Have you heard anything about Instagram SEO on Google? We know that SEO is one of the branches of digital marketing and includes actions that optimize the content of a site for Google search engines. And finally, the fruitful result of these efforts will be the suggestion of this site’s link on the first search pages of users. But the question is, can SEO be used to increase visits to the Instagram page? The answer to this question is positive. Stay with us to provide you with more detailed information about Instagram SEO training on Google.

What is Instagram SEO?

It is obvious to all business owners that the increase in Instagram followers and page views will be equal to the sales of more products.

Instagram SEO will be an optimal solution to increase the number of visits and, as a result, increase your sales efficiency. Page SEO also includes tricks to optimize your page on the Instagram virtual network, And it’s similar to the set of things you do to optimize your site for Google search engines. But with the difference that you have to do this with the current conditions of the country with double sensitivity and for Insta algorithms.

The main goals of teaching Instagram SEO in Google

The main goal of the online SEO training course for the Instagram social network is to:

  1. Optimization and SEO of page posts to place them in Explorer pages and as a result increase site visits and increase followers.
  2. Faster and easier display of the page on the Instagram search page
  3. SEO of the page to display it in Google search results.

SEO benefits of the Instagram page in Google

Optimizing the content of Instagram posts and stories is very effective in increasing follower attraction and more visits in Explorer. By following some tricks in your shared posts, you can increase the chances of your business page being seen. In addition, with the increase in visits and the number of followers, the level of trust in your business and product will also increase. And this issue will make your business prosper. On the other hand, one of the advantages of Instagram page SEO in Google will be easier access to your page. Because this social network also has a web version, and if the user adds his page ID to the end of the Instagram.com address, we will easily access it on Google.

The interesting thing is that if your page is public, it will be possible to display your posts in Google searches.

Instagram SEO steps in Google

The first point in Instagram SEO training is that we recommend that you never assume that Google and Instagram are separate. We even suggest designing a website if you intend to promote your business professionally; And try for SEO and content optimization. This will be very useful in building the trust of your board and increasing the visits to your products.

The most important stages of Instagram SEO in Google

1. Profile SEO

For Instagram algorithms and smart users to get to know your work field, write a suitable profile photo and bio and define your goal for your followers in a few lines. Instagram bio or bio is the description of your site with the same importance! In this section, you should include your main and relevant keywords intelligently. Your username should have an easy rhythm and be easily remembered by people. Also, the title of your page should have useful information and contain your main keywords.

2. Share appropriate and attractive posts

Try to produce creative and highly useful posts and videos. Your posts must have the correct keywords and hashtags. So that algorithms can identify the topic of your post. You can also use the image widget for your photos. Your attractive photos will be recognized by Google robots with this appropriate tagging and thus will enter Google image.

To alt the photos of your page, first, enter the Advanced Setting of your account and then click on the Write Alt Text option; after typing the alt you want, click on Done to apply your changes.

3. Have a proper hashtag

The proper use of hashtags will eventually cause crawlers and Google robots to index. And this will be very effective in increasing your page views through Google. Finding the right hashtags is not difficult. First, take a look at the page and posts of your competitors and write down their most used hashtags. And use them in your posts. Always include about 4 popular hashtags and about 3 more general and simple hashtags for your posts. That means 8-7 hashtags are enough for each post.

4. Leave a variety of meaningful comments in the comment section of other posts.

Another one of the most important points in Instagram SEO training is to use meaningful comments under the posts of colleagues in your field. With this, your field of work will be specified for Google and Instagram algorithms, and as a result, it will introduce you to more followers who are interested in this field.

  1. Try to get tags from authentic pages and tag them too.
  2. Make your page public so that the probability of it being seen on Google increases. On the other hand, we suggest that you upgrade the page to creator or business.
  3. Adding your home location to your bio or using your location for posts is also very effective.
  4. Just as the copy content is toxic for the SEO of the site, it will also be very destructive for the Instagram page. Try to produce creative and unique content.
  5. Like site SEO for Instagram, get help from link building.
  6. Setting up the schema of social networks for Instagram

One of the most important points in optimizing social networks is setting up a schema. You can use this platform to notify the Google engines of your social network ownership. This possibility is provided by Google (Schema.org) and it is very important in the SEO of your Instagram page.


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