Did you read the previous article entitled “How to be a good customer?” Did you study In this section, we want to continue this discussion. Stay with us.

Pay attention to what the experts say

There are always newcomers and amateurs in every industry and every job, but an important part of the web design process depends on the experience of the designers. For example, each member of the Orangency website design team has at least 10 years of experience in their field. At the time of writing (2021) there is a total of about 20 years of website design experience among the members of this company.

Therefore, it is much wiser for customers to pay more attention to the suggestions and words of our experts than to the words of a friend who is studying computer !!

No website design expert with a background submits their suggestions and ideas for no reason; Rather, their ideas and points of view are the result of years of experience and research in various fields related to website design, online marketing or optimization principles.

You do not need to tell us the solutions

The bottom line is that professional web designers do not need to talk to them about solutions; What you need to talk about is your current problems.

The reason for this is that customers often consider a specific need and create a solution in their mind to solve it. The problem is that this solution is not based on categorized methods, experiences and modern science in website design. Even if it works for a particular problem because it is not scientifically selected and done, it will certainly have a detrimental effect on other important features of the website.

A very common example among web designers and web graphic designers is that the customer requests that their company logo on the site be enlarged. The reason could be that he wants this logo to be seen more and users to know the brand better, and of course this seems to be the best way to do this.

While having a larger logo can result in the user paying more attention to the logo instead of paying attention to the main message of the site or paying attention to the CTA buttons (purchase or registration buttons, etc.) and this will reduce the efficiency of the website. A professional designer combines all the elements of a website with a specific harmony that is specific to the brand and the field of work of the company. Moving one of these elements will affect the overall design of the site. A better solution to make the logo visible and familiarize users with the brand could be to use the company logo in the background of the pages or in some of the photos on the important pages of the website; In such a way that it is considered as a part of design. This method usually has a better result than enlarging the site logo, and of course sometimes the best solution is to enlarge the logo. The issue is that the solutions are different for different websites and require attention and attention to other aspects of design has it.

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