You must be familiar with the name of guerilla wars. Guerrilla warfare is a series of irregular wars in which a small group of armed individuals attack a military group using tactics and immediately leave. But what is guerrilla marketing?

You must be wondering why they chose this name for marketing. If you want to get to know another dimension of marketing, this article is written for you. At the end of this article, you will learn about guerrilla marketing, its benefits, and concrete and real examples from famous brands. Stay with me until the end of this article.

What is guerilla marketing or guerrilla marketing?

The term guerrilla marketing was coined in the 1980s by business writer J. Conrad Levinson, who also wrote several books on guerrilla tactics. But if I want to explain the term guerrilla marketing to you, in simple words it is a way to create advertisements and increase brand awareness that is not common among brands. In other words, not every brand uses this method; But this does not mean that guerrilla marketing is good or bad.

But the element of surprise is one of the distinctive features of guerrilla warfare. For this reason, this name is used next to the word marketing; Because in this type of marketing, unconventional campaigns are implemented that make people look at their daily affairs from a different angle.

Now, depending on your creativity and situation, you can use this type of marketing in public places, subways, single company buses, or even in the form of an event and any platform suitable for advertising.

Connecting with consumer emotions is the key to guerrilla marketing, But note that using this technique does not work for all goods and services and you should use this type of marketing depending on the type of your business.

Real examples of guerilla marketing

Bounty is a foreign brand of tissue paper

An external example of guerilla marketing is the promotion of the Bounty tissue brand. By placing a series of replicas in the city, with different shapes such as a large glass of coffee spilled on the ground, or an ice cream that melted on the ground, next to an advertising stand, Bounty brand showed its brand to the audience in a creative way.

In analyzing this type of campaign, I must say that it does not convey a single message like a billboard or advertising banner, and because people pass by it every day, it has created a form of human interaction. In this way, it reminds the viewer what the use of this product is. So you can find ways to make people a part of the campaign.

Advantages and disadvantages of guerrilla marketing


  • It is affordable and does not require a lot of money.
  • If you consider all the aspects, it can result in a positive reaction from the audience and remain in the mind for a long time.


  • There is no guarantee that your campaign will go viral.
  • Sometimes you may not get the reaction you expected and it may affect your brand image.

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