The word admin is derived from the English word Administrator; which means to manage. An Instagram admin is a person who manages the Instagram page in a principled way and according to standards, to help you grow your business. A professional Instagram admin tries to gain the trust of the audience by publishing various content on time and correctly. Due to the increasing use of social networks, we need an Instagram admin to better manage and plan our page. Most people do not have enough time to manage their Instagram pages due to their busy work schedules, so they hire people as admins. Instagram and many social networks have become some of the most profitable platforms today; to properly manage the Instagram page, you must follow its principles and rules; Considering that page management is managed by admins, in this article we intend to provide you with some tips about Instagram admin duties.

Why do we need an admin to manage the Instagram page?

Instagram is a suitable platform for people who are looking for a way to increase their income; Because with the help of Instagram, you can achieve high incomes, but for this, it is better to get help from experts in this matter; Because content production is a time-consuming task that requires expertise. Given that today Instagram has become a network for marketing, for this reason most people sell or introduce their products on Instagram; So having an Instagram admin can help a lot to improve your business.

Instagram page management tips

To be able to properly manage your page, as in all things, it is better to follow a few tips. In the following, we will examine the tips that are effective for managing social networks, including Instagram.

Having a good and comprehensive profile

What attracts users at first is your profile; For this reason, it is better to be careful in choosing the right photo and writing a good and interesting bio. According to the type of your business, you can design posts; It is also better to use specific templates and themes to design and publish posts on your page. If your business has services or products to introduce and sell, it is better to use a business account for your business, so that you can benefit from its features.

Detailed planning and having a content calendar

One of the tasks of the Instagram admin for more page productivity is to manage the content that is going to be published. If you have a content calendar for content creation, it is better to move your schedule accordingly. Also, among the specific programs for the Instagram admin include scheduling for publishing posts, having categories for publishing content, continuity in activity, follow-up, and responding to the audience.

Duties of Instagram admin

By getting to know the duties of an Instagram admin, you can make better decisions about hiring people. As we mentioned above, admin means manager and Instagram admin means the person who manages your page. When you, as a customer, entrust your content production and social network management to a company, a team takes responsibility for supporting your page; For this reason, by paying a fee, you can use their services in publishing posts, graphic design, and considering planning for you. In the following, we will get acquainted with the duties of the Instagram admin.

Creating content on Instagram

One of the most important duties of an Instagram admin is to be professional in content creation. If you are looking to have a unique page, you must produce unique content. Unique content means the content that the admin himself produced and that was not published by another person. As an Instagram admin, you should produce content according to the type of your business. The content you produce can be in the form of videos, photos, podcasts, or text so that users are attracted to them.

Familiarity with graphic software

One of the tasks of an Instagram admin is familiarity with graphic software such as Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects, etc. Considering that Instagram mostly focuses on photos and videos, such content is attractive to users. In some collections there is a graphic artist for designing Instagram posts, for this reason, the duties of the admin on Instagram are concentrated in other departments.

Keeping the page and followers safe

Maintaining the security of Instagram is one of the responsibilities of the Instagram admin. Instagram admins use strong passwords to prevent the page from being hacked to keep the page safe. The security of followers is also one of the other duties of the Instagram admin; For example, if you have published a post on your page that has received a lot of reaction from users, it is your duty as an administrator to monitor the comments; that this monitoring can be in the form of deleting posts, or trying to keep users calm; Because otherwise users will leave your page.

Increase likes and comments on posts

One of the parameters that creates a sense of trust in users is the number of page followers; Many users, when they want to use Page services for the first time, pay attention to the number of page followers and its correspondence with the number of likes. So if you have a page with a large number of followers, but the number of likes and comments on your post is low, you will not receive proper feedback from users. By creating attractive content according to users’ needs, you can increase the number of likes and comments on your posts. By following the principles and tips of page management by Instagram admin, you can earn money through your page.

Creativity in content production

According to what we mentioned above, one of the duties of an Instagram admin is to produce quality and attractive content; But just creating content is not enough to increase followers and attract the trust of the audience. What idea you have in mind for the content you produce can be more important than creating the content. Creativity in content creation means that you have published a post for the first time, and that post received good feedback, but it does not mean that you can produce a similar post next time, You should put your effort into creating new content so that your audience doesn’t get tired of repetitive content.

Use appropriate hashtags

One of the ways to increase followers on Instagram is to use appropriate hashtags. If you, as an Instagram admin, are not familiar with hashtagging methods in social networks, you have missed one of the techniques for increasing followers. Considering that people enter your page through these hashtags, using the right hashtags will increase the number of comments and likes on your page.

Advertising management

One of the marketing methods on Instagram is advertising. One of the tasks of the Instagram admin is to manage these ads, because the ads should be appropriate to your field of work, and you should also avoid ads on any topic. To manage the ads, the Instagram admin first examines them from the users’ point of view so that they don’t get tired and eventually leave the audience from your page.

Familiarity with different advertising methods

Considering that advertising has changed and there are different tools for advertising, one of the tasks of an Instagram admin is to be familiar with various business advertising methods. Because businesses depending on their field of activity use different methods for advertising and introducing themselves, advertising methods are no longer limited to old methods, and business owners use printed advertising to better introduce themselves. Viral, guerilla, digital advertising, and mobile and telephone advertising have become popular. The Instagram admin can help the business by knowing the types of advertising methods, and which type of advertising is suitable for your work.

Adequate knowledge of English

English, which is known as an international language, is one of the skills that Instagram admins should have. Knowing the English language is important because you can use English resources to create content or interact with customers to grow your business more broadly.

High critical spirit

To be successful in virtual spaces, you don’t have to react to every opinion, whether you agree or disagree. To maintain your peace of mind and not have any problems in your work, it is better to strengthen the spirit of criticism. No matter how unique your content is and you have spent a lot of time producing it, there will still be people who will criticize you, so it is better to be ready for such criticisms and accept them. Of course, it should be noted that sometimes these criticisms will cause the growth of your page and one of the tasks of the Instagram admin is to examine various criticisms with utmost patience and use them to improve the page.

General Instagram admin duties

If we want to talk about the duties of the Instagram admin or social network management team in general, these duties include the following:

  • Creativity in content production
  • Keeping the page and users safe
  • Publish the video on the IGTV section
  • Increase the number of real followers
  • Increasing the level of interaction with users
  • Making changes to the Instagram profile
  • Relative mastery of graphic software
  • Developing a strategy to increase user visits
  • Writing a caption that fits the post that is being published
  • Answering questions that are asked in Direct
  • Reply to the comments that are written under the posts
  • Guidance and consultation with the employer to grow the business
  • Insert appropriate hashtags with the posts you publish
  • Interview with Instagram influencers to advertise your page
  • Regular uploading and publication of content that includes photos, videos, etc
  • Deleting comments that contain inappropriate content and violate Instagram rules

How to become an admin of a page on Instagram?

To get into this field, like any other job, you need expertise and focus. For Instagram admin, you must have learned some skills to be able to manage Instagram pages more easily.

However, the steps you need to take to become an administrator are given below.

If you are just starting, you can copy creative ideas; But doing this for a long time is not appropriate at all.

  • Make the most of Instagram tools, especially the tools related to page statistics.
  • Learn how to work with Instagram through the Insta website
  • Complete mastery of all the features of the Instagram application
  • Getting to know hashtags and how to use them
  • Study the captions of different pages to get ideas
  • Familiarity with different methods to increase followers
  • Continuity and opinion in content production
  • Identification of post types

Terms and indicators of Instagram analysis

If you have just entered the world of business through Instagram, it is better to be familiar with the terms that an Instagram admin should know; So that you can manage your pages more easily and consider ways to improve the page. The types of terms that Instagram admins should be familiar with are stated below, and we will explain each of them.

  • Reach Access to the actual number of people who have seen your post, which is displayed as a percentage.
  • Feed: The first page you see on Instagram, which is the home page.
  • Collection: When you want to publish some posts at another time, you can save them in the collection section of Instagram.
  • Impressions: The number of times users view your posts. If a user sees your post for the second or third time, the impression increases.
  • CTR or click rate: this shows the number of views of your content, which is always expressed as a percentage.
  • Engagement Rate: shows the rate of participation and interaction of users with your posts.
  • CPC or cost per click: the amount of money paid for each user click on your ad

The amount of Instagram admin salary

Instagram admin rights depend on various factors that cannot be stated precisely. Among the factors that can affect Instagram admin rights are geographic location, type of business, and the amount of tasks admins are responsible for. In general, the factors affecting the salary of Instagram admins include the following:

  • A person’s skill in working with social networks
  • Feedback and growth of the page since hiring the person in question
  • Instagram admin working hours
  • A person’s communication skills
  • Business Type
  • The number of admins

What is the Instagram admin contract like?

Usually, a contract is signed between the owner of the desired page and the Instagram admin; The purpose of this work is to delegate some responsibilities to someone other than the page owner. People whose page has a large number of followers usually use one or two admins to manage their page and according to the contract between them, a monthly amount is deposited for them.

The main things that should be mentioned in the contract are:

  • Responsibilities and obligations of the administrator
  • The Instagram admin must publish posts and stories according to the same principles and planning
  • Creating content that suits your type of business
  • Respond to users as soon as possible
  • Providing a daily or weekly page report to the employer
  • The admin cannot change the procedure of the page without consulting the employer
  • All page information must be confidential
  • Fixing the problems that will arise on the page
  • Avoiding all actions that will lead to reporting or blocking the page

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