If you are new to programming, you know that you need coding to do a web design for your projects and build something using programming. The framework actually provides you with an environment where you do not need additional coding and focus on coding specific parts of your program. In this article, we tried to acquaint you with the concept of the framework and its advantages and disadvantages.

What is a framework?

A framework or software framework is a platform for software development. The framework provides the foundation on which software developers can build applications for a particular platform. For example, a framework may contain predefined classes and functions that can be used to process input, manage hardware devices, and interact with system software. This process helps simplify because programmers do not need to create a new wheel every time they create a new program to run the program. You no longer need to code extra for a project using the framework.

Different types of software frameworks

A framework may include code libraries, compilers, and other programs used in the software development process.
There are several different types of software frameworks that can be run on Windows, Android, iOS, and Mac OS, such as ActiveX and .NET. For Windows development, Cocoa is for Mac OS X, Cocoa Touch for iOS and Android Application Framework for Android.

In many cases, a software framework is supported locally by an operating system. For example, an application written for the Android Application Framework runs without the need to install any additional files on the Android device. However, some programs require a specific framework to run. For example, a Windows application may require Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0, which is not installed on all Windows devices, especially PCs running older versions of Windows.

The difference between a library and a framework

Some may assume that a software framework is a collection of libraries, just as libraries are a collection of pre-configured routines. However, this is not true because not all software frameworks use libraries or are dependent on libraries.

The difference between a library and a framework is that the framework calls the code added by the user and decides when and where to use the code. In contrast, the library calls the software library.

When you use a PHP framework such as Laravel, the relationship is reversed, so the software framework calls the program code written in the framework, which is technically called the Inversion of Control (IoC).

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