Given the speed of change and technological advancement in today’s world, being up to date is inevitable for the programmer. Therefore, programmers must be equipped with the most up-to-date and best IDE for PHP and programming. Programming development environments and text editors follow this as the main tools of the programmer. Given this, the main question that needs to be addressed is which tool is the best development environment for programming? If you are involved in programming training these days, join us to get acquainted with the best programming tools in the continuation of this article.

How to choose the right IDE or Text Editor?

When choosing a programming development tool you will have two options to choose from, IDE‌s and Text Editors! Many programmers do not know the difference between them. Each of these tools has advantages and disadvantages that one must choose according to the goals that the programmer has. For example, if you want to develop Android software, you can not use PhpStorm and you have to use the right tools like Android Studio that are built for this purpose.

What is an integrated development environment or IDE?

The Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is the best programming tool. The IDE for the programmer is like a toolbox for the mechanic. IDEs provide programmers with all the prerequisites for converting code into software. They also help programmers write clean, accurate code in no time. There are different IDEs for different types of programming languages. IDEs provide programmers with countless tools such as coding environments, compilers, etc., and like sympathetic friends, they listen to their mistakes to face the least challenges along the way.

tip: IDEs are developed for working with a specific language or operating in a specific programming area.

What is a Text Editor?

Text Editor is another programming development tool created for text editing. By default, text editors provide less features to developers than IDEs, but their performance increases with the installation of plugins. Text Editors have several advantages and disadvantages, which you will learn about later.

What is the difference between IDE and Text Editor?

Each of the Text Editors and IDEs has its own advantages and disadvantages. Text editors are usually lighter and smaller than IDEs. So they can speed up the programmer coding process. Usually programmers who care about coding speed and time use Text Editors for development and coding. Because IDEs are larger than Text Editors and consume more system resources. To increase the performance of Text Editors, several plugins need to be installed, while the IDE provides all the tools and features needed by the programmer. By default, IDEs are smarter than text editors in operations such as debugging, auto-completing code, and so on.

The best IDE for web design

Sublime Text is a professional Text Editor known for its high speed in web design field. This programming tool is written in C ++ and Python languages. Sublime Text will be the best friend for programmers who care about high speed and efficiency in coding. Sublime Text development tool provides developers with innovative ways to edit code.

Sublime Text allows you to make multiple changes at once using the multiple selection feature. This development tool has an attractive and user-friendly interface that will fascinate any programmer. This programming development tool has been able to be recognized as the fourth programming development tool in 2018 with 28.9% of programmers’ votes.

Sublime Text Features

  • Ability to edit multiple lines simultaneously
  • Can be installed and running on Windows, macOS, Linux operating systems
  • Attractive and user-friendly interface
  • High flexibility and customizability
  • Intelligent detection of errors related to programming languages
  • And …

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