywords, and phrases that attract the user’s attention.

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