Logotype is one of the types of logo design methods that are created using written letters. In designing a logo using the logotype method, which includes letters or text, most of the focus is on the full name of a company or its first letter, which is creatively designed; In some cases, they will use the signature of a person. Considering that logotypes focus more on the arrangement of letters, this reason, how arranging letters together using typography can help make logos more beautiful. The concept of logotypes that remains in people’s minds is much more than image logos because the image that logotypes present to customers is more readable and clear. It is important to note that you can use logotypes when your brand name is short or your brand name is well-known and famous to convey your brand message; For this reason, this style of logo design is not recommended for start-up businesses.

Reasons for the importance of logotype design

For any business, having a logo shows the professionalism and uniqueness of the brand; For this reason, when you have just started to start your business, it is better to think about designing a logo to stay in the minds of your audience. To make a logo, you can use different types of logos and different styles that suit your business. One of these logo design styles is logotypes which can be simple or complex. Having a well-designed logo or logotype will create a sense of trust in customers, and a good logo will make the audience aware of your product and service type. Among the most important reasons for the importance of logotype design are:

  • The fastest way to remember the brand
  • It will not be easy to find a similarly designed logo
  • Showing the brand personality along with some of its values
  • The flexibility of logotypes to implement changes in advertising campaigns

Principles of logotype design

When you decide to design a logo for your brand, you should pay attention to what kind of logo is suitable for your brand and choose one of the logo styles for design. If you intend to design a logotype, you must be familiar with the principles of its design to increase the chances of success in your business. In logotype design, you should note that it is not enough to just put the letters together, even if they have a beautiful shape, what is important is the concept that the logo should convey to the audience. The principles of logotype design, which include the color, font, and size of the logos, if followed correctly, will create a sense of trust and excitement in the audience, and besides, the concept hidden in the logo will be received by the audience.

Logotype design steps

To create and design a professional logotype, every designer will go through the steps according to his work style, which we will examine in the following.

  • Identifying the desired brand and collecting information about its goals, values, and slogans
  • Considering a design suitable for the brand space checking its competitors and checking the style and type of font that is going to be used in the logo design.
  • Checking the necessary standards for displaying the logo and considering where the desired logo is going to be displayed.
  • In the design of logotypes, attention should be paid to readability, color, aesthetic, psychological principles, and appropriateness of the colors and elements in the logo according to the business.
  • Beginning of logo design, at this stage, before going to logo design software, it is better to implement the initial design on paper.
  • Showing the initial design of the logo to the business owners so that if there is a problem, the designer can fix it.
  • After the final approval of the created design of the logo, it is time to go to the logo design software and implement the desired design in it.
  • In the last stage, the edits and revisions are reviewed on the prepared logo, and at the end, the final logo is ready and used to identify your business.

Important points in logotype design

One of the points that should be considered when designing logotypes is to pay attention to and know the principles of aesthetics. You should use professional designers for this because they will create a design that is visually beautiful and user-friendly and will attract the audience to your business. Among the tips that are used in logotype design are:

  • Professional designers usually need to pay attention to the type of service and your business before designing a logo; Also, by checking your contacts, they will design your desired logo. Doing these things will help the designer to design your logo more uniquely and in this way help to increase your income and audience.
  • Designers usually consider all the involved elements in designing logotypes and put them together with creativity and initiative to make the concept of the logo designed to be eye-catching and legible.
  • Among the tips that designers use to create and design logotypes is the use of powerful words or letters in the simplest form; So that the designed logo can remain in the audience’s mind for a long time.
  • Logos may be used on different platforms, for this reason, the designer’s attention to the dimensions and appropriateness of the logo to different conditions is one of the issues that should be considered.
  • The basis of designing logotypes is based on letters, but using a large number of letters together will lead to the illegibility of the logo. The use of many elements in logo design will distract the audience from the main concept; For this reason, designing a simple logo can increase the durability in the minds of the audience.
  • The uniqueness of the logo is important not only in the design of logotypes but in the design of all logo styles, you should pay attention to the fact that the logo you are considering has not been designed by someone else before.

Characteristics of a professional logotype

One of the most important features of logotypes is the recognition of the brand name. Using the company name makes people who have just started a business easily recognizable. According to the Gestalt theory, in this style of logo design, the frequent appearance of the brand name in a legible and simple form will increase its durability in the minds of the audience.

Every professionally designed logo has a series of features, some of which are:

  • Simplicity: One of the elements that makes the logo more durable and effective in the minds of the audience is its simplicity. That’s why there is always strength in simplicity.
  • Legibility: One of the characteristics of a professional logotype is its legibility so that the audience does not get confused when they see it. Many logos are professionally designed, but their illegibility has caused failure; For this reason, legibility is one of the important elements in logo design.
  • Appropriate font: The font of the logo should be suitable for the type of your business; For example, the font used for brands related to children’s services is different from the font used for adult brands and services.
  • Beauty: the use of psychological principles, color theory, correct arrangement of letters, deconstruction, etc. are among the factors that are effective in logo design. Beauty is one of the first elements that affects the audience.
  • Horizontal design: According to surveys, horizontal logo design is more attractive compared to vertical design, but it still depends on your taste whether to choose a horizontal or vertical logo.
  • Attention to the Gestalt theory: According to this theory, “the whole of anything is more than the sum of its constituent parts”. This theory means that in logotype design, what attracts the audience at the beginning of the work is the generality of the logo, which must be understood by the audience, and in the next stage, they will examine the components of your logo and brand.

Different styles of logotype design

For logotype design, different styles are done according to the type of business and your audience. Among the common types of different styles for logotype design, the following can be mentioned:

  • Traditional: representing memorable memories and creating a memorable feeling
  • Classic: for a long-long-lasting logo and show strength
  • Fantasy: Services for children and special cases
  • Handmade: high quality and skillful production of the product
  • Modern: fashionable and up-to-date activity

Each of these styles in logotype design can somehow make your organization’s logo attractive. In choosing the style you want in logo design, you can get help from experts.

Logotype applications

As we said, one of the reasons for using logos is to introduce your business, that’s why they can be used in different cases. For this reason, we can say that the use of these types of logos is suitable for most businesses, but the most important uses of logotypes are:

  • For businesses whose name represents a part of their activity business owners intend to remind their brand by using a logo.
  • For businesses that have just started to operate and want their name to remain in people’s minds for a short period.
  • Businesses whose purpose of logo design is to represent their motto.
  • Businesses that have more formal activities.

The difference between calligraphy and logotype design

Designing logotypes is an art that, along with using different fonts, aesthetic principles are used for its beautiful appearance. Although the principles of calligraphy are used in the design of professional logotypes, the identification of letters in the form of an image can be used. Beyond calligraphy or knowing the principles of design and graphics, having enough knowledge of how letters are placed together can be effective in making the organization’s logo more beautiful. Considering that logotypes are the first image that comes to the audience’s ears when it comes to the branding of a brand, using professional designers in this field can be effective in making logos as effective as possible. In calligraphy, letters and words are usually written beautifully and artistically, but the legibility of these letters is not very important, because calligraphy uses a series of geometric principles to make the writing and text more beautiful, and legibility is not of great importance. In the design of logotypes, what is important is the legibility of the letters that are placed next to each other, because logos express the type of your business.

The difference between logotype and typography

Typography is the art of text arrangement and generally the way of writing words in visual language. The designer tries to create an attractive visual language for typing using typography. Typography is a graphic art that can convey concepts in the most legible way possible, and the mission of typography is to convey concepts quickly. At Logotype, we provide business owners with a brand name through creative design.

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