Illustrator software or Adobe Illustrator is a very powerful vector graphics tool with many features. But often we feel that we can enhance our workflow if certain features can be added.

Fortunately, there are many Illustrator plugins that can help us increase productivity and improve workflow.

There are two types of graphic software: pixel and vector. Illustrator software is of vector type. In pixel software, all the points or pixels are saved, like Photoshop, but in vector software, only the points, the beginning, the end, and the shape of the line are saved, that is why when you zoom in and out of the photo in vector software, and its quality does not decrease.

One of the good features of the Illustrator software is that you can use it to convert pixel photos into vector photos and change the elements of the photo to your liking and create your own photos.

Although there aren’t as many Illustrator plugins as there are Photoshop plugins, there are still some really great ones that you’ll love to use. In this article, we review some of the best Illustrator plugins to help you design graphics better and faster.

What is an Illustrator plugin?

As mentioned in the Blender plugins article, Illustrator plugins are software that are made to improve the functionality of Illustrator software, and the purpose of Illustrator plugins is to make some processes easier or a series of features. Add new to the software. The different translations and forms you may see of these phrases are the following, which are completely equivalent to each other:

“Illustrator plugin, illustrator plugin, illustrator plugins”

10 Illustrator plugins

Here we introduce 10 of the best Illustrator plugins that will help your workflow. If we have missed a good plugin, please let us know in the comments section.

1. Easy Illustrator Tools

Easy Illustrator Tools is an add-on as an Illustrator plugin that creates an optional panel with some of the most commonly used actions performed in Illustrator.

Using this plugin or Illustrator plugin, you can quickly change the characteristics of your stroke with one click. Specifying strokes is something that many designers use Adobe Illustrator to do, and it takes several clicks to do.

This Illustrator plugin also allows you to specify the strokes of all objects on your art board.

In addition to this, the stroke panel also has quick export options that allow you to export your designs in different formats with a quick click.

Exporting your designs in Adobe Illustrator is somewhat of a headache, and with this option, you are only one click away from exporting your work in different formats.

This Illustrator plugin does not focus on providing many features. Instead it offers limited features that make drawing easy for any Illustrator user.

Price: Envato Elements subscription

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2. AutoSaviour

AutoSaviour is also an Illustrator plugin, have you ever lost all your work just because Adobe Illustrator crashed and forgot to save your files? Even the thought of it is terrifying.

Don’t worry, we all have faced this situation at some point. But the AutoSaviour plugin is here to put an end to this bitter experience.

This free Illustrator plugin, provided by AstuteGraphics, automatically saves your work and backs up your files, as well as reminding you to save your files.

This Illustrator plugin has its own panel that shows the last time you saved the file along with a countdown to the next save. It also highlights failed or delayed saved attempts so you can save your work again.

You can also make multiple backups of your files and choose where to save them. This feature of the Illustrator plugin is very useful because if your files get corrupted, at least you have a backup of your files.

Finally, this Illustrator plugin allows you to configure how each Illustrator file is automatically saved and backed up.

This is one plugin I wish I had discovered sooner because I’ve had bad experiences losing work due to corrupted files. If you have ever faced such problems, this plugin is essential for you.

Price: Free

3. Super Magic Eraser

Super Magic Eraser This Illustrator plugin is a super magic eraser and of course very useful for Adobe Illustrator, which cuts and removes objects outside the artboard.

This plugin quickly removes paths and shapes outside the artboard without affecting the object or its colors. Objects are also editable after cutting outside the artboard.

But it is important to note that this plugin does not work with live paint groups, mesh, symbols or text fields. To cut and delete these objects, you must first expand them.

This Illustrator plugin can be very useful when you want to remove unnecessary paths outside the artboard for printing. This plugin is also useful when creating templates or images.

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4. VectorScribe

VectorScribe is another Illustrator plugin by AstuteGraphics that helps you save time while working on Illustrator.

This plugin has some powerful tools and functions that are useful when working with bugs.

You have a point removal tool in this Illustrator plugin that allows you to remove excess points from any shape instantly using a smart brush. This will help reduce your overall file size.

Also, this Illustrator plugin has a repositioning tool that allows you to drag a point along a path to move it again. You can even shorten or extend paths using this tool.

Finally, this Illustrator plugin has a tool for dynamic shapes that allows you to create any type of shape using it. You can adjust the height, width, diameter, radius of corners and angles and more. You can even create dynamic shapes from your simple geometric shapes using this tool.

If you’re one of those people who work a lot with shapes in Adobe Illustrator, be sure to check out this Illustrator plugin because it will improve your workflow and allow you to work faster.

Price: Astute Graphics subscription

5. Texturino

Have you ever wondered how illustrators add beautiful textures to their artwork? Well, that’s their secret.

Texturino, another Illustrator plugin by AstuteGraphics, makes creating textures for your artwork very easy. You can create repeating and non-repeating textures. You can quickly change the texture scale, rotation, opacity and blending mode.

What I love about this plugin is its texture brush tool that allows you to insert or remove textures from your art. This texture brush works with all pen devices such as Wacom tablets, iPad and Surface Pro.

The plugin also has a texture manager where you can easily organize your textures by naming them, assigning categories and more.

If you have trouble working with textures in Illustrator, this is a plugin you should try because it will surely help you work easier and faster.

Price: Astute Graphics subscription

6. Fontself

Want to create your own fonts in Adobe Illustrator? Fontself is all you need!

Fontself is another Illustrator plugin that instantly converts any letter into an OpenType font. But that’s not all.

You can create and adjust alternate shapes for each letter, create ligatures, adjust spacing between letters, and more with this Illustrator plugin.

I can only imagine the hours it would take to do this manually in Illustrator. If you want to create your own font, this plugin will save you a lot of time.

7. Cineware for Illustrator

This Illustrator plugin is the official Cinema 4D companion for Adobe Illustrator. With this plugin, you can add and edit 3D objects directly in Illustrator.

This plugin allows you to add your own artwork to the 3D objects you’ve created. This plugin gives you complete control over the appearance of 3D objects. You can rotate and position the objects in any way you want. You can also adjust the color, reflection, brightness and transparency of your material.

Cineware also allows you to adjust camera settings and lights to get the right angle and tone.

The plugin also comes with tons of 3D models and objects that you can add and edit instantly in Illustrator.

If you want to create mockups or 3D objects in Adobe Illustrator, Cineware is a must-have plugin.

Price: Free

8. Mandala Creator Pro

Mandala Creator Pro Create your own mandalas with a few clicks using this plugin. This Illustrator plugin has a very clean and simple interface that makes it easy to create intricate mandala artwork.

With over 170 patterns to choose from, you have endless combinations and patterns of your mandala. You can even create your own templates using this Illustrator plugin.

This plugin helps you easily create complex artwork for images, wall stickers and more.

9. QR Code Generator for Illustrator

You may be wondering why you are creating QR codes in Illustrator, but believe me, this is a very useful plugin.

QR is short for words (quick response codes) or Quick Response Code, which are square-shaped and were first invented by a Japanese researcher. Standard UPC barcodes are made up of vertical lines and numbers, but QR codes contain much more information than UPC, and we can also quickly access more extensive information with them.

If you work to design tickets for events, you’ve probably included QR codes in them. And this Illustrator plugin makes it very easy for you to create QR code in Adobe Illustrator.

QR Code Generator for Illustrator Using this plugin, you can customize the QR code by changing the symbols. You can also create multiple QR codes in one go.

By using this Illustrator plugin, you can use QR code to encode any information such as web address, email address, contact information, SMS information, Wi-Fi settings and more.

Price: Astute Graphics subscription

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10. ColliderScribe

ColliderScribe This Illustrator plugin is another Illustrator plugin by AstuteGraphics that offers an advanced selection and alignment tool.

Using this plugin, you can select multiple objects at the same time with a single click and just by dragging. You can even align shapes and objects more precisely using the Snap to Collison tool.

This plugin also allows you to fill single or multiple shapes with selected objects.

ColliderScribe is a very useful plugin when working with multiple objects. Alignment, selection and positioning tools in this Illustrator plugin will save you a lot of time and increase the productivity of your output.

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