After starting your business initially or even on paper, choosing a name for the company as well as the website address is one of the most sensitive and obsessive tasks.

Therefore, in this article, I am going to introduce 10 important points that have a great impact on choosing the name of your website address and review each item.

As you know, the site address or the URL will play a very important role in branding and facilitating the search of your business, so be careful and a little obsessive in observing these points.

According to the document published by the ICANN organization, more than 2000 brands have been proposed to business owners, and this means that your job is a bit difficult to choose a name, so without wasting time, let’s go to the tips:

1) Don’t forget to use keywords

Keyword research is one of the most important topics in SEO, which is discussed in the SEO training course. Every site has at least 10-12 main keywords, of which 5 are main keywords, and the SEO specialist must use these keywords to bring the site to the top of Google results.

Use one of these 5 main keywords in the name of your website address along with your brand or field of activity.

2) Find a unique name for yourself

Your brand name is part of your brand. It is important to ensure that your brand name is effective. Having your brand look similar to another brand is not cool as it may cause confusion and will get you hit.

On the other hand, try not to make your domain name too unique, and note that using another written form of a specific word in your brand name can be problematic. An example mentioned in the book The Art of SEO is the branding of the famous site Flickr.

When the site managers chose their brand name, they ignored the standard written form and used; As a result of this seemingly small mistake, they lost many users. Eventually, they had to buy another brand name with the correct written form and changed it to Flickr.

3) Be sure to use the domain extension com. use

Com domains. They are the most common domains of choice and most webmasters use this domain to launch their website. The word com. It is an abbreviation of the word commercial, which means commercial, and the website of those who use this domain is related to commercial activities.

But due to the choice of all webmasters, not only commercial sites use this domain anymore, even if you are not looking to build a long-term online business, there is nothing better than com. It will not be in your site address.

Although using .org or .net are also good options, owning a brand along with com. or an equivalent brand name is essential for your marketing purposes.

There are many reasons for this, but the most important ones are your users and also Google. When there are thousands of brands to choose from, an option that has a com. will look much more authentic.

When most internet users see a brand, they don’t think about the fact that there might be another brand with this brand and they don’t pay attention to it. Using the extension com. You will make it easier for your users.

4) Do not write hard

If your website address is difficult to type, people will not search for it. Difficult words or long URLs are very painful for people.

Of course, you can use a suitable keyword along with a long URL. But if your user doesn’t have a good experience in the first search, they will discourage you.

5) Try not to use dashes or numbers

Using hyphens and numbers can make your domain name a little difficult to remember and write. So I suggest you try not to use hyphens and numbers in the domain name. Using them can be confusing for visitors.

Unless that number is part of your brand’s identity and personality.

6) Use common or memorable phrases and words

If you want to approach the expansion and development of your brand faster, choose your brand name in a way that will remain in the memories. Having a strong and great website won’t help you when no one remembers your brand.

7) Use short names

Short URLs are easier to type and stay in mind.

They also allow your URL to show up better in Google results, fit better on business cards, and look better in other offline media. So it will indirectly have a positive effect on your work.

8) Before choosing a name, find out about the existence of that domain

In most cases, this mistake can be done inadvertently and can cause the loss of a great domain name or a large company, and you should always make sure that your site name does not violate the copyright of another company.

You should be aware of its copyrights before purchasing by searching the website.

9) Set expectations and meet expectations

When someone hears your site’s URL for the first time, what do you expect them to think about?

If they don’t understand your business as soon as they hear it, you’re in trouble. Websites like Amazon have made a lot of efforts in the field of marketing and brand expansion that now you will hardly find anyone who does not know them.

Brand names like,, and all give you the ability to guess what their business is by hearing their name.

10) Branding is a suitable solution

If you are having trouble finding a brand name (site domain) that meets all the above points, choose and design your brand name in such a way that it distinguishes you from other competitors.

Using a unique name is a good way to add value to your business, keep in mind that you need to build your brand. To achieve this goal and attract the attention and traction of customers, you will need more time compared to when you use a simple and direct name for your business. So a little patience is required for this way of working.

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