SEO is an up-to-date and constantly changing science. In this fascinating and challenging field, we face many questions and ambiguities that are difficult to answer. But among all these questions, this question is the most difficult to answer; “How much does the SEO project cost?”

In the world of sales and marketing, there are many methods for pricing products and services, each of which can be the best choice for your business in certain circumstances. Most of these methods cannot be used in the field of SEO because practically a factor called “success rate” disturbs all the equations.

In the eyes of many experts and employers, achieving success is so important that even talking about how to do site SEO is sidelined. Due to years of serious activity in the field of SEO and providing professional services in consulting and implementation, we have faced such situations many times, and of course, we still have not been able to provide an accurate and unique answer for the pricing of SEO services! I know it’s strange, but that’s the truth.

In this article, we are going to introduce different pricing models to you by reviewing the common literature in Canada and examine the advantages and disadvantages of each.

1- Based on the position of keywords

Targeting specific and popular phrases can be considered one of the most common methods for determining the price of an SEO project. In this model, a short list of keywords is provided by the employer, and the criteria for the success of the project is to improve their ranking and reach a specific position.

This pricing method usually imposes a lot of risk and stress on the SEO specialist, because if the predetermined goal is not reached, there is practically no income for him.

2- Based on input statistics from Google

In this method, instead of focusing on a limited number of words, we pursue a more important goal, which is to attract the audience from Google and convert them into customers. This is done by referring to the statistics provided by the Google Search Console tool and checking its changes.

Usually, companies that have experience of gaining position in long phrases and have well understood the value of this targeting model welcome this method to determine the price of SEO services.

3- Determining the cost of SEO according to the amount of sales

Perhaps the most attractive and of course the most complicated pricing method is to pay attention to the actual sales and growth of the business.

For example, in an online store, you can use analytical tools such as Google Analytics to obtain accurate statistics of purchases made through Google input. As a result, at the very beginning of the project, a correct estimate of the current sales amount is prepared and future goals are determined by focusing on SEO.

In this model, getting a ranking in one or more terms is not imposed on the SEO specialist, and on the other hand, increasing visits through highly searched but low-value terms does not make the employer’s costs ineffective.

4- Cost estimation for the services provided

Clear, measurable and without controversy! When the costs are determined based on the services performed, there is practically no way for the project to fail or to impose additional costs on the contractor and the employer.

In this method, the site and main competitors are first checked in detail and the activities needed to improve the SEO situation are presented in the form of a proposal.

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