Suppose you want to create a network for your business in the digital space to stand out in this big market, among a lot of advertisements, different pages, and big and small competitors.

You have designed your site in the best way, you know your target community from the information you have gained over the years of your activity, and you are ready to write a strong marketing strategy for your ads and content.

But a few simple questions:

Who are you going to write for? What age group? Lady or sir

What concerns does your audience have when buying online or using your product?

What does your audience expect from your product?

How will the audience buy more from you?

And …

These are some of the most basic questions that you should ask yourself, and by answering them honestly, you will pave the way for writing your content strategy, content, and advertising.

What is audience persona?

As you probably noticed in the introduction, the persona of the audience is a set of personality traits, thoughts, mental states, and behavior and in short the personality of a hypothetical audience who is most likely interested in working with you, the content read you, buy from you or recommend you to others.

Creating an avatar and writing an audience persona, which we will study together in the following guaranteed and practical way, is the best way to penetrate the customer’s mind. By creating a persona, you will look at the world from his point of view and provide him with what he is interested in seeing. Writing an audience persona is studying and describing your target customers and their lives. This will help you hear their story and see life from their point of view.

Persona in plain language:

The persona is the representative of your target community, the person we would like to be our customer. We can imagine that a persona is a folder in which we put similar audiences and use it as a dynamic and important document in formulating our digital marketing strategies.

How to design the persona of your audience?

To design an avatar or a persona for your audience, you first need to collect information. The more this information is and the more variables it contains, the more valuable it will be because it will cover more angles.

From what sources can I gather this information?

The best and, of course, the most time-consuming way to find this information is to distribute questionnaires, interview people who are in your target society in terms of age, gender, and social status, study the behavior of the target society, use empirical findings (if in the past Your work has been active in the offline space) and…

What is the fastest way to gather information on the way to write a persona?

If your business had a CRM system in the past or the website was connected to analysis tools such as Google Analytics, your work will be much easier.

These tools will help you to have a better understanding of the behavior of the audience, their interests, concerns, needs, etc. by providing classified information as well as drawing different charts.

Tip: Don’t forget that a large part of your budget and the course of your time in writing a digital marketing strategy should be spent on market research, getting to know the target community, and, of course, drawing customer personas. Because the best digital marketing strategies without going through this path will undoubtedly be doomed to failure and waste of money and time.


Market research, use of previous experiences, analysis of competitors, use of virtual networks, use of CRM system information, the discovery of the audience’s favorite media, as well as the use of data analysis tools such as Google Analytics, will lead you to the path of collecting audience information and writing a persona.

The set of questions you need to write a persona

Age, how old is the average age of this persona?

What is the gender of this persona?

Where does your persona live? What city? What area

Guide question: Where does your persona not live?

What is your persona interested in? (Within your business)

What is the education level of your persona?

What is your persona doing? (Career and job)

What is the income level of your persona? (Quantitative and qualitative)

Is your persona single or married? How many children does he have? How old are the children?

What is the language of your persona? Does he have a local dialect or is he fluent in another language?

What are your favorite persona websites? Also, what social networks does he follow?

Does he follow a specific topic in social networks? What topics?

What products does your persona usually spend their income on? How often?

When buying products (online and in person), what issues does your persona worry about?

A few additional questions

What is your persona afraid of?

What issues and who is angry?

What are his daily problems?

What trends in his daily life or business are taking shape or will take place in the future?

What is secretly and eagerly impatient?

Is he biased in his daily decisions?

What is his main feeling when shopping (online or offline)?

What is he looking for the most? (Interested)

Note: These questions are by no means theory-oriented and aimless, and without a doubt, they are the key to the success of your marketing strategy. So try to answer them according to the information you have obtained from your sources (both topics were discussed at the beginning of the article).

Tip: Try to choose a picture and a name for your persona. This will help us to make the virtual identity that we have written the features of to be better understood, recognized, and recognized by us and our team. Assuming a business whose target community is students, it is better to choose a photo of a student as its persona photo and assign a name to it.

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