On SEO, there is a Google side, and its standards and one side of the SEO expert who must reach the front line by the standards. Of course, it must be remembered that Google’s the decision-maker. It is he who determines whether the site has the standards of the first page.

Search engines, including Google, the most important and famous, have a special task. They should give the user the best answer. That’s why the standards they set up for sites are to make sure that the sites are quality. The SEO expert should show Google that it first meets the standards and will constantly adhere to them.

Google needs to make sure that sites, especially new sites, are serious about their work and are serious. For this reason, it monitors the site for a while and dances it to see how firm and constant the site is doing its job while still observing the standards.

Google Dance, or Google Dance, is something that all sites are grappling with. Sudden changes to your website rank are all related to the Google Dance Algorithm. In this article, we will teach you the Google Dance Algorithm and the impact it has on SEO and tell you all that you need to know about this algorithm.

What is Google Dance?

Simply put, when Google first notice your page, it may give it a high position to see how it works. If your page works well, you may also have a good place on the Google results page.

The Google Dance’s name is likely to be due to your rank rapidly before your page is stable at the point it deserves. When the site is in Dance, its position in SERP (search engine results page) changes. In other words, the title of “dance” in this algorithm is derived from these changes and fluctuations. These fluctuations are quite natural, and it also means that your page is considered.

How does the Google Dance Algorithm work?

Google updates web pages and new websites in search engine results. These updates are known as Google Dance. In other words, it is a term for a random rating of new websites.

How to recognize the phenomenon of Google Dance?

The top or low rank of a website depends on many factors. Website design and related issues like SSR also affect SEO and site rank. One of the possible reasons for a drop in rank and changing its position is to be punished. Google punishes sites that ignore some of its rules. So the important question that arises is how to recognize what is the reason for the website rank. Fine or Google Dance?

The answer is short and simple: You should monitor your competing websites and see if they are similar to you. You also need to check your site to make sure you comply with all Google rules (for example, you don’t have duplicate and duplicate links). If their situation is like yours and you didn’t do anything to punish Google, you are caught up in Google.

Certainly, if you steal, Google will punish you.

How to protect the site from Google Dance?

If your site ranks suddenly and repeatedly and you know that there is no punishment, then it is Google Dance. What to do now?

  • The first thing to do is to review what you have done with your website over the past 1 week. Check out the changes you made on page and off the page, and if you have a problem, return it to the previous one.
  • At this time, you need to check the Google Webmaster Tools to make sure that Google has sent you an error.
  • Re-check Google Analytics to view indicators such as jump rates, users’ time on site, and so on. If they are too low, you should try to improve the site status.
  • You need to check the keyword density on the page. If possible, try to optimize your keyword density to 5% to 7% or less. Occasionally keyword optimization will drop your website rank.
  • You need to optimize internal links and add more new content that is useful for viewers. In addition, you need to share good articles on social networks to attract visitors to your website. Social network signals such as Likes, Shares, and a large number of visitors make your website credible.
  • Check the backlink source to your website. For example, the backlink source of forums is often unstable (because posts are deleted; forums change links or delete links).
  • Maximize your site’s user experience. Keep in mind that websites are created to serve users, not Google. As a result, the more users spend on the site, Google realizes that this site is useful and attractive to the user. So you can greatly avoid Google Dance.

Why does Google Dance happen?

There are many reasons for Google Dance. Many criteria determine how durable it is and your page is on the results page of how “dance”. Here are some of these factors:


Completely new websites have more fluctuations than older websites. Old websites were able to gain Google’s trust to some extent.


The more competition is obvious the means more dance. Because more websites compete to get your place on Google. Some sites work on very competitive topics.


Because new sites need to link and still have no links, they are likely to have more dance than others (who have good internal links and high external links).


If you decide to change your site too much, be prepared for more dance. Google does not like many sudden changes, especially in landing. Google is interested in stability.

How long does Google dance continue?

Just like the reason for Google Dance, the duration of Google’s dance depends on many factors. If you take a look at the factors mentioned above, the conclusion is: The greater the severity of these factors, the greater the durability of your Google dance. For example, the more you change your site or the weaker your site’s user experience and the sooner the user leaves the site, the longer you will stay on Google Dance.

Can Google Dance be prevented?

Google Dance cannot be stopped or prevented. Because it depends on Google, not on your page. However, even if it seems that this course is for your page and site, you have to remember that Google Dance is good for your site. That is, Google has seen you and is evaluating you. Don’t forget that Dance is finally over! Dance algorithm finally what to do and your site is stabilized in a position.

What should you do when Google Dance happens for your site?

When starting a Google dance, it’s not a special thing to do and you can do it. The best thing for you and your website is to calm down. Don’t think about the instability of your page. Continue working on the website. Improve it every day so you can prove that you deserve a high place in Serp.


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