In today’s world, “what you display and show” is more important than what “is”.

In today’s world, “what you display and show” is more important than what “is”. A concrete example that may have happened to many of us is that you may be an expert and have considerable skills, But you can’t show what you are correctly and completely to others, and as a result, you don’t get the job position you deserve. On the other hand, someone whose skills are less than yours, because he has introduced himself well, will take over that job or be promoted instead of you.

The same is true in the world of content and digital marketing; No matter how valuable and great your content marketing is, if the promotion of the content is not done properly, others will not know about it and that content will not be seen. So you don’t reach your goal, which could be selling your product or getting people to use your service or anything else.

This is where businesses realize the importance of content promotion and realize that they need to dedicate enough time and effort to it. In this article, we teach you the most effective and best ways to promote content.

What is content promotion?

Any type of effort, advertisement, and action that is done to make the content more and better visible, increase the audience of the content, and encourage people to buy and consume the desired content is called content promotion.

In other words, content promotion means we market our content so that we can reach more target audiences and customers.

Content promotion is a part of content marketing that should be planned for when developing a content strategy document, but many people do not pay enough attention to it. These people just write the content and leave it to God and expect the content to be seen automatically; But experience has shown that content promotion is king and there were many businesses that, despite producing appropriate content, their content were not seen well due to lack of attention to content promotion methods and could not achieve the expected growth.

From production to consumption of content

As we said, with content production, no matter how valuable and significant this content is, and if you have spent enough time and precision on it, your work is not finished. If you want your content to be seen, you need to promote it in the right way. Correct content promotion makes the produced content seen and consumed by the audience and customers. As an individual and business owner, the content that you do not write for yourself is the ultimate goal of encouraging users and audiences to consume this content. By promoting the content correctly, you will achieve this goal.

The sea of content has no shore!

Pay attention to the fact that these days the Internet is full of different contents. The content produced is much more than the content consumed by users, and this is where if the promotion of the content is not done correctly, your content will be lost and not seen among the sea of produced content. Therefore, you will not get good visits and you will not reach the goal of producing that content. As a result, if you want the content to be seen, in addition to producing valuable and good content, it is necessary to take the promotion or promotion of the content seriously and plan and think about it from the beginning.

What is the difference between content promotion and content distribution?

In order not to confuse content distribution with content promotion, it is necessary to know the difference between them. Suppose you have produced content (text, audio, video, etc.); How should people know about this content and make it available to them? For example, you put the produced content on your site or social networks and in this way, you have distributed the content. Now, after distributing the content, it is necessary to make your content well-seen, attract the audience, and convert them into customers. Therefore, after distributing the content, you should promote the content so that your content is noticed by more people and its views increase.

Content promotion in social networks

Imagine you have published an article on your blog or website and distributed it. After that, you post the published content on LinkedIn, Instagram, Telegram, Twitter, etc., and inform others that they can see such content on your site or blog. By doing this, you have promoted the content on social networks.

Which platform and which social network is suitable for promoting your content depends on your business and your goal, and it is not necessary to put the content on all social networks. Of course, content promotion is not only done through social networks and there are other methods that we will examine below.

e-mail marketing

You can also use email marketing to promote content. Email marketing is a simple very practical and valuable way to promote content. For this purpose, you need a list of emails from your target community. Your target audience is the people who need and are looking for your product or service.

You may ask how to get these emails. For example, when people register on your site, you can ask them several questions and identify their interests and needs according to the answers they give. When joining the site, the contact number and email are also entered by the users. As a result, you have the email address of your users and you know what their interests and capabilities are and what content they need. So you categorize users and email and promote the right content for each group.

To avoid any problems, try to give your contacts their email address voluntarily and do not get their email address from other methods without their knowledge. When someone receives an email that they did not want to receive, it can hurt your marketing and content promotion.

Content promotion with influencer marketing

Influencers are influential and famous people who have a large audience on social networks. These audiences and followers are highly influenced by their favorite influencer’s opinions and lifestyles. Any person who can influence the behavior and decisions of others is considered an influencer. For this reason, businesses get help from influencers for various purposes, such as delivering their brand message or selling products, and other things, and influencers receive a specific amount of product in return (according to the agreement).

Content promotion through influencer marketing is different in every business and cannot be the same version for everyone. For example, suppose you have written an article about one of the topics related to content marketing, for your article to be seen, you want one of the elders and influential people in the content field to read your text and if he likes it and approves it, share it with others. share In this way, when this prominent and authoritative person promotes your content and recommends reading it to others, more people will be attracted to your content and to the goal you have (more visits to the site, sales of products or services, or any other goal). ) you will arrive.

Content promotion with the help of Google

With a little exaggeration, Google can be seen as the solution to all problems. Promoting and promoting content through Google and with various methods such as Google Ads, SEO, and creating backlinks is one of the best and most effective methods.

When you maneuver your site and blog on the keywords that your users are looking for and produce SEO-friendly and user-friendly content according to them, Google will work to get more visits and more people to your site and blog when searching on Google. reach.

At the same time, you can promote your content through advertising in Google Ads and paying for the display of your desired keywords. This method will make your site appear on the first page when searching for the desired keyword and more users will visit it.

Content production in different forms

To promote content, you should consider different tastes. In this regard, one of the methods that can be effective for promoting content is to produce the same content in several different ways. Have you published textual content and articles on your site? Make a summary of the same in the form of a podcast and publish it on your business’s Telegram channel. You can put it in the form of a motion graphic or slide post on your Instagram and ask the audience to come to your website to read the text in a more complete and detailed way by placing a link. One may not feel like reading a long text and it is easier to hear the content in audio format; Others may not communicate with audio content and want to read comprehensive and complete information in text form, etc. In this way, all your audience with any taste will benefit from your content and be attracted.

Using banner ads to promote content

Banner ads are a type of ads that appear in different forms such as text, image, video, etc. in the form of a bar in front of users, and when the user clicks on them, the internet browser will transfer the user to the advertiser’s website.

Banner ads are one of the most used advertising methods and if you use this advertising method correctly, you can direct more users to your website and brand.

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