Designers seek to improve the user experience and users choose a product that is enjoyable to use, so there must be a technique to attract users to use the product, gamification is one of the main design methods. If you want to know the role of gamification in user experience design, you are recommended to read this article. In this article, we talk about gamification in UX and the benefits of gamification.

What is gamification?

First of all, let me explain the meaning of gamification to you. Gamification means a game of variation, and conceptually, it means designing our page or product in such a way that it has a game mode for the customer, of course, in the environment outside of the game, in such a way that attracts customers to use it.

How to attract users with gamification?


The challenge creates motivation since we humans want to prove that we can, the challenge is a good idea, the challenge increases the attractiveness and makes the user try to prove his abilities, and the challenge makes the users do things that may be boring and do better.


Rewards make users more interested in participation, we can reward them with progress of users, which motivates users.


Just as games use scoring to determine the winner, the game-like product can be scored in two ways, one based on the points obtained and the other based on the user’s entry to the site.

Medals and stickers

Like a game, when users reach a certain score, give them a medal or label because it attracts users and motivates them.

Announcing the winner

We can announce people as winners and rank them based on the points and medals they have earned, since humans are social beings, by introducing users who perform better, we can attract users to better use by passing each step. Give points and rank them so that there is a sense of competition between them, and also show the progress of the user in that application so that the user feels progress and success after passing the obstacles.

Travel design

We can design a journey for the user to use his experiences in this journey and give information to the user to know about the progress of his journey and encourage him to continue this journey.


We can set a time limit or any other limit for a customer’s purchase, such as a game that must be done in a certain time to get points from a stage, for example, timed discounts or filling registration capacity. Of course, you should also keep in mind not to use one style so much that the product becomes too similar to the game

Social impact and dependence

Users should be rewarded for teamwork. Since teamwork increases the sense of competition, it is more exciting that players should cooperate to get rewards in the game. Also, use experienced users as mentors for new users. That they can share their experiences or users can share their opinion about the product.

In addition, you can encourage users to buy in groups, for example, if they purchase a group, they will get a specific discount, give the user the possibility to invite other users and create a forum for discussion forum so that they can share their experiences. Create instant communication between users, like a poke on Facebook.

Step-by-step tutorial

Teach the user step by step how to use the service so that he can enter the new step if he has done the previous step correctly.

Create a meaningful feeling in the audience

Create a meaningful feeling in the audience. We must create this feeling in the audience in such a way that the audience feels a sense of heroism, belonging to a special group and team pride, being different from others, and being lucky so that they feel that they should not lose this chance. Be created or receive gifts and discounts for special calendar days.

Create a sense of creativity in the audience

Let the user choose the game as he wants, give the user the power to choose the package he wants creatively so that the user feels that the package he chooses is a winning package, or give the user a temporary reward so that the user can be as creative as possible. To use it, it should be used like the free internet download package from 5 to 7 in the morning.

Create a sense of ownership in the audience

By encouraging the user to collect points, we make the user use the product more, so that different things can be done with the points, and the points can be traded, which strengthens the sense of power in the user, or the user can develop and grow the game. We can also encourage the user to collect a collection, for example, love is chewing gum encouraged the user to collect a collection of it by serial numbering its photos.

Creating a sense of lack and impatience

For example, let’s show other users the comfort point of users in higher ranks and create a sense of scarcity in them, or establish special rules that only qualified people can become members of the customer club.

Unpredictable events for the customer

Since users get bored along the way, consider unexpected and gratuitous gifts to relieve their lack of motivation.

You can also change the product logo on an occasion or surprise the user by changing its appearance.

Benefits of gamification

  • It gives the user a sense of progress because the user gets more motivation.
  • It allows users to compete with their friends in learning and increases productivity and creativity in solving challenges and increases users’ concentration.
  • Because users experience it, it stays in their memory longer.
  • If gamification is used correctly, it increases the conversion rate and increases user interaction with the product.
  • Gamification, like a game, causes entertainment, challenge, and competition among users, competition increases the user’s sense of excitement and makes them spend more time on the site.


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