If you have never used the Adobe Illustrator software and you open it for the first time, you may be a little confused! Because the tools of this software are more than what you need for an amateur job.

Illustrator is a completely professional tool and you, as a designer, can use it to do different projects at any level.

In this article, which is a comprehensive guide to the most important tricks of Illustrator, you will learn how to become familiar with the basic and practical tools of Illustrator in the shortest possible time and be able to complete a design project at any level.

1) Use the pen tool!

Many people avoid using the pen tool because it is one of the complex tools of Illustrator. But the truth is that you can easily use it and create amazing things with it.

If you are not sure where to start, try using online exercises, define a project for yourself and try to get the most out of it by practice, trial and error.

2) Using color CC

One of the most important parts of creating art is choosing colors that are compatible with each other and can achieve a work of art together. Illustrator has tools that can help you in this area. According to Angela Hutton, this tool will help you choose colors that are harmonious on the color wheel. I used them to pick colors and save them in a palette, and I’ve saved it in a template for myself so I can use it in different projects.

3) Familiarize yourself with Bezier

Bezier helps you create natural points and curves. Again, if you want some ideas on how to use it, there are some great tutorials on YouTube. Another good idea is to use shortcuts for ease of use of these tools, for example you can connect point A to point B at a 45 degree angle by holding shift.

4) Try to use Clipping Mask

Clipping masks are tools that can limit any pattern or design to a predetermined area. You can save your time if you use it.

5) Using online tools

In addition to the tools introduced in this article, there are many online tools that you can get useful information about some of the most important ones:

Envatotuts: This website contains various tutorials about Illustrator software.

Uk services review: This website has many examples for ideation and evaluation of work projects.

Adobe support: If there is a problem with the Illustrator software, you can get help from this website.

6) Use pathfinder

Path finder simply gives you the ability to create and borrow shapes from other shapes.

When the desired shape is not easily available, you can easily create your desired elements using this tool. Once you learn the basics, this tool is very easy to use and more useful than you might think.

7) Strokes panel

One of the important parts that we deal with a lot in Illustrator software is the stroke panel. This panel is for creating strokes around objects. Jeremy Allison, a professional designer from Revieweal, says: “Make sure you know and use the strokes panel. “This will help you get the most out of any shape you draw and add new personality to your designs.”

8) Make a brush for yourself

Many people don’t know that you can create your own brushes in Illustrator. If you find that basic tools are not what you need to work, you can create them. For this, using online training can be very useful.

9) Practice using layers

The layers panel is one of the things you should get used to as a designer. It’s a good habit to start organizing your layers as you work. Labeling them and removing layers that are not needed can help you when editing an image and speed up your work significantly.

1+9) practice, practice and more practice!

The most important principle in learning any new skill and software is a lot of practice. This rule is also true for Illustrator. You should try to define different projects for yourself or get ideas from different sites like pintrest and behance.

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