Nowadays, presence on social platforms is very important for businesses. In the meantime, Pinterest, as one of the popular and popular platforms, allows companies and businesses to take their marketing to a higher level and get closer to their target audience by using images and visual content.

But is marketing on Pinterest only limited to sharing images and posts? Can you use Pinterest SEO techniques and strategies to rank higher in its internal search results?

In this article, we will examine the importance of Pinterest SEO training and strategies for Pinterest SEO and increasing organic traffic on this platform. By reading this article, you will understand how you can use the benefits of Pinterest SEO for your business and the best ways to get more visibility, attract organic traffic, and increase audience awareness.

Why Pinterest?

Growing number of users:

Pinterest has become one of the most popular platforms in the world in recent years. As of September 2021, Pinterest had over 478 million monthly active users.

Power of buyers:

Pinterest users are looking for shopping-related ideas and inspiration. According to statistics, 83% of Pinterest users have purchased in the past month or intend to purchase shortly.

Influence of women:

Women play an important role on Pinterest. More than 60% of Pinterest users are women, and the largest number of active users are women. This shows that Pinterest is used as a popular platform for women to discover their favorite ideas, designs, products, and services.

The high impact of visual content:

One of the unique features of Pinterest is its focus on visual content. Interesting and valuable images and videos on Pinterest can create a strong and inspiring effect on users.

Increasing website traffic:

According to statistics, referrals made on Pinterest generate a significant amount of traffic for websites and online stores. Compared to Twitter, LinkedIn, and Snapchat, Pinterest has the most referral traffic to websites.

The role of Pinterest in ranking in search engines:

This is Pinterest SEO. Pinterest has a powerful search engine to rank its content. Therefore, optimizing the content and using the right keywords on Pinterest can help improve the position and visibility of the content.

These statistics show that Pinterest is a platform with a high impact on digital marketing. By using the right Pinterest marketing and SEO strategies and strategies, you can make the best use of this platform to attract audiences, generate traffic, and increase your sales.

In the rest of the article, we will examine in detail the strategies and techniques of Pinterest SEO and image SEO on Pinterest.

What is Pinterest SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is recognized as a vital strategy for businesses. But is SEO only used in famous search engines like Google and Bing? The answer is no. SEO can be done for any platform that has a search engine. Pinterest, as a popular virtual network for sharing images and visual content, also uses Pinterest SEO methods and techniques to improve content ranking and visibility.

Pinterest SEO refers to a set of strategies and techniques that allow you to optimize your content on Pinterest and, as a result, have a better ranking in the internal search results of this platform. By using Pinterest SEO, you can attract more traffic to your website profile on Pinterest and drive your audience to your content and products.

Pinterest SEO steps

Creating a business account for SEO Pinterest

The first step for SEO on Pinterest is to read and analyze the data. This step may not directly affect your company’s Pinterest SEO, but it is the first step for future steps. With. From the facilities of your business account, you can have the statistics of your pins and boards.

To create a business account on Pinterest, you must refer to the business section of Pinterest. Then the brand name, website address, and goals of your page are mentioned. Once approved by Pinterest, the business account is activated, allowing the user to view more detailed statistics.

Placing Pinterest tags on the website

Various tags such as the share tag and follow tag are placed on the website so that users can share content on Pinterest more easily. The purpose of this step is that when the number of sharing, following, etc. increases through your website on Pinterest, the signal of the quality of your work is sent to Pinterest and has a direct impact on your Pinterest SEO.

Pinterest keyword research

Perhaps the most important step in SEO on Pinterest is keyword research. At this point, you need to find the interests of your Pinterest audience. There are several ways to do this. The first way is to search on Pinterest and choose words that have more visual content, higher quality, and more interaction. Find words that your audience has interacted with or shown interest in your content.

The next way is to use keyword research tools, including tools that show you the number of keywords on Pinterest is Keywordtools. Using this tool, you can find the amount of search, competition, etc. for your words on Pinterest and choose your brand’s keywords for Pinterest SEO.

Pinterest profile SEO

Your Pinterest profile is your advertising billboard in the audience’s first encounter with you. This section consists of two parts: logo and about us

Don’t overlook the importance of About Us in Pinterest SEO. In this section, write a short description of your brand and use the main keywords that you chose in the previous step in the content.

The logo does not directly affect the SEO of Pinterest, but it is one of the first interactions that the audience has with you, that’s why it is necessary to use an attractive logo for the audience to click. This makes it easy for contacts to find your profile and save your pins.

Construction and SEO of boards

Boards are the showcase of your business on Pinterest. Build your boards based on the keyword research you did in the previous step. Choose board names according to keywords. Boards give you a great opportunity to let Pinterest’s search engine know how you categorize your products or organize your content, which only increases visibility.

Boards are the first thing that users see on your profile, so the titles of your boards should be clear and the images of the boards should be very attractive.

Although keyword optimization and board images are an important part of SEO and gaining attention on Pinterest, boards need to be filled with high-quality Pins to get the most out of your Pinterest SEO.

Optimizing the title and description of pins

Before explaining this part, we must say that one of the main SEO criteria in Pinterest is clicks and user interaction with your boards and pins. Many criteria affect the click rate of pins, the most important of which is the use of attractive designs with beautiful colors in pins and an exciting title. Assuming that you use beautiful and user-friendly designs in your pins, we will continue this part.

The title and description are the most important parts of Pinterest SEO. One of the main goals of finding keywords is to use them in these areas. Be sure to use your keywords in the text and title of the pin so that the pin is optimized for those words, But this should not make your content and title artificial. As we said above; One of the important measures of Pinterest SEO is clicks and user interaction, and the use of artificial titles, just so that keywords appear at the beginning, lowers the click rate. By following the tips in this section, Pinterest will understand your content better and show it in the keywords used in the search.

Regular pinning and interaction with users

Like a manager who wants commitment, discipline, and good teamwork from his employees, Pinterest also wants you to be regular, consistent, and interact well with users. One of the decision factors for your Pinterest SEO is this criterion. Be sure to interact with users, especially those who comment on your pin. Regular and consistent posting sends a growth signal to Pinterest and greatly increases your audience and followers on Pinterest.

One of the best ways to post regularly is to use scheduling tools like Tailwind. Using these tools, you can schedule as many pins as you want, write the desired title, write the optimal description, and publish. Buffer, one of the social networking tools, recommends that you create 5 pins daily to reach more contacts. This brings us one step closer to Pinterest SEO.

Internal link building for Pinterest SEO

Using internal links is another way to improve Pinterest SEO. As you know, internal linking is one of the most important factors in SEO, Pinterest has also used this point. By using internal links, users get access to other related posts and this increases traffic to your site. Also, the use of internal links improves the ranking of the search algorithm and SEO on Pinterest.

Image SEO on Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the most powerful image processors. so that; Through your image, he understands its components, whether it is a photo of the decoration of a house or clothes, etc. You can put high-quality images of your product in your pins because Pinterest will understand and recommend this pin to users in searches related to your product.

If you don’t have a specific product, another way of image SEO on Pinterest is to use text in the image. In this way, you can use keywords related to your pin in your image. Pinterest reads the text inside the image and displays it to users in related searches. Image SEO on Pinterest strongly affects the increase of your contacts and organic entries. But; Do not forget the attractiveness of your image and content.

Pinterest data analysis

One of your main duties as a digital marketer is to analyze data and make decisions using it. As we said in the first step, one of the things you should do when starting Pinterest SEO is to activate your business on Pinterest. Using this Pinterest tool, you can access Pins and Boards data.

Use this data to understand the behavior of your audience. If one of your pins gets more likes, comments, and shares and the other doesn’t look for the reason. Have an attractive picture? Have you written a better title and description? Have you implemented Pinterest SEO better? Have you done image SEO on Pinterest correctly? And… find whatever reason it has and try to implement it in the next pins as well. Data analysis helps you plan the best content for your audience and increase your organic traffic.

Ads on Pinterest

Another way to reach your target audience on Pinterest is through advertising. Pinterest is one of the most powerful advertising platforms that you can use to get your pins or boards to a large number of contacts who are not yet following you but are interested in your products and services. Pinterest SEO is a time-consuming process. You can use ads as long as your Pinterest SEO works.

Pinterest supports a variety of ad formats; The most popular formats are:

– Standard advertisements (images)

– Video

-Buy: Pins that the user can click on and order directly

Carousel: the user can move between several images

– Collection: a combination of images with product images

For example, if you are an online clothing store, you will have shopping images and pins. If you are a YouTuber, video clips can be a better choice. Of course, it is recommended to measure the performance of ads to determine which format is most effective for your audience and brand.

Pinterest SEO checklist

  • Creating a business account for SEO Pinterest: Create your business account.
  • Placing Pinterest tags on the website: Place the save, share, like, and … Pinterest tags on your website.
  • Pinterest keyword research: Find the target keywords of your audience using tools.
  • Pinterest profile SEO: Put your logo and use target keywords in the About section.
  • Building and SEO boards: categorize and name your boards according to keywords.
  • Optimizing the title and description of the pins: write an attractive title and use keywords in the title and description of the pin.
  • Regular pinning and interaction with users: Be in constant contact with contacts and pin daily, regularly, and continuously.
  • Image SEO on Pinterest: Put the product photo in the pin or use keywords in the form of text in the image.
  • Analyzing Pinterest data: Check your best pins and repeat effective factors.

Proper SEO on this platform can have a significant impact on your traffic and success. Through the correct use of keywords, profile and board optimization, creating attractive images and content, image SEO on Pinterest, and active sharing, you can strengthen your presence on Pinterest and attract more traffic to your website. Also, remember that Pinterest is a unique platform, and SEO strategies for Pinterest may differ from other search engines. By following the guidelines and techniques presented in this article, you can get more productivity out of Pinterest and achieve higher success and traffic.

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